Saturday, June 15, 2019

date of the exodus and SERIOUS problems with Egyptian chronology

serious scholarly cites in footnotes. This is important to this blog subject, because a lot of New Age propaganda involves denying
the historic truth of the Bible.

Egypt has almost cast a spell on archaeologists and historians and been a favorite of occult philosophers incl. freemasons for centuries.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

chakra errors

years ago I ran across a chart showing the chakras as located NOT on
a line of the spine, but here and there. discusses differences
in ascribed locations and number of them, in fact some systems figure there
are only four and the Indian tantra 7 and so forth.

someone has suggested somewhere that some chakras are artificial and placed
in people to exploit them by aliens or demons or whatever.

the kundalini energy apparently runs up the spine from the lowest chakra to
the top of the head. manifestations of this are often disturbing to put it mildly
and appear in charismatic Christian groups and in the latihan of subud. clearly
this is not The Holy Spirit, and could be a demon or a facilitator of such.

What is more likely, is that kundalini does not normally lie coiled at the base
of the spine, and that the chakras are not for the most part deployed along
the spine, convenient to such an undoing of creation sort of thing as
laya yoga or kundalini yoga.

" Chakras play an important role in the Tibetan Buddhism in completion stage practices.[44] It is practiced to bring the subtle winds of the body into the central channel, to realise the clear light of bliss and emptiness, and to attain Buddhahood.

This is not identical with the raise kundalini idea but similar. whether it has the same
symptoms or not is not stated. however, several  new ager articles describe a
kundalini syndrome of bad stuff happening as a result of these efforts.

Clearly a lot of "manifestations of The Holy Spirit" are nothing of the sort, and much of
the lineage of "anointings" in Pentecostalism/charismaticism track back to William Branham,
who had an angel that acted more like a demon, and to who (instead of to God) Branham
attributed all his miracles. Branham also made a missionary trip to India, met an Indian
cultist who claimed to be the Messiah or Second Coming of Christ, and accepted him as such.
The shaktipat or transfer of Shakti by touch from a guru is identical to the slain in the spirit
and such like anointings, which Branham emphasized more than most did and probably
acquired in India, then passed it on pretending it was The Holy Spirit.

After some thought and prayer, I decided there is aside from the probability of either an
energy derangement that demons can use, or a demon itself or group of them transferred in
shaktipat or both, the whole chakra system is in error.

For one thing, the throat chakra is NOT center or base of throat, but top of throat ringing
it at base of skull. An attack on this point which I experienced twice in different ways,
caused a painful in one case, garotte cinching sensation in the other case, at that point.
Farther down, there is a center on the right side of the body where the belly joins the pelvis
in the flesh crease. Leadbeater (a pervert who was apparently also psychic) located chakras
some of them off center.

The error is not so much where they are naturally located, but in concentrating on them AS

These meditations bring the normally offcenter chakras into alignment, allowing an abnormal
straight flow upwards of energy. This derangement is easily used by demons, aside from
being a warping in itself.

So aside from opening them being to facilitate lying spirits, RELOCATING them centrally
is a warping of their position and creating an abnormal condition that, however peaceful or
whatever it might feel at times, is enabling a spiritually dangerous paranormal condition
or event to occur.

UPDATE Leadbeater said the chakras originate from the spine and play out in the various locations many of them not central to the spine. same issue applies, to focus on them at their origin in the spine instead of where they are supposed to be after origin, like any nervous systems segment, is to do damage that may feel good.

I notice that adherence to correct doctrine and rejecting evil and sin are often categorized as the kind of negativity that reflects an unhealthy condition of some particular chakra. maybe what the new age writers call unhealthy is in fact healthy!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

are all mystical experiences the same?

this notion is explored in this article which points out that neoplatonism is undergirding
roman Catholicism to some extent despite its official trinitarianism. however if all
mystics are experiencing the same and headed in the same direction, clearly that
proves that mysticism as usually understood is an illusion.

Because with radical distinct theologies etc. you cannot be all the same, and the
mystical experience and practice which may be compatible with or an outworking
of the theory of one or some, is alien to others regardless of how it is seen or
experienced as not alien.

There is a problem of apparent differences even among mystics, which is resolved
by theorists of this mystical ecumenism, by saying they can't express what they
experience so each gives a somewhat different impression in trying to express it.

But R. C. Zaehner in Mysticism: Sacred and Profane shows two things that refute

a. there are three (at least) styles of mysticism. theistic, monistic and "nature mysticism."
b. there was at least one man, Beaudelaire, who pursued the mystical paths each to their
distinct goal, so this one man experienced them. Unlike someone who experiences
illumination in one system and another in another and we can think they have experienced
the same inexpressible thing and apparent differences in description are an illusion.

Its not an illusion.

they are not the same, they don't lead to the same final condition, and.....

Beaudelaire died reconciled to the Roman Catholic Church and of the opinion that ALL
CHURCH, ARE DECEPTIONS. all are false.

now, the term mysticism is thrown around loosely. Even "mindfulness" is misapplied
now, when I first heard of it decades ago in a book on Buddhism, it was the first stage of
meditation where you are not abstracted from reality but hyper alert and hyper focused
on external reality and your relationship to it. That would be fine if it ended there, but
it doesn't. They go on to a next stage where they consider all this is illusion and keep going
to more and more abstraction.

Orthodoxy refers to mysticism meaning the living out in daily life of religion you don't
leave the holy when you leave church you bring it with you and try to conform your life
and such of the world as you can influence to it. (another term theosis or divinization has
nothing to do with becoming gods in the new age sense, but rather partaking of not
acquiring of or realizing one is made of the divine nature. participating in not becoming or
acquiring. gods in the sense of in God's family by adoption, by grace not by nature.
protestants would call this regeneration or maybe sanctification. "illumination" refers to
receiving baptism and Chrismation, the real baptism of and infilling by The Holy Spirit,
which is mostly imperceptible He gives you the power to lead a godly life.)

But the mysticism usually referred to by this term is one of altered states of consciousness.

it is not without reason that a comparison is made between some drug trips and mystical
experiences and illumination. the drugless trip is meditation where you learn to tweak your
brain without a drug doing it, altering your brain chemistry. most don't go to the point of
hallucination. A sense of adoration and awe and a lively sense of God being evident by His
creation and operative in it in maintaining it and enjoying His creation is not the same
thing as pantheism, but such a worshipful sense can be had by anyone in any religion
regarding a false god. The capability of experiencing the emotional reaction to God of awe
does not, therefore, guarantee your theology and biblical interpretations are correct.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Ray Yungen has passed away important research page

Ray Yungen did important research on the New Age practices focusing
on how they have gotten into Christian churches under the heading of
relaxation methods and in some cases supposedly getting closer to God.
(The only flaw I see is that he bought the idea presented by RC and
protestant etc. proponents that contemplative or centering prayer and
lectio divina in the form they are now originated with the Desert Fathers.
Originally one was to contemplate Jesus Christ or some passage in
Scripture and lectio divina was reading The Bible in order to apply it
in life. Now they mean mind blanking and eroding the separate sense
of self identity and confusing yourself with God, or finding the god
within deception or the higher self, which is a disguised demon at
worst, a delusion at best. "Be still and know that I am God" is taken
out of context and made to be something someone says to themselves
about themselves, when it was YHWH (Jehovah) telling David to
calm down, know that YHWH is God Almighty and will deal with
whatever it was. And lectio divina is contemplating some bit of
Scripture to "soak" in it to get in a mood, then shut the book and forget
about it. disconnect between Bible and life, a mood not actual learning
and application and gratitude to the separate from us and from all
creation Creator. The criticism of these practices, however, is correct.)

Ray passed away a few days ago of a rapidly developing cancer.

[CORRECTION: this was not peculiar given his history and the type
of cancer. weakened immune system since childhood, diagnosed at
18 with a blood disorder given 6 months to live, but miraculously
survived until this leukemia was identified and he was too weak to
handle the chemotherapy apparently. Of course, on the other hand,
perhaps he did have some "help" several years ago, and God restrained
it until now.]

This is something peculiar in itself, and nothing unusual among unusual
deaths, that is, people who were onto something, getting too close to
something, too dangerous to some interests somewhere. In other words,
murder. There are a few viruses and chemicals that can start this
process. I would suspect some psychic attack and demonic attack could
do so also.

Which brings us to something special about Ray as an anti New Age
researcher and writer.

Ray recognized that energy that can be sent from the fingertips and
suchlike things are real. I think he actually saw some of it. This is
something that is, as a belief in itself that this is real, dismissed as
being New Age in itself. And in one video I saw, he said that he got
all kinds of trouble from other Christians for this, some wouldn't talk
to him anymore when he said he saw the sparks or whatever coming
off someone's fingertips.

That is wrong. In some cases, this may be a demonically contaminated
flow, or a demon disguised as a flow in some amorphous form. But the
existence of energy fields and centers in the body is indicated by
Ecclesiastes 6:12, and by the original (not sloppy variety) kirlian
photography, which documented the energy signature of the missing
half of a cut leaf, still attached to the rest of the leaf. This is suggested
as the cause of "phantom limb pain" in some amputees.

That passage in Ecclesiastes, in context, is not supporting focus on
or experimentation with these things, rather than one should focus on

What is called the etheric body or astral body is essentially the soul,
the part of it that interfaces to and supports the life of the physical
body without which it (incl. all cells, etc.) is a lifeless lump.

This means that New Age practices are not only dangerous in terms
of facilitating heresy and delusions and demonic contact, but
dangerous in a pragmatic sense: the energy system is deranged by
these practices.

And witchcraft can be a real thing.

This made Ray far more dangerous than the usual anti New Ager.

And with this mindset, he was also talking about Reiki. This is an
extremely dangerous system, because unlike most that rely on the
practitioner managing to affect someone's energy system with their
own, this relies on a "current" received at initiation and spirits that
come with it, and are an essential part of the practice itself.

Someone on Cumbey's blog comments said that reiki puts spirits in
people and their internal only literature says so but that the patient
shouldn't know this.

The Master level of reiki can initiate others. practitioners have reported
the reiki spirits gaining more control over time.

The belief is that if enough people are initiated into master level, that
a kind of critical mass will be reached, and the reiki spirits can
operate more freely.

When I was researching Feri (Anderson) witchcraft, now split into
two or three versions, the egroup which was involving people from
the start of it who knew the founders said that the initiation involved
a "current" which could cause insanity and other problems in people
who were initiated without caution. Almost all on the egroup reported
that part of the results in their lives was being more "open" to
sexual experimentation ranging from promiscuity to perversion.
One at least had the experience of one of their "gods" taking the
form of a seductive barely pubescent little girl with a heavy sexual
atmosphere, like it was leading him in the direction of pedophilia.

Feri being ecstasy rather than fertility oriented is more anything
goes than standard wicca. And it has two sources. One from the
woman founder Cora is Ozark witchcraft, which itself tracks back
to East Anglia in England. A neo pagan who researched witch
traditions uncomfortably admitted in print that these were pretty
much the same as were accused in the medieval witch trials.
Initiation involves sexual intercourse heterosexual. The other is
a wild eclecticism drawing on Hawaiian Huna and flat out
luciferianism by her husband Victor Anderson, who was bisexual
(Cora was not bisexual).

Repeatedly reiki turned up as something the Feri people were also
into and very comfortable with, and they said the initiation involved
passing a current just like the Feri initiation did.

reiki initiation involves meditating on some symbols and getting
in touch with some spirits, the whole thing tracking back to something
that happened to someone on a mountain top in Japan.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Some thoughts on Tantra and the origins of yoga etc.

Tantra is a fast track system of escaping the round of rebirths and achieving
superhumanity and so forth. The well known terms out of occultism "left hand
path" aka LHP and "right hand path" aka RHP come from this. In the left hand
path ceremonies, various forbidden things were done and the woman the man
was to fornicate in "sacred sex" with would sit on his left side. In the right hand
path ceremonies, various forbidden things were done only symbolically, and
the woman partner in this would sit on the man's right side.

Both of course were practicing the forbidden the former in reality the latter in

Tantra included some ideas about manipulation of the energy body or what I call
the outer edge of the soul where it interfaces to the body and supports the body's
life. The number and locations of whirling centers of energy called chakra for
being wheel like (Eccles. 12:6 refers to all this as a reality while denouncing
this as useless for eternal life and a good standing with The Creator YHWH)
varies per system the present form being derived from Theosophy and Hinduism.

Some of this "energy" is just how they interpreted the feel of blood pressure
changes in parts of the body or all over. Some of it is more than that, being a
shift in the flow of the energy or etheric system of the individual (which is NOT
divine any more than the physical body is divine and is NOT your connection to
some all permeating etheric pantheistic deity and if an etheric substrate to
everything exists it is just another thing YHWH created, it is not YHWH
Himself and is not divine).

and worse yet, it can be the motions of a demon brought in by the exercizes.

Laya yoga is tantric in nature. It proposes to force the kundalini energy up through
the various chakras on the spine and into the brain inducing Samadhi more quickly
than usual methods. Eventually one achieves para-Samadhi - which you don't come
out of. In other words, laya yoga is a labor intensive form of suicide.

Now, yoga of the physical sort has some merit for some stretching and affecting
the endocrine system etc., but it is a conveyorbelt to the rest of it, and each position
was revealed by some demon posing as a god to some hermit sannyasi as an
invocation to a different "deity," each posture refers to and invokes a different

the Hindu false god Shiva is connected to a lot of this, and is part of the pre Aryan
Indian scene apparently. Or maybe not. That the Zoroastrians call their angels
ahuras and demons devas, while hindus do the reverse, calling their "good gods"
devas and the demons asuras, fairly screams that some serious religious split
occurred in eastern Persia presaging the move of the devil worshippers into India.

Shiva has some interesting parallels to satan/Lucifer:

"In India, the god of the Hindus, Shiva, bears the name Bhooteshwara (Lord Of Ghosts And Evil Beings), Bhairav – Lord Of Terror, Chandrapal – Master Of The Moon, Kantha – Ever-Radiant (Luminous), Mahamaya – Of Great Illusions, Nityasundara – Ever Beautiful, Pinakin – One Who Has A Bow In His Hand, Bhutapala (protector of the ghosts). Satan is also given all these attributes in the Bible. He is the “ruler of the demons” (Mathew 3:22). His symbol is placed on the forehead."

So when you decide to balance your chakras or that something needs to be done about your
aura, you need to rethink and consider where all this came from.

The typical Christian response (I am a Christian) is to dismiss it all as "deception," in other words
no aura no chakra no etheric body exists. (exactly what that is that leaves the body at death then is
anyone's guess. actually the existence of the etheric body or soul is validated by the Bible.)

But this is wrong. The deception is what to do with them and why. 

Essentially New Age and Tantra (which found its way into Buddhism and probably gave birth
to the twisted form called Mahayana which came to Tibet by some crazy "holy men" who hailed
from India but taught notions of the illuminated master being above good and evil and can do
anything and it is not sin) are against the value of the body. any health to be gained is strictly to
make it easier to do more difficult things to accomplish the ultimate goal, "liberation" from the
body. It is consistent with Gnosticism. it is evil.

God declared all He had made "very good" in Genesis.

I have other articles here on this subject.