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attack styles of new age etc. defenders

For the past few years I've been under real defamatory attacks on another blog that started
seriously when I started sharing how to derail New Age arguments.

people like this will accuse of 


not giving enough info when only a link is posted

giving too much info instead of letting a conversation go on

talking too much if a conversation goes on

butting into a conversation when a matter is being discussed on a public forum

they will

twist words,



flat out lie

misapply Scripture and stand on one proof text ignoring its context and different
approach to a matter also present in Scripture when the situation is different from
that of the quote they prefer to bash you with

bait and describe you in the worst terms then complain of "vulgarity" or
something when what they've said adds up to the same thing and is false.

pretend you are playing the victim

claim that you are a new age agent

push ignorant garbage like Hislop sometimes despite refutations and put good researchers
under fire if they are Roman Catholic

demand you be banned

in one case start out real nice in one case then try to get you into the Frank Viola game of
rejecting institutional churches which is predator isolate prey into house church where your
mind can get played with easier.

New Age popular themes overview part 1: Nibiru

NIBIRU aka Planet X - facts and fiction.

a supposed rogue planet going to make big trouble. more likely nemesis, a planet that
never comes near us but disturbs the oort cloud every so often, sending stuff our way.

in the early 1980s there was found indications of a massive body at the outer edge of the
solar system probably a brown dwarf, nothing unusual as a partner to a star like our sun.
Nothing threatening either. Naval PObservatory astronomer Dr. Harrington found that
something was pulling down on Neptune and Uranus. Harrington got interviewed by
liar Zechariah Sitchin (see ) who was pushing the idea that the
Flood of Noah and the disasters in Exodus were the result of a rogue planet the Sumerians
supposedly called nibiru. For a debunking of this see

you see, there is an agenda which is to write God out of the Bible. Originally this was done
by writing it all off as just superstitious nonsense and legends, or the greatness of the Hebrew
mind concocting such a superior notion as monotheism or some mix of these. Later
Immanuel Velikovsky argued that Venus started out as a comet belched out of Jupiter or
Saturn having a particularly bad case of indigestion, which wandered around making havoc
and this all was the cause of various mythologies on the one hand, and biblical disasters on
the other. (Never mind that the events in Exodus have no parallels elsewhere.) Velikovsky
even depicted the terrified Hebrews as thinking that the groanings of a volcano were "no
murder" "no adultery" despite the fact that the Ten Commandments are a lot more wordy
than that. Velikovsky did however make a move to better coordinate biblical history with
archaeology, but that's another series.

Sitchin took this a step farther. The idea of Venus being a stray comet turned into a planet
wouldn't fly any more, so he cooked up a bunch of fake untranslated Mesopotamian
tablets (that do not exist anywhere) which he translated (despite his version of Sumerian
not matching the online Sumerian dictionary). Essentially the same game as Velikovsky,
except this time it was a huge planet or brown dwarf, with a 3600 year orbit you can blame
everything on. This let you keep the Flood (but not the divine promise it would never
happen again), and Exodus (but not divine intervention as the cause of the events). And
could get you worried something was going to happen again.

Speculation exists that Harrington's death of esophageal cancer was induced and I read that
the observatory he was building in New Zealand to get a better look at Planet X burned
down. Could be true.

But if so it was not to cover up nibiru incoming so much, as to prevent him figuring out
that it never gets into the inner solar system and poses no risk. or not much.

Remember that Neptune's and Uranus' orbits were being deflected downwards. I don't think
that recalculating their mass and so forth to correct the idea of where they were supposed to
be makes any difference, because that would have to do with their position in the ecliptic,
not a tendency to dip somewhat. So something very large was out there, and under the

This means that "nibiru" or Planet X has an orbit AROUND THE UPPER AND LOWER
SIDES of the ecliptic, travelling below then looping over to travel above it. This would make
the Solar System a giant Cross, by the way.

It also means that Planet X cannot do nearly the disasters ascribed to it, only a minor upset
(like set off Yellowstone and increase earthquakes) depending on whether earth is directly
above or below it when it passes by. Most of the time it won't be. And the orbital period can
be a lot less than 3600 years.

It may also not be in any orbit at all, merely passing by under the ecliptic, and going away.
Might even have been on its way out of town so to speak, when spotted.

But if Harrington had pursued his research, he would have figured this out, and that would
have ruined everything. If a coverup was in play, its first goal would be to prevent panic
or so the people engineering it would be told. The real reason was to give elites time to
prepare, so the masses would die off. And the smarter among them would prepare and be
new blood for later. Or so they were told.

The whole thing may have been a colossal scam to get more and more extensive underground
building done, military and civilian, which costs money which means someone makes money
off this.

Or, the planners and gainers may have believed this themselves.

Sitchin was videotaped in a masonic lodge meeting. So he would have an anti biblical motive
to concoct the fake translations.


This kind of thing puts Bible believers more in the fringe, and can undermine faith in God as
anything but a real smart alien of some sort, a mechanistic view with limitations on God. A God
Who is trapped in a timeframe to do things in, not unlike the mechanistic and manipulative,
magick like concepts of name it and claim it, laws of prayer, etc. etc. God as almost an intelligent

While the typical believer in this stuff would reject such a notion that is what their beliefs add
up to, and in some cases may produce a conscious or semi conscious concept about God that is
similar to this.

Then somehow Nancy Leider got into the act with her channeled "zeta" aliens who were warning
of these disasters coming in AD 2003, which of course never happened.

Among those who gain from all this survivalism stuff of course are those who sell gold. Now gold
is of no use in a serious breakdown because you can't eat it, burn it for heat, or wear it for warmth.
Very few people will be interested in it. The survivalism supply industry thrives off these worries,
and worries about the gummint comin' to git you, and stuff like that.

Another possibility is that nibiru is nothing but Nemesis, orbiting in part of the oort cloud on a
sharp tilt to the ecliptic that takes it under Neptune and Uranus at times, or above them at the
other end of the ecliptic, but again never comes into the rest of the solar system.

So there you have it, whatever it is.

Sitchin I think was the source of the idea that the annunaki came from this (impossible to support
life) planet, and that when it came near they would hop off and mine gold, and that at one point
lacking women they were screwing apes and produced our ancestors. And they are going to come
back and work with us or rule us or whatever.

ANCIENT ALIENS is the notion that attempts to eliminate God by ascribing creation or at least
humans to aliens and all civilizations were their work. More bullshit. A POSSIBLE HISTORY
OF LIFE ON MARS by Christine Erikson on amazon kindle presents a very different picture,
which would allow for aliens that are humans plus insect, reptile etc. DNA from nasty genetic
engineering experiments by humans long ago, and could even fit a 6 literal 24 day creationist

Aliens who have abducted people have presented horrific disaster scenarios to them, so there is
something going on that involves getting people interested in this stuff, whatever is claimed to
be the cause. Could be just psychological experiments. Could be there is an asteroid on the way
they intend to exploit.

Anything chanelled is either demons or the channeler's own bullshit or deliberate fraud.

WITH IT. Any more than electricity and magnetism proved the validity of theosophy and other
occultist systems that used these to prove how "scientific" they were.

Tongues, demons and psychosomatic when tested.

"Among the great delusions that are spreading today, there is none more subtle or more dangerous than modern-day tongues. It has been my experience over many years to observe that out of the masses of people coming under the influence of the tongues phenomena, very few escape without serious emotional and spiritual damage to themselves and their families... I and others have been testing tongues in Australia for some years. In fact, there are men personally known to me who have been testing them for over 20 years and none of us has ever yet found a genuine gift of Biblical Tongues. When the spirit using the tongue is commanded to identify itself, in 95% of cases, a demon answers...The other 5% have prove[d] to be psychosomatic. " [Bryce Hartin,

Today's Tongues
, 1987, Third Edition 1993]
Recently someone was wired up or brain scanned while he talked in tongues. The normal verbal section
of the brain was greatly lessened, so he wasn't doing it something else was. This was announced as proof
that the Holy Spirit was doing this, but all it proved was that someone other than the tongues talker was
doing it, not the identity of the actual speaker which could have been a demon.
In my own experience a determined tongues talker wanted me to pray with her over the phone about a
matter and I decided to follow the Orthodox discipline that you don't pray with the "heterodox." praying
over them or at the same time but separate is not the same thing. So while she was mumbling something, I
prayed a prayer to God said "in Jesus' Name, Amen" and she was upset. We weren't praying together.
So she complained that we weren't in agreement, I said of course we were in agreement, we agreed these
Jehovah's Witnesses needed to be converted to Christ. So she said we weren't "of one mind," and that's
when I realized that she wasn't using these terms biblically, she was wanting to have a hive mind effect.
And though my phone had no visual capability, I could see her face peering at me through an offwhite with
brownish edging fluid, like the way the zombie looked floating up to the glass wall through the cloudy
dirty water in Resident Evil. That's when I knew she had a demon.
Thank God her family isn't interested in this crap. 30 years had passed since I'd first met her, and she hadn't
changed, the same flibbertigibbet type and she shamelessly complained her sister didn't share veggies she
grew and had asked her to help her in the garden but she hadn't wanted to get her fingers dirty. 30 years
supposedly with God and no fruit of the Holy Spirit? Something is seriously wrong.  For a few days later
fluid flow thing  tried to get at me now and then but I drove it away in the Name of JEsus Christ.
The so called Christian expressed the opinion that if Christians have to go through the tribulation, then
what's the point I am pretty sure she meant what's the point of being a Christian if God is going to let
you go through things? the persecution of the Church was she thought just for those days in the past.
Pre tribulation rapture belief, of course.  And she'd been prayed over on the phone by a PAt Robertson
worker and had the slain in the spirit experience.
All this stuff is evil and the primary proponents of it preach heresy of one sort or another and/or have
serious personal and/or political and/or financial issues. A charismatic elected president in South
America ordered massacres, and victims of rape and massacre the survivors reported in another country
that the perpetrators were speaking in tongues while doing all this. The phenomenon itself is known
in shamanistic and occult contexts.
Tongues were an understandable language in the old days. It died out in the second century, and the only
people who revived it were heretics starting with Montanus and his female cohorts, who taught
blasphemous heresies and claimed that a village Peruza was the New Jerusalem or would be where it
descended eventually. A similar related group also centering on this town, perhaps an inner circle of
Montanists practiced infant sacrifice using the kill style of the Harran pagans killing and exsanguinating
by innumerable stabs with an awl or icepick like weapon.
In Harran the blood was used to make bread cakes for ritual eating. This is the same thing including kill
style that Jews were FALSELY accused of in the blood libel, most likely what was going on was Harranian
Perusan whatnot people masquerading as Jews for whatever reason, or mistaken for them because of
Middle Eastern looks in Europe. The reported kill style did not become a simple throat slash until Jacob
Frank, leader of the Frankist Sabbatian heretics who were rejected by orthodox Jews was around. Frank
aimed for the destruction of orthodox Judaism since it rejected him.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Evolution and radiometric dating.

Evolution of one sort or another was played with by some ancient
philosophers. It is not new. It is however a core plank of the New Age and
the occult philosophy scene, that we are evolving into a higher form, and/or that
some of us are evolving or can jumpstart our evolution into a superhuman form,
here comes transhumanism (as distinct from the technology of robotic prosthetic
limbs and such like, I mean the philosophy that depends on this technology),
and that such become elites who will rule the rest or exterminate them if they
are a problem or just too many of them.

Evolution is supposedly supported by things like radiometric dating, that shows
outrageously long timeframes. Two big problems.

a. the half life of an element is the average of how long it takes half of the atoms
in a chunk of the stuff whatever it is that is radioactive, to decay into something
else, either an isotope of it or another element. Here's the problem.

This means that most of them are decaying slower, and the others faster, than
the average, that's what an average is, the combination of two extremes. So what
makes them decay in the first place? We don't know. Whatever it is, it doesn't
work as fast in some as in others. Is it dependent on triggers like electrostatic
effects of some atmospheric catastrophes? catalyst effects of some other elements
radioactive or otherwise in proximity? We don't know.

This in turn means, since we have only been tracking them for several decades,
maybe 100 years at most, that we only know what the average is NOW, but no
proof it was always this way. It could have been a lot slower or faster in the
past. We don't know, and we can't know. It has not been recorded.


This means you can't trust them for dating.

b. Take two different radiometric systems (different elements) when it is possible,
when both are in a sample, and they will give you extremely different results for
that same sample they are in.

Something is seriously wrong somewhere. This may not be relevant to evolution
in itself, but it does undermine the length of time assumed available for evolution
to happen in. Makes the Bible look a lot more credible. C 14 itself is only reliable
to 5,000 years, and gives differing dates for the same sample, the date accepted
is an average of several tests on the same sample.

Something is wrong somewhere.

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Beware! the New Age Movement is more than just self indulgent silliness

The subject article has been divided, without any textual or formatting modification, into six Sections. This was done to assist the reader in better focusing on each specific segment of this key exposé by Mr. Penn.


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"Allies of Humanity" are not allies but part of the same greyskin and reptoid team.

Looked into something called "Allies of Humanity" because of its mention in the preface or first chapter of The Evil Empire of the ETs and the Ultra-Terrestrials on the kindle view. While the analysis of the problem aliens present is good up to a point, it draws on this book (three in fact) that some friendly aliens are warning us against all this, and the plan to rule by controlling through mental powers capable hybrids that Dr. David Jacobs exposed.
But there is a problem.... these "people" talk about how we gotta advance to a state of greater telepathy in general.
And the information was "transmitted" to the writer after a lot of "spiritual" work so probably channeled. It is essentially New Age crap, and it is "good cop bad cop" game. The same guys doing the abducting and scheming are transmitting the books. TO INCREASE OUR TELEPATHY IS TO INCREASE OUR VULNERABILITY TO THE CONTROL BY TELEPATHY PLAN.
Also indicated by the table of contents (didn't want to read it) is that the aliens meeting some resistance from the humans have stirred up trouble using islamic fundamentalism probably by telepathically encouraging leaders who are also sufis or influenced by such. This of course would take the blame off the real creators of all this, USA founded Al Qaeda and the whole salafist movement from the 1800s which is a throwback to original islam. the conditions resulting from concessions of convenience, greed and necessity by the moslems were viewed by them as apostasy. Salafis were talking rape and murder from the start. These are not decent, honorable people. Sure some telepathic prompting using mystics (easily compromised) might be in play because chaos and war means more people can be taken and eaten or enslaved offworld without being noticed as gone and psychic vampirism by aliens and demons they are allied with would feed on the suffering and fear and bloodshed.
But the whole allies of humanity game is the same as that of the pleiadeans and so forth, nordic types, who pretend to oppose the greys, but in fact they and greys and reptoids have been seen working together on ships by abductees, and at least one report had a nordic commander of such. These "friendly" aliens like to communicate telepathically and by channeling which is mediumship which involves psychic boundary violation. Most "spiritual" work sets you up for this.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

masonic and other denial that lucifer is satan refuted

a trope one can find in masonic and other writing is that Lucifer is not satan. Oddly
the same idea that these are separate beings crops up in Malachi Martin's statement
in an interview once, probably drawn from misinformation acquired during an
exorcism. Though that  statement still identified them both as evil, the distinction
is dangerous.

An argument on Constance Cumbey's blog by a New Ager or whatever Thomas
Dahlheimer, goes as follows: Isa 14:12 refers to Adam not satan, and that you can't
equate a shining being with darkness that satan is described as being, that Adam
was once light being made in the image and likeness of God but fell, was cut down
to the ground since he was made to work for his food and would return to dust for
dust he was.  Jesus' references to satan as murderer and liar "from the beginning" ]
rule out satan having ever been light.

Firstly, "from the beginning" is a term that relates to the beginning of the physical
creation and even before. In Psalms there is a reference to the sons of God (angels,
conscious beings special creations of God), rejoicing at the creation of the universe
by God. So satan's fall would have been at some point around the beginning of the
physical creation. The angels apparently were created before that.

Cumbey responding to an earlier post of a theosophic bent that equated Lucifer with
The Holy Spirit and similarly tried to distance Lucifer from satan, said "Jesus said he beheld Satan fall as lightning from Heaven. Isaiah 14 says "how art thou fallen from Heaven, O Lucifer . . ." (same link).

this in itself is the clearest most authoritative identification of Lucifer with satan.

Secondly, the context of the Isaiah quote is that it is addressed to the king of Babylon.
Isa. 14:4 "That thou shalt take up this proverb against the king of Babylon, and say,
How hath the oppressor ceased! the golden city ceased!" etc. etc.Adam was already
long dead before Babylon existed. Adam had already been cut down to the ground
in his death,  while this addressed an event yet to happen. And Adam was never an
oppressive ruler and destroyer of cities and so forth.

But Ezekiel chapter 28 is the real big deal. Here the king of Tyre is addressed first
in terms that make sense being said to a mere man. Then more things are said that
nothing human could have been doing "thou hast been in Eden the garden of God;
every precious stone was thy covering" NOT ADAM, HE WAS NAKED THEN
WORE FIG LEAVES THEN ANIMAL SKINS. "...anointed cherub that
covereth....thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire. thou
was perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created, A PAGAN KING
COULD BE PERFECT IN HIS WAYS? "till iniquity was found in thee..."

here a supernatural being is addressed, one in some real close relationship to the

king of Tyre, perhaps what Malachi Martin called perfect possession, and supposedly
there is no cure no exorcism for it. I think there is a cure, repentance by the human
element of this combine and retreat from the association as fast as possible and self
monitoring to eliminate states of mind whether friendly to the relationship or a
product of it including pleasures and states of mind enjoyed.

the point is made that Lucifer was the name given venus by the Latins who knew
that it was a planet not a star, planets move. Venus sometimes precedes the dawn
so is the morning star, sometimes Mars is the morning star. And therefore venus is
a FAKE star.

"there is no honest way we can say Satan was ever a glorious, shining, angel of light with the name of Lucifer. If this be true, how then, can Isa. 14:12 be speaking of Satan? " (Dahlheimer same link.)

because satan or ha-satan means The Adversary in Hebrew. he is the adversary of
God, man and of all creation being the source of teaching that the creation is not
good as God said it was but that matter is inferior and evil and unclean in and of
itself and spirit is good when in fact all evil begins at the level of spirit, which acts
through matter, choosing either good or evil.

the Lucifer character in the OT is clearly something once glorious now struck down
for having done evil, something deceptively glorious and powerful in appearance
but capable of being defeated something that brings ruin to others and something
in which is iniquity. They are clearly the same.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

new age categories and indicators not comprehensive

The New Age Movement is the spiritual side of the New World Order, and the New
World Order is the political side of the New Age Movement.

some new agers who like peace and kindness and non greediness and don't like
tyranny and violence and maybe are sexually loose but don't want any sexual
violation going on may be up in arms against the more obviously evil side of the
occult and New World Order and suchlike. that doesn't mean they abandon
everything bad.

so you will find some people who are against the same things you are against, but
then  use some New Age meditation thing to heal from it or "inner healing" visualizing
Jesus being present at a past traumatic event and healing you which is a setup to get
a familiar spirit pretending to be Jesus. or unconditional love and unconditional
forgiveness and forgiveness meaning you have to associate with and accept someone
and all that mushy stuff WHICH IS NOT BIBLICAL. you will find in technically
Christian and overtly non Christian contexts denunciation of "judging" when
that is about hypocrisy of those who do what they judge others for, and in judging
them show they knew better so will get worse judgement on them eventually than if
they didn't know better. "hypocrisy" is another favorite term, usually used to 
denounce those who try to live right and advocate living right, and  instead support
open evil and rejection of all standards. "acceptance." "tolerance." of the unacceptable
and intolerable.

 altered states or not, you will get people who want "unity" and one world government
in order to have "peace" ignoring that every tyrant conquering emperor was a world
ruler wannabe and that evil would be unescapable in a world government that was
evil, and its incompetences uncorrectable and unescapable if it is only venality and
stupidity that is the problem.

there is like a dreamy state, an addiction, an intoxication in all these people and
certain buzzwords turn it on.

quite simply you have to sort it out, ACCEPT NO ONE AS LEADER AS RELIABLE
WHATEVER, and use what information is well sourced. sometimes someone will
be great on one subject,  and lousy on the rest.

New Age is primarily in the spiritual development format about gaining some
spiritual growth that (in the spiritual political theosophic format) will help you to
serve the interests of "ascended masters" (blasphemy and heresy teaching demons),
and in some formats these are not in the picture it is get rid of bad karma and get
a better reincarnation.

in the New Age practices category are tons of stuff whose purpose may be to lure
you into the foregoing, but whose appeal is to health feeling good relieving stress,
etc. and there is pop occultism, whose goal is to help you get what you want, no
spirituality involved. in the neo pagan and witch (wicca fluff bunny makeover of
dark stuff) scenes these are kinda combined.

ultimate new age is luciferic, which is to say, Satanist in the false light make nice
format. people who say they don't believe in the devil  or don't worship him just
themselves or various pagan false gods, are simply deceived. the issue is not what
they THINK they are doing or serving, the issue is what is in fact running them.

some pagans are so deceived that they think their gods are all nicey nice, one gal
even said that if the (what someone said was the true and evil form of the) morrigan
turned up, she would figure it was a deceiving spirit and drive it away.

such people  are of less use to the devil than the Satanists are, but if nothing else they
give their false gods some energy for these vampires to work with to accomplish
elsewhere what the worshippers would recognize as evil.

 In all cases, the crucial damage done is to draw someone away from the historic
and very real Jesus Christ of Nazareth Who is YHWH the Trinity's Second Person
Incarnate, truly died as sin offering thereby making theosis possible. Which is not
becoming divine by nature but influenced by the divine nature and back to being the
image and likeness of God that God created Adam and Eve as. All the things that
modern atonement deniers in liberal Protestantism and semi Christian philosophy
(from which it came) to Orthodox who were seduced, all that these people claim as
alternate and opposite and instead of atonement, are in fact dependent on the
atonement. And on the Resurrection.

And that's the second thing. That Christ truly, PHYSICALLY and PERMANENTLY
came back to life. not a spiritual resurrection not "lives in my heart" in some emotional
thing which is nice if you got that, but HE'S REAL WHETHER YOU BELIEVE IT
ascended into heaven physically and will come back physically and very visibly and
terrifyingly to His enemies visible in the sky and will rule earth forever. "of His
Kingdom there shall be no end."

And we must accept Him as our King and our God. this is the formula used in the
baptismal ceremony of the Orthodox Churches, and I think it is a good phrase to use
in general. Because nowdays people tend to think of "lord" as a nice synonymn for
someone you honor but do not necessarily obey. but a King has a bit more serious
connotations. king of kings and lord of lords. And when He is our King He is thereby
also our Savior.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

the political side to the New Age

I have mostly discussed the spiritual and occultic issues. Here are two posts
from where a challenge was issued to define it
in 50 words or less. the original challenge was probably issued by a person
to whom it is strictly Nazism (and Nazism was and is New Age) and nothing
else matters. (wrong.)

"New Age - a coalition of individuals that developed in the early 1900s based on earlier utopian ideas. Revolutionaries and occultists seeing an imperfect culture based on western religion organized to make a more perfect culture.. Control of the worlds of intelligence, power and money are their trade coins in a covert world. Growth has been slow and cautious. Goals are long term. Individuals were to be and are now mind controlled into groups which are further manipulated. Infiltration into all cultural areas takes place. Opposition groups such as Christianity and Judaism are to be withered away where infiltration doesn't work. Ideas of the supernatural as found in the occult are to satisfy, Cooperation at governmental levels is forced through overriding organizations such as the United Nations. At this point New Age is in the intellectual air we breathe. Provision has been made for dissidents. As a stand alone thinking individual,you learn not to trust if you learn anything. You fill in the names of individuals and organizations as you go along." this one ran over 50 words.

My original answer to the challenge was

"New Age is ancient paganism of the philosophical sort with Hinduism and tantric Buddhism and pop occultism folk magic added as bait. also an effort to make a religion that supports globalism rival factions within this new world order is its political side."
I think that is 43 words.

Obviously I am more interested in the spiritual occultic side than the political
side, though where it shows a Nazi pedigree like the European Union does, I
am interested. American empire has a Nazi pedigree after WW II also. But it is
more hidden. do a search for Project Paperclip and go from there, that is the tip
of this iceberg.

part of the problem with politics, is that the conservatives label as "socialist"
often specifically call it "Marxist" and imply that anyway, and often as "New
Age" any and all government intervention in the economy or anything else.
This intervention is often used by such as a tool of their agendas.

But such involvement by the government (whether a nation state or some other
kind of rulers) way precedes Marxism and European utopianism and has
Biblical and common sense validation.

The EU is both the Nazi post war fall back plan and the latest manifestation of
the old dream of restoring the Roman Empire. The fall of that was more
gradual than sudden, and long after it was no longer a viable entity people
considered themselves "Roman" because of its cultural and infrastructure and
social and military organizing impact.

Writers generally ignore the Byzantine side of the Roman Empire, which didn't
fall until the AD 1400s, and which also called itself Roman. Though I knew a
little about it, it was not till I started investigating Eastern Orthodoxy and joined
the EO Church that I found out more.

The Holy Roman Empire was the first effort along this line, or last gasp of the
Roman Empire however you want to view it. This didn't last long. Napoleon
was another effort. Bismarck's unification of German kingdoms and dukedoms
and annexation of Danish Schleswig-Holstein (where some of my ancestors
came from as refugees) was maybe or maybe not motivated in part by this.
The Kaiser's wars in WW I may likely have been motivated by this. 

Nazi Germany of course fed on the old dream. And failed. All attempts hitherto,
have been by force, or by  intermarriage of royalty back when a nation was the
property of the king, and transferable by inheritance, and a kind of unification
could be gained or feared by such measures.

The latest attempt is by persuasion. And it is likely to fall by its own weight,
partly because of the fact that, like Nazi Germany, its secret rulers are
banksters (the word combines the concept of banker and gangster I don't know
who started it).  Central banking and interest are a racket, begun by the
venetians. For more dirt on that, see Webster Tarpley's Against Oligarchy

Thursday, September 10, 2015

where Roman Catholicism is wrong its wrong where its right its right, and stupid ideas about it

"The first,
“Antichrist,” is a Greek word, the second, “Vicar,” is an English word; but the two are in
reality one, for both words have the same meaning. Antichrist translated into English is
Vice-Christ, or Vicar of Christ; and Vicar of Christ, rendered into Greek is Antichrist –
Antichristos. If we can establish this –and the ordinary use of the word by those to whom
the Greek was a vernacular, is decisive on the point –we shall have no difficulty in
showing that this is the meaning of the word “Antichrist,” –even a Vice-Christ. And if
so, then every time the Pope claims to be the Vicar of Christ, he pleads at the bar of the
world that he is the “Antichrist.”"
wrong. antichristos is instead of Christ an opposing substitute a false Christ, like
getting a stone instead of bread the stone would be antipetros or something like that.
AUTHORITY. Merriam Webster defines vicar as "one serving as a substitute or agent;
specifically : an administrative deputy"
"A vicar is a representative, deputy or substitute; anyone acting "in the person of" or
agent for a superior (compare "vicarious" in the sense of "at second hand")."
1. Church of England. a.a person acting as priest of a parish in place of the rector, or
as representative of a religious community to which tithes belong.
b.the priest of a parish the tithes of which are impropriated and who receives only
the smaller tithes or a salary.
2. Protestant Episcopal Church. a.a member of the clergy whose sole or chief charge
is a chapel dependent on the church of a parish.
b.a bishop's assistant in charge of a church or mission.
3. Roman Catholic Church. an ecclesiastic representing the pope or a bishop.
4. a person who acts in place of another; substitute.
5. a person who is authorized to perform the functions of another; deputy:
God's vicar on earth.
Origin of vicar Middle English Anglo-French Old French Latin"
Given this word's presence, and correct usage, in churches the writer would have
been familiar with other than Roman, I can only assume there is some kind of
dishonesty here.
the writer continues:
"In order to introduce ourselves to our subject, we have taken it for granted that the
system described by Paul in the passage we have just quoted is the papacy. This is the
thing to be established."
That's the key problem. he takes it for granted, and also note he calls what Paul
describes a "SYSTEM," reading back into Scripture what he has taken for granted.
PAUL DOES NOT DESCRIBE A SYSTEM. Paul describes an individual. Let's look at
Paul's words again: "that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; who opposeth and
exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God
sitteth in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God."
man of sin....son of perdition...who does various specific things that only an individual
can do like sitting in the temple of God pretending to be God, when Paul wrote the
temple of the JEws was still in existence and though each individual can be called a
temple these terms bring to mind a limited geographic setting, a building, a small part
of that building where the high priest would sit or stand. this description is of an
There is a  mystery of iniquity which will eventually give rise to the antichrist, and is
attempting to do so now and at various times in the past, but while this mystery might
well manifest in a system, what its goal is is the production of the individual antichrist,
that man of perdition who is worse and more powerful than the lesser antichrists who
deny Christ and make heretical groups.
"Had Caesar continued to
reside in his old capital, he would, as the phrase is, have "sat" upon the Pope, and this
aspiring ecclesiastic could not have shot up into the powerful potentate which prophecy
had foretold. But Constantine (A.D. 334) removed to the new Rome on the Bosphorus,
leaving the old capital of the world to the Bishop of Rome, who was henceforth the first
and most influential personage in that city. It was then, probably, that the idea of
founding an ecclesiastical monarchy suggested itself to him."
The big problem with this one, is that the old capital was not left to the Bishop of Rome
to administer politically, and Constantinople had its bishop also! which was not
Constantine. the extreme claims of the papacy don't develop till hundreds of years later,
though a few earlier popes made noises in that direction. Pope by the way means papa,
a familiar form of "father," affectionate term, and was used by the bishop of Alexandria
before it was used in Rome. Alexandria never made universal claims, so the term is not
of universal claiming nature. Tertullian, who hailed from north Africa, has been called
the father of Latin Christianity, and there seems to have been a strong connection
between Rome and north africa, with the former the student of the latter, and defender
of its claims to second position among the patriarchates, when it was argued (and
decided with Rome caving in eventually) that Constantinople should be second city.
St. Augustine hailed from Carthage, also in north africa. all manner of evils and several
heresies come from north africa, usually more specifically from Egypt.
Now he proceeds to get history partly right and partly wrong.
"About this time, moreover, the equality which had reigned among the pastors of
the church in the primitive age was broken. The bishops claimed superiority above the
Actually this precedence is evident in the Bible, Paul installed Timothy as bishop of
Ephesus and Titus as bishop of all of Crete (which would be more than one city) to direct
the believers and elders there and select worthy elders. that the term elder could incl
bishops does not mean the bishops didn't outrank the other elders, because Peter and
Paul both speak of themselves as "elders." so within that category you can have ranks.
" Nor was there equality even among the bishops themselves. They took
precedence, not according to their learning, or their talents, or their piety, but according
to the rank of the city in which their see was placed. Finally, a new and loftier order
arose overtopping the episcopate. Christendom was partitioned into five great
patriarchates -Rome, Constantinople, Antioch, Alexandria, and Jerusalem. These were
the five great cities of the empire, and their bishops were constituted the five great
princes of the church."
"was partitioned" as if imposed from outside. this developed over time, with I would
think Titus' position over all cities of Crete as a precedent. it was a response to growing
population and followed Paul's pattern of preaching mostly in cities, to which rural people
came and would bring the gospel back with them to their homes. Thus the organization
of the Church came to mirror that of the then known world, as was stated in Council
of Chalcedon canon 28.
"Now came the momentous question, for a while so keenly agitated, Which of the
five shall be the first? Constantinople claimed this honour for her patriarch, on the ground
that it was the residence of the Emperor. Antioch, Alexandria and Jerusalem each put in
its claim, but to no effect."
This is false. Rome already had a preeminence, not rulership, and Jerusalem didn't get
patriarchate status off the bat because it had become a backwater, but was added to
the patriarchates later making four in I Nicea canon 7 because it is where Christianity started
and had now become a place of pilgrimage and recovered from the destruction in
AD 70.  Custom ascribed dignity already to the Bishop of Jerusalem. So in AD 325, it was
Alexandria, Rome, Antioch named in that order in canon 6, where the north african jurisdiction
was affirmed for Alexandria, with Roman jurisdiction over european roman empire as an
Constantinople was added to the patriarchates making them five at some point later, and
then at Chalcedon AD 451 it was argued should be second city instead of Alexandria,
which protested. Constantinople and its supporters in this won, against Rome and Alexandria.
Rome refused to sign off on canon 28  this canon was accepted as ecumenical because signed
off on by the rest and the next council settled it that Constantinople was exalted to second place.
The attendees of these great councils or synods were not just a handful of bishops, but bishops
or their representatives (legates or legatees) from all over Christendom.
" Constantinople found, however, a powerful rival in the old city
on the banks of the Tiber. Rome had been the head of the world, the throne of the
constantinople was never vying for first place,  the opposition to its exaltation to second
place came from Rome in support of up to then second place Alexandria, which did not
want to lose rank. This fight over  status does show some spiritual problems, however.
status shouldn't be that big of a deal with supposedly humble people, absent a fight
against heresy where lack of status means you shut up could become an issue. But this
was never an issue, all ranks of the Church being involved in the fight against heresy.
"The popular suffrage had pronounced in favour of the
Roman bishop before his rank had received imperial ratification."  more like The Church
Fathers of the past had established this custom.
" He was installed as the
first of the five patriarchs in A.D. 606. The Emperor Phocas, displeased with the bishop
of Constantinople, who had condemned the murder of Maurice, by which Phocas opened
his way to the imperial dignity, made Boniface III. universal bishop. The imperial edict,
however, gave to the Roman bishop only the precedence among the five patriarchs; it
gave him no power or jurisdiction over them."
Now I don't know what this guy is talking about, and clearly he doesn't know either,
because Rome was already first place (in respect not in rule over the whole Church, which
was collegiate) by the time of Chalcedon. whatever went down with Phocas and Boniface
III was not accepted by any canon of any ecumenical council, none of which state Rome
was ruler over the whole Church, just first in honor. this already existed in AD 451.
AD 606 didn't do anything about ranking in Church councils.
"The Emperor Constantine, by his last will and
testament, was made to bequeath to Silvester, Bishop of Rome, the whole Western
Empire, including palace, regalia, and all the belongings of the master of the world. A
goodly dowry, verily, for the poor fisherman. Then came another "windfall" to the
papacy, in the shape of the decretals of Isidore. This last showed the church, to her equal
surprise and delight, that her Popes from Peter downwards had held the same state, lived
in the same magnificence, and promulgated their pontifical will in briefs, edicts, and bulls
in the same authoritative and lordly style, as the grand Popes of the Middle Ages. Both
documents, it is unnecessary to say, were sheer forgeries. They are acknowledged by
Romanists to be so. They could not have stood a moment's scrutiny in an enlightened
age. But they were accepted as genuine in the darkness of the times that gave them birth,
and vast conclusions were founded upon them. The fabrications of Isidore were made the
substructions of canon law, and that stupendous fabric of legislation is still maintained to
be of divine authority, despite that it is now acknowledged to be founded on a forgery."
correct. And given these are forgeries, it might be a good idea for Rome to review all
canon law and customs that derive from these or even refer to these, and cancel them.
And for the Traditionalists, sedevacantist and otherwise, to review whatever changes
have occurred already and see how many are merely a rejection of these forgeries.
"This was the third intervention by arms in the Pope's behalf, and the third Gothic
power which had fallen before him. First, the Vandals established themselves in the
diocese proper of the Pope, occupying his pre-destined domain, and hindering his
predestined development. The arms of Justinian under his general Belisarius, swept them
off. Second, the Ostrogoths planted themselves in Italy, and their near neighborhood
overawed the Pope, and prevented his expansion. They, too, were rooted out by the arms
of Justinian. Last came, as we have said, the Longobards, pressing onwards to the gates
of Rome. The sword of France drove them back. Thus, a field was kept clear on which
the Pope might develop both his spiritual and temporal sovereignty; and thus was
fulfilled what Daniel (Daniel vii. 8) had foretold, that of the ten horns, or dynasties of the
modern Europe, three should be "plucked up" before the little horn, or papacy."
Again, his presupposition causes him to misread prophecy.
also he assumes that Europe has any place worthy of note in prophecy this eurocentric
view, later amerocentric, has infected the whole evangelical protestant prophecy "expert"
community from the Reformation on. Taking the pope's view of himself as center of the
universe at face value, they then challenge that and assume that he (and therefore they)
are in prophecy, when they are just peripheral elements. the only clear European presence
is the Roman Empire itself, the legs and feet of the statue, and very likely the winged lion
in the four beasts dream.
The little horn acts very much like an individual. and the angel tells Daniel that these four
beasts are four kings or kingdoms, that will arise after Daniel. If this is a rehash of the
statue dream, then the angel would have said THREE not FOUR but he said FOUR. The
anti RC writer at least positions this situation as later than pagan Rome and the Roman
Empire, but still plays it wrong. For the three horns displaced are kings of an empire
that crushes (not incorporating in itself as heir of its ancestors but annexes concurrent
empires) the other three, and such an empire hasn't existed yet that also includes a
triumvirate, displaced by one who then pretends to be a god and opposes God.
"There arose in the eleventh century a Pope of vast capacity, of inflexible
resolution, and towering pride, Gregory VII. -Hildebrand. He put before the world, with a
precision, a boldness, and an argumentative force, never till then brought to its support,
the claim to be the Vicar of Christ. This was the foundation-stone on which he rested his
scheme of pontificial jurisdiction and grandeur."
I will assume he has history correct since he is so euro focused he probably does.
" As Christ's Vicar, he claimed to surpass all earthly monarchs in glory and power, as far
as the sun surpasses the moon in brightness."
sounds familiar, probably correct statement by the writer.
" He claimed, in short, to be God upon the earth."
See earlier refutation of this Vicar of Christ = Christ idea.
" There followed a series of popes who struggled through two dreadful centuries of war
and bloodshed to convert Gregory's theory into fact. The struggle was successful in the
end: the mitre triumphed over the empire. The scheme of Gregory VII. In all its amplitude
of jurisdiction and magnificence -and, we may add, in all its amplitude of despotism and
blasphemy -was exhibited to the world in the person and reign of Innocent III. , in the
thirteenth century. The history of the world does not show another achievement of equal
magnitude. The glory of the Pharaohs; the state and power of the Kings of Babylon; the
victories and magnificence of the Caesars, all pale before this great conquest of the Popes.
Now had come the noon of the Papacy; but, as we have remarked elsewhere, the noon of the
Popedom was the midnight of the world."
Ahem. a little glance at ancient history puts the lie to this one. Pharoahs were kings who
were supposedly gods incarnate from the time of their coronation or whatever. Babylonian
kings, well, I forget but they seemed to be a bit in this direction, especially Nebuchadnezzar
who once demanded that for a month no one make any request to any person or deity
except him. The Egyptian Empire at its zenith was probably close in size to little old Europe,
maybe not if you incl. some eastern euro locations. Babylonia ruled all the Middle East
and may have hit parts of Egypt I forget. Maybe not the same size as Europe but pretty
big. when you get to " the victories and magnificence of the Caesars" some of whom did
claim divinity, it is the "great conquest of the Popes"  which pales before the Caesars not
vice versa, for Rome at its zenith held europe, the Middle East, and north africa. How can
you compare europe alone to this? you can't unless in your mind somewhere in your heart
europe eclipses the whole world. This is beginning to remind me of some parody maps,
showing how various nations' typical countrymen view the world. it creates some great
skews. all of these show a radical self centeredness, moved from the obvious form of
individual self centeredness to the "greater self" of country.
this is a classic exercise in eisegesis, reading something into the Scriptures intead of
exegesis, reading something out of them. for instance, eisegesis says Eve ate an apple.
exegesis says she ate a fruit of unknown species , which had an effect, either inherent
to it, or else the action itself created the effect by separating them from God,and this
plant and its fruit are mostly likely nonexistent now given the destruction by the Flood,
and possibly but not necessarily destroyed by God shortly after Adam and Eve were
expelled from Eden. what is known is stated as known, what is possible WITHIN THE
LIMITS OF WHAT IS KNOWN is stated as speculation, but no more than what is possible
within the limits of what is known.
eisegesis reads presuppositions into Scripture that are not like sheep do this and that
and certain things have certain effects, this we know, so we can understand some
things and accept some interpretations and applications and reject other interpretations
and applications, but rather presupposes, for instance, that some natural force caused
the Flood, the  events of the Exodus, etc., and rewrites Scripture around that, or
presupposes that of course races looking different can't be of the same blood as Adam
and Eve who of course have to be white like us euroamericans who read ourselves into
the Bible, or even that the Jews called the seventh day Saturday because we call it
now, as I read this pdf booklet and comment, I suppose he is about to get into blaspheming
the Body and Blood of Christ. Certainly this following statement shows his ignorance of
the origins of Holy Liturgy of which The Mass is a modification.
"The ferment in the minds of men gives birth to a great system, as yet without form or name.
The materials of which this system, not yet constituted, is composed, are drawn from a great
variety of sources. Ancient Paganism, Druidic and Scandinavian superstition, Jewish Rabbinism,
and Oriental philosophy, all  contribute their share to it. A corrupt "Church" arranges, combines and concatenates these heterogeneous elements, and stamping them with its own impress, presents it to the
world as Christianity. The new worship must have celebrants. A human agency gathers round it, and
that agency comes gradually to be summed up and embodied in one great personality."
yes he get to the issue of lying signs and wonders by the antichrist, and relates these to
saints and miracles of the Roman church, some of which as he says are open to severe question
and apparently some mechanisms to pull off deceit have been discovered. Such were also
discovered when Christian mobs overthrew pagan temples and found machinery that made
the idols appear to come alive, move and speak. Some bleeding or weeping statues have, I
think, been found to not be producing blood (they may have been producing myrrh, which
is reddish but is not blood and occurs in the Orthodox Churches and of course if misunderstood
as blood would be tested as blood and fail). Some were flat out fraud.
A major deceit I discovered recently, was the periodic liquification of the dried blood of some
saint in Italy, it liquified at the presence of pope francis I. This liquification thing, however,
is immediately suspicious because it occurs only in that city and some cities  not far from it
and is almost unknown, the article on the internet said, elsewhere. A little more digging, and
it seems an alchemist was involved in the production of the first one (which of course helped
the town get money from pilgrims who either contributed or bought from residents, i.e., the
tourist trade). Naturally this trick involving a chemical that I think liquifies when agitated
or something like that, would be limited to the locations he could get to and who were likely
in communication with the original city this was done in, and the conspiracy to profiteer off
piety could proliferate.
That does not change other miracles which have been tested, including the most extreme
Eucharistic miracle I know of (maybe there is another like it somewhere), The Miracle of
Lanciano. In the days before the Great Schism of AD 1054,  when the west was moving away
from the practices of the east, an eastern monkpriest was visiting the Italian city of Lanciano,
and there was asked to perform the Eucharist, and instead of the leavened bread (which
signifies the new leaven, Christ) he was to use unleavened bread (which is symbolizing the
bread without leaven without corruption but pure, and relating to Passover, both symbolisms
are biblical) and had doubts that this could be the true Body and Blood of Christ, so at the
words of institution or after, the host became flesh and the wine became five dried clots of
Initial examination maybe some centuries later, showed that when the dried blood clots
were weighed, they each weighed the same weight, WHICH WAS THE SAME AS THE FIVE
CLOTS TOGETHER ON THE SCALE. some very strange physics are involved here. This
feature however has apparently disappeared.
The flesh is cardiac muscle. The blood type is the same as on the Shroud of Turin and I
think as on the Veil of Veronica or another veil a cloth that has Jesus' sweat and blood
and image on it from when His followers stayed with Him on the way to the Cross and would
comfort Him as much as they could.
the writer continues frothing away:
"The Spiritual performances of the Church of Rome are emphatically "lying
wonders." Baptismal regeneration is a lying wonder, sacramental grace is a lying
wonder, priestly power is a lying wonder, the absolution of the Confessional is a lying
wonder, transubstantiation is the biggest wonder and the greatest lie of all,"
yep, I figured he'd get to that
" and extreme unction is a last and fatal lie."
In all these, he tries to make out that these are the lying signs and wonders the antichrist will
do. But how do these invisible things compare to the visible signs and wonders that were done
by Christ, and that the antichrist will try to duplicate? Whatever you think of sacramentalism,
it is perceived by faith, operates by faith, and a sacrament is a visible material sign of an
INVISIBLE and spiritual grace. by definition, the miraculous element is INVISIBLE. These are not
"lying signs and wonders" because they are not visible to the average person, believer or not.
A bleeding or crying statue is very visible to anyone, believer or no. Whether it is legitimate or
a fraud in any given case is another matter. BUT IT IS VISIBLE.
frothing, he does not only eisegesis, but its frequent aid, spiritualization or allegorization of
the specific.
"Speaking of the two-horned lamb like beast of the
earth, John says, "And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down out of
heaven upon the earth in the sight of men."( Apoc. xiii. 13.)
The prophecy found a striking fulfilment in the papal interdicts and
excommunications so frequent in the Middle Ages, and not unknown in even our own
day. These ebullitions of pontifical vengeance, it was pretended, were fire out of heaven:
the fire of the wrath of God which the Pope had power to evoke, therewith to burn up his
enemies. The blinded nations believed that in the voice of the Pope they heard the voice
of God, and that the fulminations of the Vatican were the thunderings and lightnings of
Divine wrath. A papal excommunication was more dreadful than the invasion of
thousands of armed men."
what part of "maketh fire come down out of heaven upon the earth IN THE SIGHT OF MEN"
does this character not understand? this is not a political move but a ballistic move.
probably to one up the two witnesses who will bring down fire on their opponents until their
time comes to die and resurrect and ascend to heaven. after them the antichrist comes.
And this guy uses the wrong word. a general excommunicatin against a nation is called
an INTERDICT not an excommunication, the latter term is for individuals.
baptismal regeneration does not mean you are perfect but that you are freed from the power
of original or ancestral sin and you might fall under it again but then if you repent the
confession and absolution (originally included penance,  and is stated on EWTN to be without
effect if your confession is false, you don't really intend to change just going through the motions)
transformation aka transubstantiation (a more complex theory of scholaticism that proposes
to  reduce this mystery to rational comprehension) is to be found referenced by Irenaeus and
Justin Martyr, themselves taught by aged men who were taught by the Apostle John or those
taught by him in Justin's case, and reflecting the understanding of the church in europe and
asia as being the truth. Paul's warning about eating the body and blood of Christ without
perceiving the Body of the Lord indicates the same.   Jesus gave power to absolve sin to the
Apostles, ALL of them, and gave the keys to Peter at first then to ALL of them. Extreme Unction
was originally to heal the sick not to absolve them and keep them out of hell at the last
one thing he gets right:
"That the "Pope is the Vicar of Christ" is the corner-stone of the papal Church. Out
of that root does the whole of popery spring."
the idea is, if you are not in communion with in submission to the pope you are ipso facto out of
communion with and not in submission to Jesus Christ.  This is highly problematic, especially
since  the more amorphous idea that you needed to be in communion with SOME bishop with
apostolic succession was the original one. And Jesus said that those are not against us (Him
and the Apostles) are for us, regarding one who did exorcisms in Jesus' Name but did not follow
along with them   in their group. But was clearly in some relationship to Jesus.
The Miracle of Lanciano shows that the Orthodox position that unleavened bread CANNOT be
legitimate is wrong, but does not thereby show that leavened bread is wrong. this should be a
matter of local preference of no  primary importance. Once the mixing of bread with wine
started, to keep the heretics out who lied and claimed Orthodoxy, but would not drink wine as
unclean, the resulting mush does not lend itself to miracles like bleeding hosts, since the wine
used in the east is red already. Miracles generally occur to testify to truth and support and
strengthen the faithful or convert the ungodly or rebuke them.
I can't recall if there is a specific canon or official anathema against azymes or unleavened
bread, but if there is this should be no ground for doubting The Faith. The problem when you take
a visible system as the totality and a seamless web, is that when one thing is at question the
whole thing seems to be at question. But the DOGMATIC DEFINITIONS WERE ALWAYS GIVEN
FIRST, and canons second, some to enforce them, some to enforce morals that are from Christ
and the Apostles so are non negotiable anyway, and some to deal with situations of the time.
Someone in Orthodoxy said there is a difference between tradition with a big T and traidition
with a small t, the former being Scripture based Apostolic things like the Creed and Holy Liturgy
or the core of it that developed, and so forth and other traditions with a small t vary from
place to place. Trullo contradicted a much earlier canon for instance, and installed ekonomia
as standard practice.
that said, I am happy with the way ORthodoxy does the Eucharist and would not like to see it
changed. the serving separate of Body and Blood, while original practice and retained in the
west where they weren't dealing with those particular wine avoiding heretics, does lend itself
to evasion by any who have heretical notions involving wine avoidance, and to wrong headed
stuff like the laity eat the Body and the priest drinks the Blood.
Agreeing with early church writers that the one "letting" or hindering was the Roman Empire,
but for the very different reason that he argued that two false gods couldn't occupy the same
throne, the fall of the Roman empire allowed the pope to become a temporal power and
enthroned. This ignores that Rome was Christian when it fell.  there was no claimant to godhood
on the Roman imperial throne. When Rome fell the early writers argued that it was govt. in general
which restrained the antichrist, because he is the "man of lawlessness."
arguing that while temple mentioned in Acts is refered to as hieron but when used referring to
Christian church or individual as temple of God the word used is naos, and this word is used by
Paul referring to the antichrist sitting in the temple of God and pretending to be God.
therefore could "sit," that is, establish himself and exercise jurisdiction, nowhere but in
the professedly Christian Church. As a Vice-Christ it behoved all his visible
characteristics and all his environments to be professedly Christian and ecclesiastical."
"This effectually disposes of all those theories of Antichrist which would find him
in some powerful atheistic confederacy, or in some masterful, political chief, or other
embodiment of monstrous iniquity and tyranny yet to arise, and which, during a brief but
terrible career, should desolate the world. Such a power could in no sense be said to sit in
the temple of God. It would be a power outside the temple; and so far from aspiring to
office and dignity in the "temple" -that is, in the church -such a power must needs, from
its instincts and character, make war on the church, under the banner of open hostility,
and with the cry of: Raze it, raze it.""
Daniel's prophecy points to the antichrist starting as such an outside power, and then
moving into the temple.
"Moreover, no one-man Antichrist, or Antichrist whose reign is to last for only
three years and a -half, can fulfil the conditions of Paul's prophecy."
That in itself should have brought him up short. But no, he figures out how it has to
be a system instead of an individual.
"How could he spring into being, climb to a height which mortal had never reached
before, exhibit his lying wonders, and deceive the whole world, compel all its nations and
kings to serve him, make war with the saints and overcome them, and all in the brief
period of three and a half years?"
This was written in 1880. nuff said.
"The Pope, seated on the high altar of St Peter's
while incense is burned before him, and the knee is bent to him, is invoked as the Lord
our God. Romanists are accustomed to call the altar the throne of God, inasmuch as
thereon they place the host. The use the Pope finds for it on these occasions, is the not
very dignified one of a footstool. "He as God sitteth in the temple of God showing
himself that he is God.""
interesting, and frankly somethng that should not be done.  But that doesn't mean the
pope is the antichrist. This is about the only thing resembling the antichrist you can find
in romanism. And that's assuming that the description is correct that some misinterpretation
of obsolete phrasing is not in play.
"The years of his life were to be counted in
centuries; they were far to exceed the days of the life of man; they were to fill the period
betwixt the time when Paul wrote, and the appearance of Christ at the Millenium. The
system was to be presided over, and necessarily so, by a race of rulers, who were to take
their place in succession at its head; but inasmuch as there was to be identity in the
system from first to last, and it was to grow as man grows, by regulated stages, and
inasmuch as its chiefs were to be linked together by oneness of spirit and aim, Antichrist
is spoken of as a corporate individuality. The conditions of the prophecy, we repeat,
could be fulfilled by no one man, however superhuman his power, or however
stupendous his wickedness, whose rise, reign, and ruin were to be acted and over in the
short space of three years and a half."
This is how gets around all this. okay, if a year for a day or a day for a thousand years,
then that means the papacy has 3500 years life span from whenever you figured it started.
And "forbidden to marry, commanded to abstain from meats" is not relevant to forbidding
clergy to marry, Paul said they should be married ahead of time and the husband of one wife,
which has been twisted to make the priest the husband of the congregation, but Orthodox
decided that an unmaried man should remain unmarried if he was ordained, and if married
could not remarry if his wife died or left him. This may be the result of influence of the
north africans, who managed to get the Ecumenical Council to allow them and them only
to deny consecration to married men, and that a married bishop had to live apart from his
wife and be celibate. clerical celibacy, whether absolute or conditional, is not  enjoining
celibacy on all, or forbidding marriage and enjoining promiscuity on all. abstaining from
meats is not about fasting on certain days or no meat on certain days or keeping lent, it is
about keeping mosaic food laws prohibiting eating certain animals at all, and/or veganism
as spiritually essential. the former is judaizing the latter is gnosticism of some sort.
Infallibility, once ascribed to Church Councils regarding doctrine and to a lesser extent canons
(which he misspells as "cannon") being ascribed to one man is without precedent in Church
history east or west and begun as a political ploy by the Franciscans.  But it is limited to
speaking ex cathedra on faith and/or morals.
to sum it up, there are some errors in Roman Catholicism, of doctrine and practice. but  they
are not the antichrist. And in all this fulmination he forgets the false prophet and the harlot.
who is the false prophet? not mentioned in this analysis. the harlot rides on the beast which
turn and destroy her, so, as Sir Richard Anderson noted in the 1800s,  if the pope is the antichrist and the harlot is the church itself, that
means the pope and his armies will destroy the laity and churches and a lot of the clergy.
does that make sense? no it does not.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Real Evil of Freemasonry

the REAL evil of freemasonry
the greatest evil evident in Morals and Dogma is not some misquote that looks explicit.
the TEACHINGS are themselves the seduction of satanism. Masonry is the outer court
so to speak of satanism of one form or another.
in its earlier ranks, its great word is the blasphemous JahBulOn which equates the
True God Jah or Jahveh (YH or Yah short form of YHWH) with the false gods He hates
and whose ways He hates. 
various grades  reduce prayer to a force, which is the essence of the word of faith heresy,
and focus on astrology and "ancient wisdom" which if pursued b y the initiate of masonry
on his own will lead to witchcraft and black magic. While piously denouncing various sins
like greed and cheating and so forth (which after all would be disruptive to any society,
including a brotherhood of some sort) "equilibrium" is taught.
Origen and Celsius are appealed to. The idea of the Bible being merely disguised truth
that the ignorant take at face value,  the keystone of many heresies and that led Origen
to his errors for which he was anathematized.
In the final degree it is reiterated that there is all this balance between God's power and
our free will, and between various natural forces, the universe is held to be without beginning
because God was always thinking and it is the expression of His thought, and finally in a
list of balanced opposites all of which are good there is good and evil and while the devil is
denied as being a coeternal with God opposition to God, the picture painted is that every
evil is a necessary part of creation so in effect  instead of being a potential within creation
if the creature decides to misuse its free will, it is a functional part. This of course means
that the individual to be complete might feel he should (or could) do all evil and all good.                     \
the quote regarding lucifer is a denunciation of him, as a false light, but equates this with
the superstitious worship of Christianity of any but the most stripped down protestant
version. Thus a near diabolist could comfortably hide in protestantism, and once saved
always saved and grace not works be promoted to excuse (and no judging to prevent punishment)
all kinds of evil done and "balanced" by good, NOT an actual Christian repentance from the evil,
NOT a permanent move in the opposite direction, but as an ongoing seesaw, never intended to
be any different. 
Masonry with these teachings is evil as hell, whether it ever did overtly recognizable satanic
rituals or made such statement as ascribed by Taxil or those looking for the overt.
Masonry is the front porch of an evil building the essence of which in its social presentability
and secret vileness and shared secrets not to be revealed is displayed in Eyes Wide Shut.
(I am not sure that movie follows the original book Traum Nouvelle but it doesn't matter. )
Notice that at the end, quoted in Latin (which despite denunciations of "superstition" is used
to make you feel important and elite like Latin speaking priests one envies?) is Proverbs 25:2
"It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter."
BUT ONLY THE FIRST PART, "It is the glory of God to conceal."  the last word given to the highest
level is that one must conceal. and snoops and snitches are left out in the cold since the
second part of the sentence is left out.
THIS IS THE REAL EVIL OF MASONRY. It is the leading in stages into a state of mind and values
that makes any evil possible. At various stages, those in serious evil operating as such like a
brotherhood attached to masonry, not a mere political attachment like illuminism, but the
spring off secret brotherhood of social network that built the lodge system and looks for suitable
fellows, would spot those likely to be moving in their direction.
Masonry grooms you for evil. it gives you the key ideas to develop evil if you want to. it gives you
the social network to find evil people who have taken it to the extremes you are eventually
feeling okay to look for.
In Spain some men were accused of being masons, and the judge on finding out they led chaste
lives dismissed the charges because he had never heard of a mason who was chaste.
what does that tell you?

Saturday, July 18, 2015

A protestant (and Orthodox) Guide to using Roman Catholic Sacramentals

Sacramentals are what RC (Roman Catholic) Church calls lesser sacraments. in the
Orthodox world, we would call them (Holy Water for instance) lesser mysteries,
there are seven great Mysteries and then the lesser ones. RC however has some we
don't have.

medals - stamped metal disks honoring various saints, some with a reputation
for having effects. most don't have such a reputation and most require a priestly
blessing to work. Many of these relate to dubious saints and heretical doctrines,
such as the miraculous medal and the green scapular which are about the
immaculate conception of Mary.

However, the St. Benedict Medal (which an Orthodox priest told me he was willing
to bless since it is an icon of a pre schism saint) has a great reputation against evil.
It has letters on it, the first letters of Latin words meaning "begone satan! show me not
your vain things, your cup is full of poison, drink your own poison." and "Let the Cross be my light let not the dragon be my guide."

St. Benedict is depicted with a cup, which shattered when he made the sign of the
Cross over it, not knowing it contained poison meant for him. And a raven, which
came and took away a loaf of poisoned bread someone gave him.

Blessed salt - extremely powerful exorcistic thing, which can be added to food or
placed on doorsteps, windowsills, corners of rooms and around a house.

Oil of Exorcism - I think this is the same as Oil of Catechumens, and it is difficult to
get I think. Best to be had from a traditionalist RC priest, I have no idea of the blessing
used to make it in Novus Ordo, whose Eucharist is okay but maybe problems in lesser
things. In Orthodoxy, instead of the original rite of smearing this all over the
catechumen or at least placing it on the orifices of the head the five senses and on the
heart, hands and feet, as described in early church writings, it has become used in
baptism by pouring it into the baptismal water itself.

Holy Water - has a reputation for driving away evil. some springs and rivers have what
I call Natural Holy Water or NHW, often connected to volcanic locations and may
be an effect of magnesium sulfate in the water. Lake Shasta Dam City has this coming
out the taps, because they get water from Lake Shasta which is NHW. The Adriatic
Sea is another example,  making an entity free zone of about 1/4 mile from the coast.
NHW at least from Lake Shasta will repel evil, but not add good necessarily.  When I
was a wreck and very sensitive, I could tell the difference between this and Church
Holy Water or CHW, the latter added a sanity.

Roman Catholic Holy Water is good,  but Eastern Orthodox Holy Water seems
stronger and tolerates dilution more, and when both were put on a quaternion disinfectant
which breaks up all influences or charges, the RC faded while the EO remained.
Coptic Holy Water is dubious.  The sample I had was apparently blessed on the fly
by the priest in a bottle of standard bottled water, assuming it was blessed at all. Not
the epiphany water or from the Holy Water font as far as I know. It had a slightly
unwholesome glow and the entity I used it against laughed at it, as he did the type
of hypericum fake st. john's wort that is not hypericum perforatum, but sold in CA
for those who like the st. John's Wort look. (hypericum perforatum is considered
invasive and stamped out here in CA. It is hazardous for long term grazing, but this
is opposed even where there is no grazing. I wonder if the "native species" laws
didn't have an occultist agenda with an environmentalist excuse back of them on
this one.)  The ROCOR Holy Water was midway between OCA GOA etc. and
the Coptic, ROCOR Holy Water from the Sunnyvale mission church I went to good but not that good.  A different ROCOR church I got a sample from
after the reunion with MP was up to OCA/GOA/Antiochian snuff but I didn't test
the Holy Water from the original ROCOR church I got it from pre reunion. At
that reunion, the Cathedral bells in SF rang at night no one there, it was figured
St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco, whose relics are there, was applauding this
event. And he used to commemorate the Moscow Patriarch until told not to do so.

Beyond these things, I wouldn't bother with RC sacramentals. the Brown Scapular
maybe. the story back of it has changed a lot been added to etc., but might be
legitimate. Supposedly it started when the Theotokos (Virgin Mary) appeared to
Simon Stock, who took the monks in that the crusaders brought back from Mt. Carmel,
and whose legacy may go back to Elijah and Elisha.  I had some good effects with
the Brown Scapular when I was experimenting with RC and EO before I settled on

The traditionalists in Orthodoxy consider that RC has  lost grace, but apparently it is
a lessening not a loss. When the focus is on Jesus Christ, you always have some grace.

Friday, June 5, 2015

from sample chapter of a book

Proponents of contemplative prayer would respond with, What about

Psalms 46:10? “Be still and know that I am God.” This verse is often used

by those promoting contemplative prayer. On the surface, this argument

can seem valid, but once the meaning of “still” is examined, any contemplative

connection is expelled. The Hebrew meaning of the word is

to slacken, cease, or abate. In other words, the context is to slow down

and trust God rather than get in a dither over things. Relax and watch

God work. Reading the two verses just before Psalms 46:10 puts it in an

entirely different light from that proposed by mystics:
Come, behold the works of the LORD, what desolations

he hath made in the earth. He maketh wars to cease

unto the end of the earth; he breaketh the bow, and cutteth
the spear in sunder; he burneth the chariot in the fire. Be

still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the

heathen, I will be exalted in the earth. (KJV)

This isn’t talking about going into some altered state of consciousness!



Friday, May 29, 2015

Two examples of compromising influences

I listened recently to an audio of a pastor Begley interview
about CERN. The speaker used the term "architecht" to
describe God, so is obviously a mason. Now, thinking on
this, I realized "architecht" has implications. An architecht
doesn't build the building, workers do that. An architecht
merely designs the building. This designation for God
would fit the idea of angels doing the actual work of
Creation, but The Bible nowhere hints at this. It is clear
that ALL things were MADE BY GOD.

The speaker also totally confuses the ideas of antimatter
and dark matter, which are not the same. The idea of
contained anti matter once breaching containment and
beginning reaction means all other contained such start
reacting also is not sourced, neither is any other crazy

Supposedly this "dark matter" is all chaos and when it
affects regular life it makes chaos and evil, and it is
what everything is made of and the signature of it and
of life is the same supposedly and we all have some of
it, and the New Age notion is then floated by the speaker
and Begley (a charismatic pastor) that how we think or
feel patches into either the evil that God supposedly
made everything out of, or the good which is God, and
then Begley gets into speaking things into existence
like God did and says that the difference between us
and the devil is that the devil can believe in God but
not confess Him while we CONFESS God. This is
obviously drawn from James 2:19

"Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well:
the devils also believe and tremble."

ignored of course is the following verse and overall

"But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without
works is dead?"

The problem is not that the devils don't confess God
but that they don't OBEY God, or not willingly out
of obedience but backing off in fear of God's
superior power.

WHATEVER, on the contrary, the ones who believe
in one God are confessing just fine, THEY ARE NOT

Notice the subtle twist of Scripture here.

The interview then goes on to get into what adds up
to magic, and a concept of reality that would have
everything linked to and derived from "the dark" and
so forth, reminds me of a concept from Tani Jantsang's
brand of satanism decades ago on alt.satanism.
Also a basic primer on magic.

The second thing is a very different book, "What Witches
Don't Want You To Know," by Mary Lake. I read it on
kindle last night.

This is mostly a really good explanation of things that
happened to her especially as she got involved in
recognizing and fighting satanism in her community. 
But she had a weak point that remained unaddressed.
Pentecostalism. Mentioned praying under her breath and
then out loud what she figured the interpretation was,
so it was tongues.

Now, the deception of tongues is hindered by a heavy
focus on and loyalty to the Bible. Experience and the
Bible taught her to get rid of some nonsense notions
like a Christian can't have a demon. (flat out possession
is probably impossible for a Christian who is focused
on Jesus Christ in his or her life and obeying God and
turning to God about everything, but that doesn't mean
deception minor influence and other attacks can't
happen. especially when doors are opened. which issue
she deals with.)

Mostly the book is good. But in the process of closing
doors and getting more obedient to God, Who was
showing her a lot of things that she got independent
confirmation on, after she turned to Him in her extreme
depression (yes, the symptoms of depression and of
psychic attack strongly overlap), she got into two
errors. One was believing Alexander Hislop who is
one of the most absurd researchers who bases some of
his statements on nothing whatsoever and who equates
every mythological figure that is similar in any way,
ignoring differences. This resulted in not observing
Christmas and birthdays.

Dec. 25 was
calculated based on the courses the priests worked
and John the Baptist being 6 months older than
Jesus, and what course his father worked. Also
figuring in date selection was HAnnukkah not a
Mosaic Law celebration. This argues Jesus was born
Sept. 11, which of course puts His conception in mid
to late December. A matter ignored by the writer.

Now the next thing she gets into is reviving Mosaic
food laws. Having felt "conviction" out of the blue
when eating bacon sandwich and other times she
starts getting into the Leviticus food laws, and dismisses
the vision to Peter, and notes that Jesus came to fulfill
not end the Law.

Trouble with that one is that having fulfilled it the LAw
then ends, for Jesus said not a jot or tittle would pass
until it was all fulfilled. And since He fulfilled it, He
ended it, because it would pass once fulfilled.

(and "the Law" isn't just the rules it is the whole Torah incl.
prophecies in it about the Messiah, such as that He
would come when a non Judaean would be on the
throne of Judah, Genesis 49:10)

Hebrews 7:12 "For the priesthood being changed, there
is made of necessity a change also of the law." and goes
on to point out that Jesus Christ, a priest forever after
the order (meaning "manner") of Melchizedec, is not
of the tribe of Aaron so cannot be a priest under the Mosaic

Finally, the Apostolic Council in Acts chapter 15
specified that nothing would be kept from the Mosaic
Law that was originally required to keep one on track
with God through externals, only don't fornicate,
don't murder, don't eat things sacrificed to idols and
don't eat things strangled (no exsanguination at all).
This don't eat blood or at least pour some out during
death of the animal goes back to Noah, not Moses.

That and Paul's reiterations against Mosaic ritual law,
incl. Sabbath keeping, should have settled it.

I think that because she keeps the tongues talking, and
frequents the charismatic scene, she has something else
piggybacking. she is too loyal to God and too inclined
to the Bible for it to take over, but it can give deception
and this is what has happened.

Of interest is that she notes that the people she was
fighting in Missouri were such as a KKK person who
was friends with a homosexual, and "the whole scenario
resembled a boiling brew of different pagan sects with a
particular emphasis on Druidism." Two critical towns
were Dixon Mo and Fort Leonard Wood Mo.

Some years ago I was told of just such a group networked
across the country which had exactly such a peculiar mix,
and those two towns were confirmed when I asked about
it. "Traditional Druidism" is what its called now I think.

So her family dumped Christmas and Easter and birthdays
and went for the Mosaic holy days with Christian focus.
The purpose being to break free of any links through
shared time of celebrations, this did her some good. So did
the food thing apparently, BUT BEING TOO SLACK

Given her own background of ritual abuse and attempts to
train her for something, it is possible she had eaten human
flesh, and this was the real origin of the "conviction" when
eating bacon. Subconscious recognition. God may have allowed
these semi heretic developments because they did distance her
from a compromised situation.

But if she had not been Pentecostal, I think she would not
have been blinded to the plain word of God, that the food laws
are not to be followed. A closer examination of herself would
have shown that ONLY pork got this "conviction" sense not
the other prohibited foods like shellfish, which were only
dumped after research in Leviticus. And this might have led to
digging up more memories and information that might have
been of use to her.