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alchemists were after gold not wisdom

Where did all the bullshit about alchemy being spiritual get started? it is of course easily
fed by the hermetic notions of a world soul and prime material that can be manipulated.
But if all the symbolism was not about chemistry, with a mystical bent to it but the goal
being material things like gold and physical immortality, whence all the physical
chemical activities that resulted in the discovery of some elements and other things?
you don't do that by meditating.

it seems to have started with an American Civil War General, Ethan Allen Hitchcock.

" http://mysticbourgeoisie.blogspot.com/2008_07_01_archive.html
"during the winter of 1856-7 General Hitchcock writes a volume of 300 page entitles REMARKS

In this book, published in Boston, the author sets forthe the reasons for his contntion that the
alchemists were neither frauds nor dupes but that they spoke in symbolic language, and that the real
subject of all their desires and efforts was not any philosopher's stone or any transmutation of base
metals into gold, but distinctly the human race and its improvement. The one desirable thing was
wisdom, - that self-knowledge from which flows the uprightness of life which is salvation."

pp. 425 - 426 Fifty Years in Camp and Field: Diary of Major-General Ethan Allen Hitchcock ...
By Ethan Allen Hitchcock "
 in Wikipedia is
"Contributions to alchemy studies[edit]
By the time of his death, Hitchcock had amassed a large private library, including over 250 volumes
on the subject of alchemy. This collection was widely regarded as one of the finest private holdings
of rare alchemical works and is preserved by St. Louis Mercantile Library at the University of
Missouri-St. Louis. Through Remarks upon Alchemy and the Alchemists and other writings,
Hitchcock argued that the alchemists were actually religious philosophers writing in symbolism. In
Problems of Mysticism and its Symbolism, the Viennese psychologist Herbert Silberer credited
Hitchcock with helping to open the way for his explorations of the psychological content of

Remarks upon Alchemy and Alchemists (published in 1857)
Swedenborg a Hermetic Philosopher (1858)
Christ the Spirit (1861)
The Story of the Red Book of Appin (1863)
Spenser's Poem (1865)
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethan_A._Hitchcock_(general)#Contributions_to_alchemy_studies "

notice something here. this guy was interested in Swedenborg, and in James Webb's The Occult
Establishment I noticed that all the really major dangerous stuff track back to two sources of
lineage of influence, Swedenborg being one of them. I forget the other right now.  Swedenborg
had a lot of weird experiences and believed he was talking with angels, but he said at one point
that ALL spirits will lie. doesn't sound angelic to me. satan can transform himself into the likeness
of an angel of light Paul warns.

then that title Christ the Spirit would seem to imply a confusion between the Second and Third
Persons of the Holy Trinity and perhaps even a denial of the physical nature of Christ's
Resurrection. Not having read the book I can't be sure, but both are possible given the title and
neither inconsistent with occult philosophy.

Spenser's Poem would be about The Faerie Queen which essentially posits that a knight who
wears the cross of Christ would properly have to do with the fae, and though all kinds of
deception by spirits is indicated (Spark notes) the association makes the fae look legitimate.
That it is a red cross is indicating this knight is a Templar, of which the less said the better.
They had already been hijacked by (or perhaps did help form) speculative masonry and other
groups by Hitchcock's time.

The Red Book of Appin is a flat out grimoire. I don't propose to read any of this garbage
having been exposed already in my wrong headed teens and prefer to forget most. But the
picture I'm getting on this guy is that he was into dark stuff.

Hitchcock influenced Silberer, Silberer influenced Jung, Jung with the help of a familiar
spirit aka demon and assorted Nazi mysticism begat a sizeable chunk of the New Age and
took Freud's dip into mythology into a whole hog wallow.

Jung invented the notion of the collective unconscious, which is bullshit. a similar idea in
theosophy and related occult philosophy is the akashic records where is recorded everything
that ever happened. That by definition would include every thought that ever happened, most
of which is going to be bullshit. So if it exists it is worthless. A classic example of what you
can get when you seek to find the real history of whatever, is a couple of proto Nazi mystics
Webb I think it was wrote about, who meditating discovered that originally there was Aryan
Adam and Eve, who were if I recall right 12 feet tall, lived at the north pole or something
like that and ate cabbage and drank ice water and would have conquered the world on this
brew if Helga a Jew hadn't come along and introduced them to beer.

yeah. right. so much for universal collective unconscious and records of ancient reality.
(an occasional psychic stamp of some events on a location, which is probably what those
hauntings that do not interact with the viewer and seem to replay events every time seen
would be, is not akashic records as proposed.)

The collctive unconscious is a fraud, the product of a fraud. Famously, Jung was treating
some girl who had dreams consisting of ancient false gods including hindu. Supposedly
she could only have gotten this by tapping into the collective unconscious. OOPS! she was
the daughter of a scholar in all this with a library for her to wallow in. that gal was NOT A
BLANK SLATE. Jung knew this. Jung lied.

But I digress.

Years ago I stumbled on some mention of ancient Egyptians processing gold out of
gold mining slag, when the easily gotten gold was used up and they were after trace
amounts. My guess is that the whole alchemy nonsense was the result of some lackey
seeing this, and jumping to the wrong conclusion.

I read the Turba Philosophorum decades ago, probably in the 1980s. All the different
lectures in it contradict each other. There is one commonality among them.

Alchemy is a process, of taking something, breaking it into its constituent parts,
doing things to these parts or in some cases to only some of them, and then
putting the parts back together to make something totally different than what you
started with.

some similarities to cooking of the more complex sort are obvious. And once you get
the gist of this process, you can start applying it to social manipulation and even
pedagogy and whatnot. But that doesn't mean that that is what it was always about.

The failure of alchemists to make gold is legendary. less well known are some
apparent successes, which may be nothing more than developing a good counterfeit
to gold, that by weight (from the lead part) and temperature tolerances (from some
alloying) would pass assay of the medieval sort.  In one case in one of the German
kingdoms, a king ordered all alchemic gold items turned in for reimbursement, no
questions asked. a shield or a plate of such was in a museum whether it was ever
tested I don't know. Clearly someone succeeded on a massive basis and the king
wanted this stuff off the streets. probably because it was fraudulent.

Alchemists developed many herbal and chemical mix medicines, and Paracelsus'
remedy for syphilis and other things was essentially an early experiment in

But I digress.

the failure as I said was legendary, and a cartoon in an old history book I had
in Palo Alto High School (or was it Jordan Jr. High?) was a single square, with
the recurring character Hy Story now done up in wizard gear and chemical equipment
on the table and the landlord is telling him "and if the rent isn't paid by tomorrow you
can go make gold somewhere else."

so now suddenly you have all this "spiritual alchemy" garbage. while it is not
exactly garbage to say you can apply alchemic procedures on society and individuals
economically and psychologically, it IS garbage to say that that is all that alchemy
was ever about.

with the failure of alchemy physically, the search to explain the alchemy and hermetic
reputation for wisdom and to preserve that reputation so you could keep your mystic
reverie and sense of awe and wonder going and maybe pocket some cash was on.

Some clever bastards may have applied alchemic procedure to non physical mental
and social issues as an extrapolation, but that grew OUT of alchemy, the chemical
efforts were not a decay FROM it or a misinterpretation of it.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

The uncondtional forgiveness heresy

on Constance Cumbey's blog, I endeavored to explain from the perspective of one
who has been victimized so knows how it works, the evils of psychic domination.
This was intensely dismissed as delusional, and bitterness and lack of forgiveness
towards the perpetrator who I refer to as my biological (not adopted) so called (because
lousy) mother.

an extreme example is this, and I am posting this as an answer here having invited
him her or it to see the rest of the answer here that I posted part of there.

"Anonymous said
"in any case, any lessening of hostile feeling towards her risks reactivating the
mesmerism she had on me. trance state. crippled peaceful no reason to live
eventual state if allowed to go on catatonic or nearly so."
We are asked to give up everything to follow Christ, including the right to "not be harmed". Complete forgiveness,
100%. No excuses. It's hard, but that's why we are asked to count the cost beforehand."
10:51 AM

aha, you admit your idea of forgiveness means surrender to evil. you mention "the right to 'not be harmed.'"
and this in context of the risk of losing sanity and coming under evil spirit influence.
 you are a new ager of
the worst sort, that perverts the words of Christ, twisting the Scriptures to your own and possibly others'
destruction (2 Peter 3:16b) we are not called to do this kind of forgiveness you demand, but to "save yourselves
from this untoward generation" Acts 2:40
God damn you to hell. and rescue all those you've sent back into the hands of pedophiles, rapists, hypnotizers,
corrupters, seducers, abusers of the children and animals that they need to protect and you would keep them
from being able to do so because they have to "forgive" not to mention the cultists and slow persuaders away
from the faith of Christ.


unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness are not biblical. you won't find it in the Bible
only in twisted exegeses that are really eisegesis, reading things into the Bible that aren't there.
cherry picking a verse here and there and exalting something out of all proportion to its role
in the Bible and you won't find it in the behavior exhibited by The Fathers when confronted with pretend repentance,
such as when St. Athanasius refused to admit Arius to communion recognizing his fraud in
pretending to renounce his heresy.

Jesus said to resist not evil but what context? immediately follows turn the other cheek if someone
smites you on your cheek. okay, so what kind of smiting? it must be something leaving you in
a position to turn the other cheek, i.e., conscious, not stunned, standing upright, alive. in other
words, a slap in the face. this is not evil with a capital E.

Jesus said to the Father to forgive His crucifiers because they did not know what they did. That
however is usually not the case regarding people who do serious harming and are often
psychopathic. Prior to the verses about forgiving seventy times seven, IMMEDIATELY PRIOR,
is Matthew 18:15-17 which describes a process of private confrontation on an issue, and the
problem person won't "hear" you. then you take a couple of witnesses for the next confrontation
to establish who said what so no one of you can lie about the other. If the problem person still
won't "hear" you, take it to the congregation. and if still the problem person won't "hear" you
"let him be to thee as a heathen man and a publican." In other words, total ostracization. act
like he or she doesn't even exist.

This is falsely handled by people like Tom Horn and/or Chuck Missler I forget which I think it
was Tom Horn, who argue that no one should publicly criticize a minister of God on a blog
post but talk privately to him. Well, that criticized person made their problem statements
publicly, and it is not a relationship that is at issue but the false teaching that others influenced
by it need to hear the refutation of. and warnng against the false teacher. St. Paul said to
publicly rebuke evil doers before all so the others will fear and named names on two occasions.
One of which was Alexander the Coppersmith, who was denounced for two things: doing
much harm to Paul personally, and greatly resisting the Gospel.

Some situations are so dangerous that you need to short circuit the process and just get out of

And when one is susceptible for whatever reason, the situation is dangerous.

unconditional this and that is how evangelicalism following the fads of writers not the word of
God and not searching the Scriptures like the Bereans did has decayed into the mess it is now.
From an Orthodox perspective, Protestantism in general has problems. but this is bad by any
standard, and in Roman Catholicism and even in Orthodoxy you find this same poison. It
facilitates the worst crimes against children, the worst heresies and covering it all up.

in Orthodoxy, the problem is that instead of some Bible verses out of context we have writings
of monastics, which are sometimes over the top. the context not only of the words but of the
writer should be kept in mind, which show THESE ARE NOT APPROPRIATE OUTSIDE
OF A MONASTERY. Church canons against certain behaviors apply in the world (the rest
of the church living around marriage and business and whatnot things of the world) and in
monasteries, so that means you have to take some action involving denunciation and getting
some prosecution done. In monastery incidents there are cases of people being thrown out.

The sort of things we are not to take note of are the sort of petty nonsense people kill over
or start family feuds lasting generations. Typical in Middle Eastern and supposedly Orthodox
Balkan cultures.

The second problem is the problem of pride. the monastery is targeting this above most
else, since the other sins lust and gluttony are ruled out by the lifestyle though homosexuality
occasionally becomes a problem.

Pride and vainglory can operate, poisoning ANY virtue like with the Pharisee who was
proud of all his virtue which ruined the value of that virtue in God's eyes, compared to
the sinner publican who was sorrowful and ashamed and repentant. And pride can
definitely ruin the virtue of condemning evil and exposing it because you can feel very
holy, virtuous and worthy of all glory and honor and praise.

That is the context in which Desert Fathers statements were made, that are prostituted to
the coddling of evil in RC and Orthodoxy.

the problem is inappropriate application of Scripture or of monastic examples. whence
the problem? the evil one throws the mind into a sharp focus on something out of
context. someone who is well intentioned gets obsessed. Also a person who is not
well intentioned at all, knowingly twists and misapplies Scripture and elders' words.

A classic example of Scripture twisting is a Talmudic decision regarding the rule that
one shall not be killed for their children's sake or the children for the fathers' sake but
each die for his own sin. This is obviously against killing family members of a
condemned person. And this law was cited in Kings or Chronicles to explain why when
a man was killed for the murder of the king whose son ordered the murderer's death
the murderer's family was not killed. Obviously this common sense meaning was the
interpretation in those days.

But in the Talmud somewhere we read that it was held to mean that a son couldn't
testify against his father (or daughter couldn't either). that would be a case of someone
dying on account of his children. OBVIOUSLY THIS MAKES PROSECUTION FOR
INCEST, OR FOR PROSTITUTING YOUR DAUGHTER, or anything else prohibited
for a parent to do to the kid impossible. I can only wonder what the rabbi who came
up with this one was into himself.

Here are some links that address this. http://www.wayoflife.org/free_ebooks/judge_not_heresy.php




In Christ or Therapy by E.S Williams, unconditional love is described as luciferic since it is
amoral in fact antimoral. unconditional forgiveness is denounced in the next chapter.

I can't buy the rejection of therapy entirely or the rejection of psychiatric drugs, but then
some people surrender themselves to any authority easily and others pick and choose.

amazon kindle gives you a chance to read some of this.

And the NEw AGe scene is big on this unconditional and non judgemental stuff. that should
tell you something right there.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

stuff on Mars indicating current life and past life and war


one of the biggest potential blows to the NEw Age worldview or "paradigm" is the
conditions on Mars if NASA admitted to them. They can't hide all of it however.
The Face, even in the later view, is clearly artificial. the later view or "cat box" shows the
two slots on top that are the eyes, the line that is the nose the line that is the mouth,
and a collapsed look on one side. Surrounding it is a sharp edge that looks like the
base of a monument.

Another big thing with New Age is that aliens are good and "spiritual." this is strictly
from channeled sources, which should always be ignored. The remaining info sources
are the Nordic looking aliens that Adamski and others (all of whom had Nazi
connections) claimed to have met.


many of these do not require hypnosis to remember it. others remember a lot but need
hypnosis to remember the rest, especially when a nicey nice screen memory of good
compassionate aliens is in play, and the hypnosis gets behind the screen memory to
find horrific experiences and not so human looking people.

Supposedly according to one dubious source, there is a "federation" out there and
they don't allow weapons in space. LIARS ALWAYS SCREW UP AT SOME POINT

This wouldn't establish either side as good, just both as armed.
Mars shows clear evidence of damage from a war. Brandenberg argues for a massive
nuclear blast on the surface, but has the wrong isotope as indicator, however, such
isotope scattering as exists seems to epicenter from a place that has no crater, more
like an airblast, which rules out any natural nuclear reactor like in Gabon gone
runaway. too concentrated, not diluted like in Gabon.

wreckage of war materiel and so forth exists, sharp edges of parts, etc. a few skulls.
some things so extreme NASA had to airbrush them to hide them, others could be
written off as odd shaped rocks. Far too many of such to be that.
New Age generally views "humanity" as inherently good in the sense of not fallen, and
the only evil is some individuals. Unity and high tech are supposedly good automatically.
Joseph Farrell complains of the Tower of Babel moment where people had unity and
it was destroyed and suggests aliens do this now and then to keep us from getting
our act together as humanity. That there is no sin mentioned in Genesis regarding this
tower as the reason for stopping it.

that last is false.

The sin was pride, vainglory, and rebellion. They wanted to make a name for
themselves and stop the God ordained scattering on earth that was starting and rule
over the perimeter scattered people. God observed that nothing they imagined would
be impossible to them.

So what is wrong with stopping this? It was a rescue both of the potential victims
of the imperialism allowed later, and of the tower builders from being allowed to
sin still more.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

deconstruct new age ideas

do you want to hit new age where it hurts? or just complain about them?


astral projection does not prove reincarnation.

chakras do not prove that some subtle kind of material is divine.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Newt Gingrich?

Newt Gingrich?
From Constance Cumbey's blog:

  • He is and throughout his political life has been one of the world's leading Globalists.
  •  It was Newt Gingrich who set up international networks of legislators to back each other politically in their separate countries [that's right -- COUNTRIES -- not STATES].   You can read all about it in Anne-Marie Slaughter's Princeton  University Press book A NEW WORLD ORDER.  Anne-Marie Slaughter served as Assistant Secretary of State under Hillary Clinton.   If you already own the book or plan to acquire the book, turn to pages 113, 126, 130, and 294 to read up on Newt's career and joint projects with leaders in the Soviet Duma.
  • Newt Gingrich was from the beginning one of the primary backers of the World Trade Organization (W.T.O.); NAFTA (North American Free Trade Organization); and other globalist measures.
  • Newt Gingrich is an unabashed New Ager -- one whom I have carefully tracked since reading in one of Marilyn Ferguson's 1983 Leading Edge Bulletin about the "brave Georgia Congressman" (Newt Gingrich) who was doing so very much to advance their New Age agenda.  Newt's New Age mentoring was, inter alia, by Alvin & Heidi Toffler and John Naisbitt.
  • Newt Gingrich's former Congressional campaign manager, Chip Kahn, stated in an 1983 magazine interview (Mother Jones, November 1984), that no matter no much good, he Chip Kahn did in the future, he could never do enough good to offset the evil he had helped unleash on the world by helping Newt Gingrich be elected to Congress.