Saturday, March 14, 2020

William Branham False Prophet

This is an important book, this link includes purchase
information for pdf version. There are many articles
that discuss this issue you can find using a search
engine also.

you wouldn't think the new age has to do with
pentecostalism and charismatic evangelicalism
now would you? but there are distinct overlaps
to put it mildly. And an alarming thing is that
Alice Bailey said that the churches would be a
key thing in bringing the new age in, by an
infiltration and redefinition of terms so that new
age ideas would replace somewhat similar but
misinterpreted and misapplied (by new agers)
ideas in Scripture.

Branham is part of this mess. Another part is the
developing doctrine attitude of Roman Catholicism
which allows subtle error to build on subtle error
in the visions and apparitions. All you need then
is for a believer in such to become pope, and
something once an optional but unnecessary
belief becomes dogma. or at least a lot of such to
teach in seminaries and the populace (out of which
can come such a pope) believes something.

A pope's pronouncements supposedly have to be
on morals or faith and be given ex cathedra and
the definition of the latter is so dicey yet precise
an odd mix, that it is argued by some that except
for the papal pronouncements of the immaculate
conception of Mary, Mary as Queen of heaven
(a concept in keeping with her being the King Jesus'
mother, in Jewish practice the queen was the king's
mother not one of his wives, but open to misapplication
and suble redirection to pagan notions now visible
in the pachamama debacle) and maybe one other
thing I forget what, this power of infallible pronouncement
has not been used at all and of course was it always
a charism present, or only acquired when it was decreed
by the crew that did so?

Popes are always writing things about faith and morals,
and the people will accept these as if ex cathedra due
to simplicity. it takes a determined priest who does not
accept some point to get these recognized as optional
and opinions not dogmatic definitions of popes.

Another problem is theosis. or divinization. In legitimate
Christian thought, from Peter speaking of us participating
in the divine nature, that's PARTICIPATING not acquiring,
this is like the more traditional protestant notion of
godliness which means godlikeness that is, God's
character such as patience, love, justice and so forth
and self control (one of the fruits as distinct from gifts
of the Holy Spirit).

The mysticism of Eastern Orthodoxy is that of living
according to godliness and bringing the holy with you
out of church into the world to affect the world and
progressively change the profaneness of yourself and
the world (insofar as you can affect it) into more
and more holiness. And this may include in some cases
a gift of discernment of spirits aka clairvoyance where
a monk or someone in the world can read hearts, or
even sometimes a sort of ability to sense things.
Sometimes there are experiences involving icons and
so forth that required discernment and advice from a
spiritual father, if its not a regularly miraculous icon.
Prelest, spiritual deception, a term that varies from a
personal "fancy" to flat out possession, is something
we are warned against.

in new age mysticism and divinization, we are supposedly
either already gods or god in us in a general way and we
are supposed to realize this, or are to become gods by
nature, not adoption and similar goodness like God. This
is of course the lie of the serpent in Eden, that we would
become like God in the transcendent sense knowing
in an experiential and determining as beyond good and
evil being supreme like God His equal or worse yet His
superior. this is the new age lie and it appears in various
forms in the charismatic scene as well.

Branham received the shaktipat in india, and this is what
is transferred in those anointings that track back by succession
to him, which is to say most. kundalini not The Holy Spirit.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Revelation Definitely Written AD 96 not earlier

Jackson, Wayne. "When Was the Book of Revelation Written?" Access date: March 8, 2020.
An effort is made by preterists and scholars after 1831
to date Revelation as early, and all in it come to pass
already. External and internal evidence shows it was
written late.

The sections that cover John's time to near future and now
are Rev. chapters 1-6, with part of the latter unfulfilled
but the context for it is lining up.

The article shows that the attempt to interpret Nero
as the antichrist "is possible only by pursuing the most irresponsible form of exegesis.
To come up with such an interpretation one must:
  1. add the title “Caesar” to Nero’s name;
  2. compute the letter-number arrangement on the basis of Hebrew, whereas the book was written in Greek; and
  3. alter the spelling of “Caesar” by dropping the yodh in the Hebrew.
All of this reveals a truly desperate attempt to find a reference to Nero in the text.
Additionally, Leon Morris has pointed out that Irenaeus discussed a number of possibilities for deciphering the 666, but he did not even include Nero in his list, let alone regard this as a likely conjecture (1980, 38). Noted critic Theodor Zahn observed that Nero was not even suggested as a possibility until the year 1831 (447)."

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Disney occultism

Disney has always been covertly occultic. the fairy stories etc. are softened versions (Grimm's fairy stories) of more hard core ancient legends. "fairy godmother" godmother in WHAT? a godparent stands as sponsor in Christianity for the child, just what demonic cult in a make nice format would this represent? the fae are said to pay a tithe every seven years to hell. the fairy dust that is scattered by Tinkerbell at the start of several Disney programs is like luciferian false light mind scattering stuff.  Disney's fascist involvement is known, and they were often into occult philosophy whether racial only or more advanced. fact checks on rumors and still comes up with dirt. more info and credible based on observed behavior and statements  looks at his occultc subtle angle.

the whole idea of fantasy (the word comes from phantasm or spirit or ghost) as being good for children then they have to outgrow it, and the ones who don't seem to be susceptible to all kinds of craziness incl. perversion, is twisted. the idea you only have to imagine and get what you want is life destroying waste and subjectivism unless, even worse, you figure out how to develop some power to affect others' minds and actually get some of it done. While fantasy stories have involved good vs. evil ideas, and C. S. Lewis attempted this in the slop job Narnia series, and Tolkien also but more paganized, more godless a universe, and some people have become Christians by their influence especially C. S. Lewis influence since he goes into reality writing as a Christian also, and the idea of good vs. evil may be pursued into rejecting the whole occultic fairy, otherworldly stuff, it also has been the conveyorbelt that led some into witchcultism.

FAIRIES WERE NOT GOOD PEOPLE IN THE ORIGINAL STORIES, fairy lights (usually methane flames) led you to your death in quicksand on moors and swamps thinking you were heading towards a lit house in the distance, or just wandering out of your way for hours while hypothermia risk increases. fairies were usually terrifying and destructive things who had to be bribed and were easily ticked off classic malignant narcissist  types psychologically stole all the time and wouldn't tolerate anyone stealing from them. Their palaces and so forth were lies and illusions.

Fantasia was coming out of the closet so to speak. though it and the original story warns against meddling in stuff you can't handle, it does not rebuke the upstart's boss who is a wizard!

cartoon characters get smashed then reconstitute themselves, go through thin gaps, and so forth. a friend of mine who could see stuff said spirits operate like this. SO WHERE DID THE CARTOONISTS GET THE IDEA? WHAT WERE THEY HANGING OUT WITH, OR AT LEAST ABLE TO SEE AND INSTEAD OF RUNNING FROM USED THE IMAGERY?

Sunday, August 25, 2019

The New Jerusalem from Heaven to Earth

The usual habit of Roman Catholicism, ORthodoxy and
protestantism is to treat this as figurative and symbolic and
spiritualize it. no specific explanation given.

But this is after the new heavens and new earth the restoration of
the earth to its original condition, after the Second Coming of
Jesus Christ to judge the living and the dead and rule on earth
"and of His kingdom there shall be no end" says the Nicene-
Constantinopolitan Creed.

Chiliasm that was rejected was the idea that Christ's reign would
only last 1,000 years, not that it wouldn't be physical. The first
to denounce physicality of the Kingdom of Heaven was a pupil
of Origen who considered it all just too disgustingly material and
physical icky material stuff.

Origen was subclinically gnostic, and started his drift to absurdities
a laundry list he was eventually anathematized for post mortem,
because he was always looking for some deeper hidden meaning
in Scripture.

Orthodoxy admits the literal meaning and that there can be other

Thanks to Augustine (origin of a lot of problems but his claim to
fame was opposing the pelagian heresy which denied inherited
sin warpedness and upheld free will to such an extreme that
theoretically one could live sinless and not need a savior.
(yeah, well you still got to accept Jesus as your King or you are
engaging in sin right there.) The idea got ground that the Kingdom
of HEaven was the Church, and nothing more. that the devil
is bound now, though some argue the first millennium of the
church he was bound and is now loosed. But push this far enough
and you don't even have a literal Second Coming of Jesus Christ!

Sure the Church is an outpost of the Kingdom of Heaven, and we
are not to conquer the world for Christ and hand Him the Kingdom
we built, but recruit for the Kingdom of Heaven.

But what is the New JErusalem like? Here is what Revelation says,
after the new heavens and new earth,

"Then I, John, saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God,..." Rev. 21:2 THERE'S YOUR EVIDENCE. The NEw Jerusalem COMES DOWN FROM HEAVEN TO THE RESTORED EARTH. Rev. 21: 15, 16 "And he who talked with me a a gold reed to measure the city, its gates, and its wall. The city is laid out as a square: its length is as great as its breadth. And he measured the city with the reed: twelve thousand furlongs. Its length, breadth, and height are equal." "FURLONG fur'-long (stadion, "stadium"; Luke 24:13 John 6:19; John 11:18 Revelation 14:20; Revelation 21:16): A Greek measure of length, being 600 Greek ft., or 100 orguiai equal to 606 3/4 English ft., and thus somewhat less than a furlong, which is 660 ft." 606.75 feet x 12,000 = 728,000 divided by 5280 feet (1 mile) = 1378.98 (several sevens rounded off) 1378,98 miles high and wide. Like I said either you got an ongoing miracle here forever or the laws of physics get changed in the new heavens and new earth to allow this multistorey high rise city which by the way would cover about the same geography that was originally promised to Abraham's descendants not just Canaan alone. If each storey is 200 feet high then 728000 feet divided by 200 = 3640 layers. Each layer is 728,000 x 728,000 being a square = 529,983,000,000 sq. feet divided by 5820 feet (1 mile) = 100,375,757.58 after rounding off some digits square miles of space per layer. x 3640 layers - 365,367,757,575.76 (after rounding off some digits) total square miles of living space, room for trees, etc. That's over 365 billion square miles when you add all the layers up.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

date of the exodus and SERIOUS problems with Egyptian chronology

serious scholarly cites in footnotes. This is important to this blog subject, because a lot of New Age propaganda involves denying
the historic truth of the Bible.

Egypt has almost cast a spell on archaeologists and historians and been a favorite of occult philosophers incl. freemasons for centuries.