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New Age popular themes overview part 1: Nibiru

NIBIRU aka Planet X - facts and fiction.

a supposed rogue planet going to make big trouble. more likely nemesis, a planet that
never comes near us but disturbs the oort cloud every so often, sending stuff our way.

in the early 1980s there was found indications of a massive body at the outer edge of the
solar system probably a brown dwarf, nothing unusual as a partner to a star like our sun.
Nothing threatening either. Naval PObservatory astronomer Dr. Harrington found that
something was pulling down on Neptune and Uranus. Harrington got interviewed by
liar Zechariah Sitchin (see ) who was pushing the idea that the
Flood of Noah and the disasters in Exodus were the result of a rogue planet the Sumerians
supposedly called nibiru. For a debunking of this see

you see, there is an agenda which is to write God out of the Bible. Originally this was done
by writing it all off as just superstitious nonsense and legends, or the greatness of the Hebrew
mind concocting such a superior notion as monotheism or some mix of these. Later
Immanuel Velikovsky argued that Venus started out as a comet belched out of Jupiter or
Saturn having a particularly bad case of indigestion, which wandered around making havoc
and this all was the cause of various mythologies on the one hand, and biblical disasters on
the other. (Never mind that the events in Exodus have no parallels elsewhere.) Velikovsky
even depicted the terrified Hebrews as thinking that the groanings of a volcano were "no
murder" "no adultery" despite the fact that the Ten Commandments are a lot more wordy
than that. Velikovsky did however make a move to better coordinate biblical history with
archaeology, but that's another series.

Sitchin took this a step farther. The idea of Venus being a stray comet turned into a planet
wouldn't fly any more, so he cooked up a bunch of fake untranslated Mesopotamian
tablets (that do not exist anywhere) which he translated (despite his version of Sumerian
not matching the online Sumerian dictionary). Essentially the same game as Velikovsky,
except this time it was a huge planet or brown dwarf, with a 3600 year orbit you can blame
everything on. This let you keep the Flood (but not the divine promise it would never
happen again), and Exodus (but not divine intervention as the cause of the events). And
could get you worried something was going to happen again.

Speculation exists that Harrington's death of esophageal cancer was induced and I read that
the observatory he was building in New Zealand to get a better look at Planet X burned
down. Could be true.

But if so it was not to cover up nibiru incoming so much, as to prevent him figuring out
that it never gets into the inner solar system and poses no risk. or not much.

Remember that Neptune's and Uranus' orbits were being deflected downwards. I don't think
that recalculating their mass and so forth to correct the idea of where they were supposed to
be makes any difference, because that would have to do with their position in the ecliptic,
not a tendency to dip somewhat. So something very large was out there, and under the

This means that "nibiru" or Planet X has an orbit AROUND THE UPPER AND LOWER
SIDES of the ecliptic, travelling below then looping over to travel above it. This would make
the Solar System a giant Cross, by the way.

It also means that Planet X cannot do nearly the disasters ascribed to it, only a minor upset
(like set off Yellowstone and increase earthquakes) depending on whether earth is directly
above or below it when it passes by. Most of the time it won't be. And the orbital period can
be a lot less than 3600 years.

It may also not be in any orbit at all, merely passing by under the ecliptic, and going away.
Might even have been on its way out of town so to speak, when spotted.

But if Harrington had pursued his research, he would have figured this out, and that would
have ruined everything. If a coverup was in play, its first goal would be to prevent panic
or so the people engineering it would be told. The real reason was to give elites time to
prepare, so the masses would die off. And the smarter among them would prepare and be
new blood for later. Or so they were told.

The whole thing may have been a colossal scam to get more and more extensive underground
building done, military and civilian, which costs money which means someone makes money
off this.

Or, the planners and gainers may have believed this themselves.

Sitchin was videotaped in a masonic lodge meeting. So he would have an anti biblical motive
to concoct the fake translations.


This kind of thing puts Bible believers more in the fringe, and can undermine faith in God as
anything but a real smart alien of some sort, a mechanistic view with limitations on God. A God
Who is trapped in a timeframe to do things in, not unlike the mechanistic and manipulative,
magick like concepts of name it and claim it, laws of prayer, etc. etc. God as almost an intelligent

While the typical believer in this stuff would reject such a notion that is what their beliefs add
up to, and in some cases may produce a conscious or semi conscious concept about God that is
similar to this.

Then somehow Nancy Leider got into the act with her channeled "zeta" aliens who were warning
of these disasters coming in AD 2003, which of course never happened.

Among those who gain from all this survivalism stuff of course are those who sell gold. Now gold
is of no use in a serious breakdown because you can't eat it, burn it for heat, or wear it for warmth.
Very few people will be interested in it. The survivalism supply industry thrives off these worries,
and worries about the gummint comin' to git you, and stuff like that.

Another possibility is that nibiru is nothing but Nemesis, orbiting in part of the oort cloud on a
sharp tilt to the ecliptic that takes it under Neptune and Uranus at times, or above them at the
other end of the ecliptic, but again never comes into the rest of the solar system.

So there you have it, whatever it is.

Sitchin I think was the source of the idea that the annunaki came from this (impossible to support
life) planet, and that when it came near they would hop off and mine gold, and that at one point
lacking women they were screwing apes and produced our ancestors. And they are going to come
back and work with us or rule us or whatever.

ANCIENT ALIENS is the notion that attempts to eliminate God by ascribing creation or at least
humans to aliens and all civilizations were their work. More bullshit. A POSSIBLE HISTORY
OF LIFE ON MARS by Christine Erikson on amazon kindle presents a very different picture,
which would allow for aliens that are humans plus insect, reptile etc. DNA from nasty genetic
engineering experiments by humans long ago, and could even fit a 6 literal 24 day creationist

Aliens who have abducted people have presented horrific disaster scenarios to them, so there is
something going on that involves getting people interested in this stuff, whatever is claimed to
be the cause. Could be just psychological experiments. Could be there is an asteroid on the way
they intend to exploit.

Anything chanelled is either demons or the channeler's own bullshit or deliberate fraud.

WITH IT. Any more than electricity and magnetism proved the validity of theosophy and other
occultist systems that used these to prove how "scientific" they were.

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