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are all mystical experiences the same?

this notion is explored in this article which points out that neoplatonism is undergirding
roman Catholicism to some extent despite its official trinitarianism. however if all
mystics are experiencing the same and headed in the same direction, clearly that
proves that mysticism as usually understood is an illusion.

Because with radical distinct theologies etc. you cannot be all the same, and the
mystical experience and practice which may be compatible with or an outworking
of the theory of one or some, is alien to others regardless of how it is seen or
experienced as not alien.

There is a problem of apparent differences even among mystics, which is resolved
by theorists of this mystical ecumenism, by saying they can't express what they
experience so each gives a somewhat different impression in trying to express it.

But R. C. Zaehner in Mysticism: Sacred and Profane shows two things that refute

a. there are three (at least) styles of mysticism. theistic, monistic and "nature mysticism."
b. there was at least one man, Beaudelaire, who pursued the mystical paths each to their
distinct goal, so this one man experienced them. Unlike someone who experiences
illumination in one system and another in another and we can think they have experienced
the same inexpressible thing and apparent differences in description are an illusion.

Its not an illusion.

they are not the same, they don't lead to the same final condition, and.....

Beaudelaire died reconciled to the Roman Catholic Church and of the opinion that ALL
CHURCH, ARE DECEPTIONS. all are false.

now, the term mysticism is thrown around loosely. Even "mindfulness" is misapplied
now, when I first heard of it decades ago in a book on Buddhism, it was the first stage of
meditation where you are not abstracted from reality but hyper alert and hyper focused
on external reality and your relationship to it. That would be fine if it ended there, but
it doesn't. They go on to a next stage where they consider all this is illusion and keep going
to more and more abstraction.

Orthodoxy refers to mysticism meaning the living out in daily life of religion you don't
leave the holy when you leave church you bring it with you and try to conform your life
and such of the world as you can influence to it. (another term theosis or divinization has
nothing to do with becoming gods in the new age sense, but rather partaking of not
acquiring of or realizing one is made of the divine nature. participating in not becoming or
acquiring. gods in the sense of in God's family by adoption, by grace not by nature.
protestants would call this regeneration or maybe sanctification. "illumination" refers to
receiving baptism and Chrismation, the real baptism of and infilling by The Holy Spirit,
which is mostly imperceptible He gives you the power to lead a godly life.)

But the mysticism usually referred to by this term is one of altered states of consciousness.

it is not without reason that a comparison is made between some drug trips and mystical
experiences and illumination. the drugless trip is meditation where you learn to tweak your
brain without a drug doing it, altering your brain chemistry. most don't go to the point of
hallucination. A sense of adoration and awe and a lively sense of God being evident by His
creation and operative in it in maintaining it and enjoying His creation is not the same
thing as pantheism, but such a worshipful sense can be had by anyone in any religion
regarding a false god. The capability of experiencing the emotional reaction to God of awe
does not, therefore, guarantee your theology and biblical interpretations are correct.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Ray Yungen has passed away important research page

Ray Yungen did important research on the New Age practices focusing
on how they have gotten into Christian churches under the heading of
relaxation methods and in some cases supposedly getting closer to God.
(The only flaw I see is that he bought the idea presented by RC and
protestant etc. proponents that contemplative or centering prayer and
lectio divina in the form they are now originated with the Desert Fathers.
Originally one was to contemplate Jesus Christ or some passage in
Scripture and lectio divina was reading The Bible in order to apply it
in life. Now they mean mind blanking and eroding the separate sense
of self identity and confusing yourself with God, or finding the god
within deception or the higher self, which is a disguised demon at
worst, a delusion at best. "Be still and know that I am God" is taken
out of context and made to be something someone says to themselves
about themselves, when it was YHWH (Jehovah) telling David to
calm down, know that YHWH is God Almighty and will deal with
whatever it was. And lectio divina is contemplating some bit of
Scripture to "soak" in it to get in a mood, then shut the book and forget
about it. disconnect between Bible and life, a mood not actual learning
and application and gratitude to the separate from us and from all
creation Creator. The criticism of these practices, however, is correct.)

Ray passed away a few days ago of a rapidly developing cancer.

[CORRECTION: this was not peculiar given his history and the type
of cancer. weakened immune system since childhood, diagnosed at
18 with a blood disorder given 6 months to live, but miraculously
survived until this leukemia was identified and he was too weak to
handle the chemotherapy apparently. Of course, on the other hand,
perhaps he did have some "help" several years ago, and God restrained
it until now.]

This is something peculiar in itself, and nothing unusual among unusual
deaths, that is, people who were onto something, getting too close to
something, too dangerous to some interests somewhere. In other words,
murder. There are a few viruses and chemicals that can start this
process. I would suspect some psychic attack and demonic attack could
do so also.

Which brings us to something special about Ray as an anti New Age
researcher and writer.

Ray recognized that energy that can be sent from the fingertips and
suchlike things are real. I think he actually saw some of it. This is
something that is, as a belief in itself that this is real, dismissed as
being New Age in itself. And in one video I saw, he said that he got
all kinds of trouble from other Christians for this, some wouldn't talk
to him anymore when he said he saw the sparks or whatever coming
off someone's fingertips.

That is wrong. In some cases, this may be a demonically contaminated
flow, or a demon disguised as a flow in some amorphous form. But the
existence of energy fields and centers in the body is indicated by
Ecclesiastes 6:12, and by the original (not sloppy variety) kirlian
photography, which documented the energy signature of the missing
half of a cut leaf, still attached to the rest of the leaf. This is suggested
as the cause of "phantom limb pain" in some amputees.

That passage in Ecclesiastes, in context, is not supporting focus on
or experimentation with these things, rather than one should focus on

What is called the etheric body or astral body is essentially the soul,
the part of it that interfaces to and supports the life of the physical
body without which it (incl. all cells, etc.) is a lifeless lump.

This means that New Age practices are not only dangerous in terms
of facilitating heresy and delusions and demonic contact, but
dangerous in a pragmatic sense: the energy system is deranged by
these practices.

And witchcraft can be a real thing.

This made Ray far more dangerous than the usual anti New Ager.

And with this mindset, he was also talking about Reiki. This is an
extremely dangerous system, because unlike most that rely on the
practitioner managing to affect someone's energy system with their
own, this relies on a "current" received at initiation and spirits that
come with it, and are an essential part of the practice itself.

Someone on Cumbey's blog comments said that reiki puts spirits in
people and their internal only literature says so but that the patient
shouldn't know this.

The Master level of reiki can initiate others. practitioners have reported
the reiki spirits gaining more control over time.

The belief is that if enough people are initiated into master level, that
a kind of critical mass will be reached, and the reiki spirits can
operate more freely.

When I was researching Feri (Anderson) witchcraft, now split into
two or three versions, the egroup which was involving people from
the start of it who knew the founders said that the initiation involved
a "current" which could cause insanity and other problems in people
who were initiated without caution. Almost all on the egroup reported
that part of the results in their lives was being more "open" to
sexual experimentation ranging from promiscuity to perversion.
One at least had the experience of one of their "gods" taking the
form of a seductive barely pubescent little girl with a heavy sexual
atmosphere, like it was leading him in the direction of pedophilia.

Feri being ecstasy rather than fertility oriented is more anything
goes than standard wicca. And it has two sources. One from the
woman founder Cora is Ozark witchcraft, which itself tracks back
to East Anglia in England. A neo pagan who researched witch
traditions uncomfortably admitted in print that these were pretty
much the same as were accused in the medieval witch trials.
Initiation involves sexual intercourse heterosexual. The other is
a wild eclecticism drawing on Hawaiian Huna and flat out
luciferianism by her husband Victor Anderson, who was bisexual
(Cora was not bisexual).

Repeatedly reiki turned up as something the Feri people were also
into and very comfortable with, and they said the initiation involved
passing a current just like the Feri initiation did.

reiki initiation involves meditating on some symbols and getting
in touch with some spirits, the whole thing tracking back to something
that happened to someone on a mountain top in Japan.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Some thoughts on Tantra and the origins of yoga etc.

Tantra is a fast track system of escaping the round of rebirths and achieving
superhumanity and so forth. The well known terms out of occultism "left hand
path" aka LHP and "right hand path" aka RHP come from this. In the left hand
path ceremonies, various forbidden things were done and the woman the man
was to fornicate in "sacred sex" with would sit on his left side. In the right hand
path ceremonies, various forbidden things were done only symbolically, and
the woman partner in this would sit on the man's right side.

Both of course were practicing the forbidden the former in reality the latter in

Tantra included some ideas about manipulation of the energy body or what I call
the outer edge of the soul where it interfaces to the body and supports the body's
life. The number and locations of whirling centers of energy called chakra for
being wheel like (Eccles. 12:6 refers to all this as a reality while denouncing
this as useless for eternal life and a good standing with The Creator YHWH)
varies per system the present form being derived from Theosophy and Hinduism.

Some of this "energy" is just how they interpreted the feel of blood pressure
changes in parts of the body or all over. Some of it is more than that, being a
shift in the flow of the energy or etheric system of the individual (which is NOT
divine any more than the physical body is divine and is NOT your connection to
some all permeating etheric pantheistic deity and if an etheric substrate to
everything exists it is just another thing YHWH created, it is not YHWH
Himself and is not divine).

and worse yet, it can be the motions of a demon brought in by the exercizes.

Laya yoga is tantric in nature. It proposes to force the kundalini energy up through
the various chakras on the spine and into the brain inducing Samadhi more quickly
than usual methods. Eventually one achieves para-Samadhi - which you don't come
out of. In other words, laya yoga is a labor intensive form of suicide.

Now, yoga of the physical sort has some merit for some stretching and affecting
the endocrine system etc., but it is a conveyorbelt to the rest of it, and each position
was revealed by some demon posing as a god to some hermit sannyasi as an
invocation to a different "deity," each posture refers to and invokes a different

the Hindu false god Shiva is connected to a lot of this, and is part of the pre Aryan
Indian scene apparently. Or maybe not. That the Zoroastrians call their angels
ahuras and demons devas, while hindus do the reverse, calling their "good gods"
devas and the demons asuras, fairly screams that some serious religious split
occurred in eastern Persia presaging the move of the devil worshippers into India.

Shiva has some interesting parallels to satan/Lucifer:

"In India, the god of the Hindus, Shiva, bears the name Bhooteshwara (Lord Of Ghosts And Evil Beings), Bhairav – Lord Of Terror, Chandrapal – Master Of The Moon, Kantha – Ever-Radiant (Luminous), Mahamaya – Of Great Illusions, Nityasundara – Ever Beautiful, Pinakin – One Who Has A Bow In His Hand, Bhutapala (protector of the ghosts). Satan is also given all these attributes in the Bible. He is the “ruler of the demons” (Mathew 3:22). His symbol is placed on the forehead."

So when you decide to balance your chakras or that something needs to be done about your
aura, you need to rethink and consider where all this came from.

The typical Christian response (I am a Christian) is to dismiss it all as "deception," in other words
no aura no chakra no etheric body exists. (exactly what that is that leaves the body at death then is
anyone's guess. actually the existence of the etheric body or soul is validated by the Bible.)

But this is wrong. The deception is what to do with them and why. 

Essentially New Age and Tantra (which found its way into Buddhism and probably gave birth
to the twisted form called Mahayana which came to Tibet by some crazy "holy men" who hailed
from India but taught notions of the illuminated master being above good and evil and can do
anything and it is not sin) are against the value of the body. any health to be gained is strictly to
make it easier to do more difficult things to accomplish the ultimate goal, "liberation" from the
body. It is consistent with Gnosticism. it is evil.

God declared all He had made "very good" in Genesis.

I have other articles here on this subject.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Against Heresies (Book II, Chapter 25) by St. Irenaeus c. AD 180

God is not to be sought after by means of letters, syllables, and numbers; necessity of humility in such investigations.
1. If any one, however, say in reply to these things, What then? Is it a meaningless and accidental thing, that the positions of names, and the election of the apostles, and the working of the Lord, and the arrangement of created things, are what they are?— we answer them: Certainly not; but with great wisdom and diligence, all things have clearly been made by God, fitted and prepared [for their special purposes]; and His word formed both things ancient and those belonging to the latest times; and men ought not to connect those things with the number thirty, but to harmonize them with what actually exists, or with right reason. Nor should they seek to prosecute inquiries respecting God by means of numbers, syllables, and letters. For this is an uncertain mode of proceeding, on account of their varied and diverse systems, and because every sort of hypothesis may at the present day be, in like manner, devised by any one; so that they can derive arguments against the truth from these very theories, inasmuch as they may be turned in many different directions. But, on the contrary, they ought to adapt the numbers themselves, and those things which have been formed, to the true theory lying before them. For system does not spring out of numbers, but numbers from a system; nor does God derive His being from things made, but things made from God. For all things originate from one and the same God.
2. But since created things are various and numerous, they are indeed well fitted and adapted to the whole creation; yet, when viewed individually, are mutually opposite and inharmonious, just as the sound of the lyre, which consists of many and opposite notes, gives rise to one unbroken melody, through means of the interval which separates each one from the others. The lover of truth therefore ought not to be deceived by the interval between each note, nor should he imagine that one was due to one artist and author, and another to another, nor that one person fitted the treble, another the bass, and yet another the tenor strings; but he should hold that one and the same person [formed the whole], so as to prove the judgment, goodness, and skill exhibited in the whole work and [specimen of] wisdom. Those, too, who listen to the melody, ought to praise and extol the artist, to admire the tension of some notes, to attend to the softness of others, to catch the sound of others between both these extremes, and to consider the special character of others, so as to inquire at what each one aims, and what is the cause of their variety, never failing to apply our rule, neither giving up the [one ] artist, nor casting off faith in the one God who formed all things, nor blaspheming our Creator.
3. If, however, any one do not discover the cause of all those things which become objects of investigation, let him reflect that man is infinitely inferior to God; that he has received grace only in part, and is not yet equal or similar to his Maker; and, moreover, that he cannot have experience or form a conception of all things like God; but in the same proportion as he who was formed but today, and received the beginning of his creation, is inferior to Him who is uncreated, and who is always the same, in that proportion is he, as respects knowledge and the faculty of investigating the causes of all things, inferior to Him who made him. For you, O man, are not an uncreated being, nor did you always co-exist with God, as did His own Word; but now, through His pre-eminent goodness, receiving the beginning of your creation, you gradually learn from the Word the dispensations of God who made you.
4. Preserve therefore the proper order of your knowledge, and do not, as being ignorant of things really good, seek to rise above God Himself, for He cannot be surpassed; nor do you seek after any one above the Creator, for you will not discover such. For your Former cannot be contained within limits; nor, although you should measure all this [universe], and pass through all His creation, and consider it in all its depth, and height, and length, would you be able to conceive of any other above the Father Himself. For you will not be able to think Him fully out, but, indulging in trains of reflection opposed to your nature, you will prove yourself foolish; and if you persevere in such a course, you will fall into utter madness, while you deem yourself loftier and greater than your Creator, and imaginest that you can penetrate beyond His dominions.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Discernment Ministries and Contemplative Prayer

the much feared by protestants rapproachment between
the charismatic evangelicals (often in the persons of their
most blasphemous and heretical leaders like Kenneth
Copeland) and the Roman Catholic church is along exactly
the worst lines of RC: contemplative mysticism.

This started as a warp of the Desert Fathers and is falsely
blamed on them because the same terms are used, but mean
totally different things. Originally contemplative prayer was
to pray while contemplating Jesus or some verses in the Bible
usually Psalms. And lectio divina was to read the Bible in order
to learn from it and put it into practice. All very conscious, and
not mystical except in the Orthodox meaning, to accord one's
life and thought outside of church services and prayers with
those church services and prayers. not to keep religion in one
pocket and the rest of life in another.

After the Great Schism of AD 1054 when RC went into schism
from us (and proceeded to lie about it to this day claiming we
went into schism from them), there was less grace in them and
so they more easily fell to deceptions. Complicating this was
Jerome's mistranslation of Genesis 3:15, from the woman's SEED
being the one to crush the serpent's head, to the woman herself
The serpent's bite can only refer to a poisonous bite, and the
crushing of the head well, obviously the devil isn't totally bound
and totally crushed, but a severe crippling has occurred. the final
permanent elimination of him from all of creation but the lake of
fire hasn't happened yet.

Jerome mistranslated this against the witness of three streams of
Holy Scripture: Septuagint, Masoretic, and Samaritan. This had
to be deliberate. A contemporary excused him that he was
influenced by corrupt Greek manuscripts, but he did enough
research to know better. This mistranslation set up the RC for
any "marian" visions that promoted an extreme focus on Mary as
the one to conquer the devil. Sure, she is powerful, and likely a
supreme exorcist after Jesus, but the picture presented by most
of these visions is flawed, and involves a lot more talkativeness
and multiple visitations over time than typical of the few events
that occurred before and after the Great Schism in the east.

Scholasticism kicked in, adopting philosophy as guide instead
of merely a tool to exploit to convert pagans. Monastics revolted
in the opposite direction, anti intellectual and more emotional.
Contemplative prayer became the sort of garbage now promoted
by saints and magisterium and new age alike, and lectio divina
became "soaking" to get in a mood which was then exited to deal
with the rest of life, and as the mood fades so does any holiness
assuming you got any in the process in the first place.

Stumbling somehow on Barbara Aho's site, Watch
Unto Prayer, I discovered a lot of stuff that really
alarmed me.

Now, first off, I am sad to see that Ms. Aho accepts the
Jewish world conspiracy line of thought, totally rejects
Israel (after all didn't Ezekiel say they would be brought
to their old land and THEN purified of their uncleanness?
This is hardly the picture of the return from Babylonia,
though a few priests and others had married Moabite
women and not converted them or their children, and
some other problems, it was hardly a picture of the kind
of apostasy typical of secular and race oriented Israel
now), and is pre trib and I am not sure of her end times

all that said her research on ecumenical dangers and the
networking involved and the New Apostolic Reformation
and other charismatic heresies and demonic manifestations
is superb.

Aho is good at catching subtleties that go over a lot of
peoples' heads. Those subtleties are important, because
just like subtleties in times past they lay the groundwork
once accepted for less subtle things. Also she points out,
that when some occult ritual in disguise is going on, the
lack of understanding by most participants has no bearing
on the outcome, it may even enhance it. Probably because
lacking understanding that might make them reject it, they
wholeheartedly go along with it, and the energies they
generate in their "worship" services are directed to the
purposes of the demons.

Fuller Theological Seminary is one institution that you
do NOT want to see in the specs on a minister of your

For details, cruise her site.

Now, an awful lot of materials produced by various
discernment ministries are good. But NEVER accept
a writer or teacher as the best thing since sliced bread.
They all have flaws. (They are usually protestant,
which means they will attack the clear Bible teaching
of the literal Body and Blood of Christ being in the
Eucharist, which is also upheld by early church writers
from the second and third centuries, 100s and 200s

A major problem in Roman Catholicism or rather two
major problems is this.

a. the veneration of Mary is over the top, various visions
have promoted ascription of titles and functions to her
that are proper to Jesus Christ only. While prots misinterpret
the idea of her intercession being in conflict with Jesus as
the ONE intercessor between mankind and God, when in
fact she intercedes with Jesus for us, so do the saints, so
does anyone you ask to pray for you, the overall picture
and terms in play in these visions and pop Catholicism is
close to usurping that role of Jesus if not actually usurping
it. Notable also is the fact that all or most of this stuff
began AFTER they went into schism from the original
undivided church, now called Eastern Orthodox in AD
1054. Of course they lie and say we are in schism but
that is not the case. Supposedly we are heretical also, but
how this can be when they share the same core doctrine
we do, but added to it, I don't know. By official RC
statements, Orthodox Apostolic Succession and Sacraments
are as valid as theirs.)

b. closely allied to the whole visionary trend are the
practices called lectio divina and contemplative or centering
prayer. Supposedly this goes back to the Desert Fathers
of Orthodoxy, but that is a lie or at least a misconception.

lectio divina was originally reading The Bible in order to
practice it, live it. Contemplative prayer was originally
about contemplating verses or several verses of Scripture.

In the west in the Middle Ages, the extreme rationalism of
scholasticism was a turn off to many monastics, and a more
emotional "mystical" mindset developed to offset this. The
result was lectio divina became "soaking" in the Bible as
it is called now, an irrationalist kind of reading, a state you'd
get into, then leave, no connection to the rest of the day.
Contemplative prayer similarly became an exercise in dreamy
states. This of course helped the development of visions and
so forth.

A major problem I have with visionaries is "locutions." This
is where instead of hearing a voice from outside into your ears,
the voice speaks inside your body, maybe your belly, very
weird sounding.

A person of my acquaintance who could project to some extent
did this to me once, I found it very creepy and told him not to
do this, but obviously a whole lecture could be delivered this
way to a deceived visionary, by a secret heretic with paranormal
ability within a mile of him or her, and an agenda. Aside from
just demons.

and the presence of locutions in any visionary's history should
discredit the entire batch of visions.

In precisely this New Agey form, these RC mystical practices,
unknown (almost except for some individual deceived monks)
in Orthodoxy and among the early Desert Fathers, has come
into evangelicalism in the emerging church and other such
movements. (Some of them play with Orthodox icons and so
forth, and might be approachable to educate them about the
realities of what they are doing, and maybe convert them to
Orthodoxy and non ecumenical sanity.)

Watchman Nee once said that passivity of the mind and will
is what the demons want, and will possess a pagan doing this,
and when Christians do this demons will act on them also.
(you can argue about whether Christians can get possessed or
not, but then there would be the issue of were they really
"born again" or devoted to Jesus of The Bible or were they
only seeking thrills, chills, miracles, and cultivating occultism
relevant passive mind states and perhaps other ways of opening
doors to demons, such as getting the pseudo Christian version
of hindu shakti pat the touch that transfers anointing so called
and can put you on your back, whether Christian or hindu

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

grave sucking charismatics

"Grave sucking" is the name given by practitioners, people like Benny Hinn who may have started this, maybe not, by lying on Katherine Kuhlman's grave to get "anointing" from her remains (pick up vibes left over with the corpse supposedly uber holy), and denied after derision by some but recently a photo of the wife of a denier doing exactly this put the lie to this.
While Benny Hinn's Middle Eastern Orthodox or RC background as a child may have contributed to this, there is... nothing like this in the practice of either. Venerating, maybe touching, relics (bodies or body parts) of dead martyrs and other saints never including crashing out on their graves. This was some really extreme innovation on his part.
(that the dead may leave some kind of personality vibes behind, incl. influence from evil spirits they had or godly influence if very godly is another matter, frankly I always thought that funeral customs of kissing the corpse goodbye, and less extreme stuff like having picnics in graveyards, was asking for trouble, since the vast majority of people even baptized, chrismated and confessed and last rites-ed Christians even Orthodox are not reliable as perfect and God bearing.)
But there is another cultural source for grave sucking of exactly this kind, and even more extreme.
Nazi SS men, more trained in the mystical side of nazism than the average Nazi "laity" so to speak, would do this sort of thing, I think I recall they would lie on graves of heroic dead to get some of their courage, but DEFINITELY THEY WOULD HAVE SEX ON SUCH GRAVES WITH THEIR WIVES OR GIRLFRIENDS, WITH A VIEW TO THE RESULTING CHILD HAVING SOME OF THE QUALITIES OF THE ADMIRED DEAD.
So where is Hinn coming from? Especially with his bullshit about each Person of The Holy Trinity being Himself a trinity adding up to NINE gods? this is like ancient Egyptian pantheon. Obviously he is getting led and taught by demons who are the sort more able to contain their hate and obvious venom towards mankind enough to pretend to be loving and light and so forth, as St. Paul warns, satan can disguise himself as an angel of light. And the same spirit crew who could give pleasing even beautiful false experiences (just look at Miguel Serrano's ravings in Hitler the Ultimate Avatar) were with a more pagan flavor misleading Nazi and proto Nazi mystics, such as the Thule Society and the Germanen Order and less obviously harmful wanderwogel types before that that laid the groundwork for this.
Interesting how Paul Crouch (probably in hell, someone pray for his soul) and Hinn could both get in a wanna kill their detractors state of mind.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

alchemists were after gold not wisdom

Where did all the bullshit about alchemy being spiritual get started? it is of course easily
fed by the hermetic notions of a world soul and prime material that can be manipulated.
But if all the symbolism was not about chemistry, with a mystical bent to it but the goal
being material things like gold and physical immortality, whence all the physical
chemical activities that resulted in the discovery of some elements and other things?
you don't do that by meditating.

it seems to have started with an American Civil War General, Ethan Allen Hitchcock.

"during the winter of 1856-7 General Hitchcock writes a volume of 300 page entitles REMARKS

In this book, published in Boston, the author sets forthe the reasons for his contntion that the
alchemists were neither frauds nor dupes but that they spoke in symbolic language, and that the real
subject of all their desires and efforts was not any philosopher's stone or any transmutation of base
metals into gold, but distinctly the human race and its improvement. The one desirable thing was
wisdom, - that self-knowledge from which flows the uprightness of life which is salvation."

pp. 425 - 426 Fifty Years in Camp and Field: Diary of Major-General Ethan Allen Hitchcock ...
By Ethan Allen Hitchcock "
 in Wikipedia is
"Contributions to alchemy studies[edit]
By the time of his death, Hitchcock had amassed a large private library, including over 250 volumes
on the subject of alchemy. This collection was widely regarded as one of the finest private holdings
of rare alchemical works and is preserved by St. Louis Mercantile Library at the University of
Missouri-St. Louis. Through Remarks upon Alchemy and the Alchemists and other writings,
Hitchcock argued that the alchemists were actually religious philosophers writing in symbolism. In
Problems of Mysticism and its Symbolism, the Viennese psychologist Herbert Silberer credited
Hitchcock with helping to open the way for his explorations of the psychological content of

Remarks upon Alchemy and Alchemists (published in 1857)
Swedenborg a Hermetic Philosopher (1858)
Christ the Spirit (1861)
The Story of the Red Book of Appin (1863)
Spenser's Poem (1865) "

notice something here. this guy was interested in Swedenborg, and in James Webb's The Occult
Establishment I noticed that all the really major dangerous stuff track back to two sources of
lineage of influence, Swedenborg being one of them. I forget the other right now.  Swedenborg
had a lot of weird experiences and believed he was talking with angels, but he said at one point
that ALL spirits will lie. doesn't sound angelic to me. satan can transform himself into the likeness
of an angel of light Paul warns.

then that title Christ the Spirit would seem to imply a confusion between the Second and Third
Persons of the Holy Trinity and perhaps even a denial of the physical nature of Christ's
Resurrection. Not having read the book I can't be sure, but both are possible given the title and
neither inconsistent with occult philosophy.

Spenser's Poem would be about The Faerie Queen which essentially posits that a knight who
wears the cross of Christ would properly have to do with the fae, and though all kinds of
deception by spirits is indicated (Spark notes) the association makes the fae look legitimate.
That it is a red cross is indicating this knight is a Templar, of which the less said the better.
They had already been hijacked by (or perhaps did help form) speculative masonry and other
groups by Hitchcock's time.

The Red Book of Appin is a flat out grimoire. I don't propose to read any of this garbage
having been exposed already in my wrong headed teens and prefer to forget most. But the
picture I'm getting on this guy is that he was into dark stuff.

Hitchcock influenced Silberer, Silberer influenced Jung, Jung with the help of a familiar
spirit aka demon and assorted Nazi mysticism begat a sizeable chunk of the New Age and
took Freud's dip into mythology into a whole hog wallow.

Jung invented the notion of the collective unconscious, which is bullshit. a similar idea in
theosophy and related occult philosophy is the akashic records where is recorded everything
that ever happened. That by definition would include every thought that ever happened, most
of which is going to be bullshit. So if it exists it is worthless. A classic example of what you
can get when you seek to find the real history of whatever, is a couple of proto Nazi mystics
Webb I think it was wrote about, who meditating discovered that originally there was Aryan
Adam and Eve, who were if I recall right 12 feet tall, lived at the north pole or something
like that and ate cabbage and drank ice water and would have conquered the world on this
brew if Helga a Jew hadn't come along and introduced them to beer.

yeah. right. so much for universal collective unconscious and records of ancient reality.
(an occasional psychic stamp of some events on a location, which is probably what those
hauntings that do not interact with the viewer and seem to replay events every time seen
would be, is not akashic records as proposed.)

The collctive unconscious is a fraud, the product of a fraud. Famously, Jung was treating
some girl who had dreams consisting of ancient false gods including hindu. Supposedly
she could only have gotten this by tapping into the collective unconscious. OOPS! she was
the daughter of a scholar in all this with a library for her to wallow in. that gal was NOT A
BLANK SLATE. Jung knew this. Jung lied.

But I digress.

Years ago I stumbled on some mention of ancient Egyptians processing gold out of
gold mining slag, when the easily gotten gold was used up and they were after trace
amounts. My guess is that the whole alchemy nonsense was the result of some lackey
seeing this, and jumping to the wrong conclusion.

I read the Turba Philosophorum decades ago, probably in the 1980s. All the different
lectures in it contradict each other. There is one commonality among them.

Alchemy is a process, of taking something, breaking it into its constituent parts,
doing things to these parts or in some cases to only some of them, and then
putting the parts back together to make something totally different than what you
started with.

some similarities to cooking of the more complex sort are obvious. And once you get
the gist of this process, you can start applying it to social manipulation and even
pedagogy and whatnot. But that doesn't mean that that is what it was always about.

The failure of alchemists to make gold is legendary. less well known are some
apparent successes, which may be nothing more than developing a good counterfeit
to gold, that by weight (from the lead part) and temperature tolerances (from some
alloying) would pass assay of the medieval sort.  In one case in one of the German
kingdoms, a king ordered all alchemic gold items turned in for reimbursement, no
questions asked. a shield or a plate of such was in a museum whether it was ever
tested I don't know. Clearly someone succeeded on a massive basis and the king
wanted this stuff off the streets. probably because it was fraudulent.

Alchemists developed many herbal and chemical mix medicines, and Paracelsus'
remedy for syphilis and other things was essentially an early experiment in

But I digress.

the failure as I said was legendary, and a cartoon in an old history book I had
in Palo Alto High School (or was it Jordan Jr. High?) was a single square, with
the recurring character Hy Story now done up in wizard gear and chemical equipment
on the table and the landlord is telling him "and if the rent isn't paid by tomorrow you
can go make gold somewhere else."

so now suddenly you have all this "spiritual alchemy" garbage. while it is not
exactly garbage to say you can apply alchemic procedures on society and individuals
economically and psychologically, it IS garbage to say that that is all that alchemy
was ever about.

with the failure of alchemy physically, the search to explain the alchemy and hermetic
reputation for wisdom and to preserve that reputation so you could keep your mystic
reverie and sense of awe and wonder going and maybe pocket some cash was on.

Some clever bastards may have applied alchemic procedure to non physical mental
and social issues as an extrapolation, but that grew OUT of alchemy, the chemical
efforts were not a decay FROM it or a misinterpretation of it.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

The uncondtional forgiveness heresy

on Constance Cumbey's blog, I endeavored to explain from the perspective of one
who has been victimized so knows how it works, the evils of psychic domination.
This was intensely dismissed as delusional, and bitterness and lack of forgiveness
towards the perpetrator who I refer to as my biological (not adopted) so called (because
lousy) mother.

an extreme example is this, and I am posting this as an answer here having invited
him her or it to see the rest of the answer here that I posted part of there.

"Anonymous said
"in any case, any lessening of hostile feeling towards her risks reactivating the
mesmerism she had on me. trance state. crippled peaceful no reason to live
eventual state if allowed to go on catatonic or nearly so."
We are asked to give up everything to follow Christ, including the right to "not be harmed". Complete forgiveness,
100%. No excuses. It's hard, but that's why we are asked to count the cost beforehand."
10:51 AM

aha, you admit your idea of forgiveness means surrender to evil. you mention "the right to 'not be harmed.'"
and this in context of the risk of losing sanity and coming under evil spirit influence.
 you are a new ager of
the worst sort, that perverts the words of Christ, twisting the Scriptures to your own and possibly others'
destruction (2 Peter 3:16b) we are not called to do this kind of forgiveness you demand, but to "save yourselves
from this untoward generation" Acts 2:40
God damn you to hell. and rescue all those you've sent back into the hands of pedophiles, rapists, hypnotizers,
corrupters, seducers, abusers of the children and animals that they need to protect and you would keep them
from being able to do so because they have to "forgive" not to mention the cultists and slow persuaders away
from the faith of Christ.


unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness are not biblical. you won't find it in the Bible
only in twisted exegeses that are really eisegesis, reading things into the Bible that aren't there.
cherry picking a verse here and there and exalting something out of all proportion to its role
in the Bible and you won't find it in the behavior exhibited by The Fathers when confronted with pretend repentance,
such as when St. Athanasius refused to admit Arius to communion recognizing his fraud in
pretending to renounce his heresy.

Jesus said to resist not evil but what context? immediately follows turn the other cheek if someone
smites you on your cheek. okay, so what kind of smiting? it must be something leaving you in
a position to turn the other cheek, i.e., conscious, not stunned, standing upright, alive. in other
words, a slap in the face. this is not evil with a capital E.

Jesus said to the Father to forgive His crucifiers because they did not know what they did. That
however is usually not the case regarding people who do serious harming and are often
psychopathic. Prior to the verses about forgiving seventy times seven, IMMEDIATELY PRIOR,
is Matthew 18:15-17 which describes a process of private confrontation on an issue, and the
problem person won't "hear" you. then you take a couple of witnesses for the next confrontation
to establish who said what so no one of you can lie about the other. If the problem person still
won't "hear" you, take it to the congregation. and if still the problem person won't "hear" you
"let him be to thee as a heathen man and a publican." In other words, total ostracization. act
like he or she doesn't even exist.

This is falsely handled by people like Tom Horn and/or Chuck Missler I forget which I think it
was Tom Horn, who argue that no one should publicly criticize a minister of God on a blog
post but talk privately to him. Well, that criticized person made their problem statements
publicly, and it is not a relationship that is at issue but the false teaching that others influenced
by it need to hear the refutation of. and warnng against the false teacher. St. Paul said to
publicly rebuke evil doers before all so the others will fear and named names on two occasions.
One of which was Alexander the Coppersmith, who was denounced for two things: doing
much harm to Paul personally, and greatly resisting the Gospel.

Some situations are so dangerous that you need to short circuit the process and just get out of

And when one is susceptible for whatever reason, the situation is dangerous.

unconditional this and that is how evangelicalism following the fads of writers not the word of
God and not searching the Scriptures like the Bereans did has decayed into the mess it is now.
From an Orthodox perspective, Protestantism in general has problems. but this is bad by any
standard, and in Roman Catholicism and even in Orthodoxy you find this same poison. It
facilitates the worst crimes against children, the worst heresies and covering it all up.

in Orthodoxy, the problem is that instead of some Bible verses out of context we have writings
of monastics, which are sometimes over the top. the context not only of the words but of the
writer should be kept in mind, which show THESE ARE NOT APPROPRIATE OUTSIDE
OF A MONASTERY. Church canons against certain behaviors apply in the world (the rest
of the church living around marriage and business and whatnot things of the world) and in
monasteries, so that means you have to take some action involving denunciation and getting
some prosecution done. In monastery incidents there are cases of people being thrown out.

The sort of things we are not to take note of are the sort of petty nonsense people kill over
or start family feuds lasting generations. Typical in Middle Eastern and supposedly Orthodox
Balkan cultures.

The second problem is the problem of pride. the monastery is targeting this above most
else, since the other sins lust and gluttony are ruled out by the lifestyle though homosexuality
occasionally becomes a problem.

Pride and vainglory can operate, poisoning ANY virtue like with the Pharisee who was
proud of all his virtue which ruined the value of that virtue in God's eyes, compared to
the sinner publican who was sorrowful and ashamed and repentant. And pride can
definitely ruin the virtue of condemning evil and exposing it because you can feel very
holy, virtuous and worthy of all glory and honor and praise.

That is the context in which Desert Fathers statements were made, that are prostituted to
the coddling of evil in RC and Orthodoxy.

the problem is inappropriate application of Scripture or of monastic examples. whence
the problem? the evil one throws the mind into a sharp focus on something out of
context. someone who is well intentioned gets obsessed. Also a person who is not
well intentioned at all, knowingly twists and misapplies Scripture and elders' words.

A classic example of Scripture twisting is a Talmudic decision regarding the rule that
one shall not be killed for their children's sake or the children for the fathers' sake but
each die for his own sin. This is obviously against killing family members of a
condemned person. And this law was cited in Kings or Chronicles to explain why when
a man was killed for the murder of the king whose son ordered the murderer's death
the murderer's family was not killed. Obviously this common sense meaning was the
interpretation in those days.

But in the Talmud somewhere we read that it was held to mean that a son couldn't
testify against his father (or daughter couldn't either). that would be a case of someone
dying on account of his children. OBVIOUSLY THIS MAKES PROSECUTION FOR
INCEST, OR FOR PROSTITUTING YOUR DAUGHTER, or anything else prohibited
for a parent to do to the kid impossible. I can only wonder what the rabbi who came
up with this one was into himself.

Here are some links that address this.

In Christ or Therapy by E.S Williams, unconditional love is described as luciferic since it is
amoral in fact antimoral. unconditional forgiveness is denounced in the next chapter.

I can't buy the rejection of therapy entirely or the rejection of psychiatric drugs, but then
some people surrender themselves to any authority easily and others pick and choose.

amazon kindle gives you a chance to read some of this.

And the NEw AGe scene is big on this unconditional and non judgemental stuff. that should
tell you something right there.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

stuff on Mars indicating current life and past life and war

UPDATE: "Brandenberg argues for a massive
nuclear blast on the surface, but has the wrong isotope as indicator, "

I was wrong. this was from public info with Wikipedia etc., accurate enough depending
on what was given them. Brandenburg's information on the isotope in question leaked
to him but was classified nuclear weapons info. The reactions to the initial statements he
made to such people showed he was onto something.

one of the biggest potential blows to the NEw Age worldview or "paradigm" is the
conditions on Mars if NASA admitted to them. They can't hide all of it however.
The Face, even in the later view, is clearly artificial. the later view or "cat box" shows the
two slots on top that are the eyes, the line that is the nose the line that is the mouth,
and a collapsed look on one side. Surrounding it is a sharp edge that looks like the
base of a monument.

Another big thing with New Age is that aliens are good and "spiritual." this is strictly
from channeled sources, which should always be ignored. The remaining info sources
are the Nordic looking aliens that Adamski and others (all of whom had Nazi
connections) claimed to have met.


many of these do not require hypnosis to remember it. others remember a lot but need
hypnosis to remember the rest, especially when a nicey nice screen memory of good
compassionate aliens is in play, and the hypnosis gets behind the screen memory to
find horrific experiences and not so human looking people.

Supposedly according to one dubious source, there is a "federation" out there and
they don't allow weapons in space. LIARS ALWAYS SCREW UP AT SOME POINT

This wouldn't establish either side as good, just both as armed.
Mars shows clear evidence of damage from a war. Brandenberg argues for a massive
nuclear blast on the surface, but has the wrong isotope as indicator, however, such
isotope scattering as exists seems to epicenter from a place that has no crater, more
like an airblast, which rules out any natural nuclear reactor like in Gabon gone
runaway. too concentrated, not diluted like in Gabon.

wreckage of war materiel and so forth exists, sharp edges of parts, etc. a few skulls.
some things so extreme NASA had to airbrush them to hide them, others could be
written off as odd shaped rocks. Far too many of such to be that.
New Age generally views "humanity" as inherently good in the sense of not fallen, and
the only evil is some individuals. Unity and high tech are supposedly good automatically.
Joseph Farrell complains of the Tower of Babel moment where people had unity and
it was destroyed and suggests aliens do this now and then to keep us from getting
our act together as humanity. That there is no sin mentioned in Genesis regarding this
tower as the reason for stopping it.

that last is false.

The sin was pride, vainglory, and rebellion. They wanted to make a name for
themselves and stop the God ordained scattering on earth that was starting and rule
over the perimeter scattered people. God observed that nothing they imagined would
be impossible to them.

So what is wrong with stopping this? It was a rescue both of the potential victims
of the imperialism allowed later, and of the tower builders from being allowed to
sin still more.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

deconstruct new age ideas

do you want to hit new age where it hurts? or just complain about them?


astral projection does not prove reincarnation.

chakras do not prove that some subtle kind of material is divine.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Newt Gingrich?

Newt Gingrich?
From Constance Cumbey's blog:

  • He is and throughout his political life has been one of the world's leading Globalists.
  •  It was Newt Gingrich who set up international networks of legislators to back each other politically in their separate countries [that's right -- COUNTRIES -- not STATES].   You can read all about it in Anne-Marie Slaughter's Princeton  University Press book A NEW WORLD ORDER.  Anne-Marie Slaughter served as Assistant Secretary of State under Hillary Clinton.   If you already own the book or plan to acquire the book, turn to pages 113, 126, 130, and 294 to read up on Newt's career and joint projects with leaders in the Soviet Duma.
  • Newt Gingrich was from the beginning one of the primary backers of the World Trade Organization (W.T.O.); NAFTA (North American Free Trade Organization); and other globalist measures.
  • Newt Gingrich is an unabashed New Ager -- one whom I have carefully tracked since reading in one of Marilyn Ferguson's 1983 Leading Edge Bulletin about the "brave Georgia Congressman" (Newt Gingrich) who was doing so very much to advance their New Age agenda.  Newt's New Age mentoring was, inter alia, by Alvin & Heidi Toffler and John Naisbitt.
  • Newt Gingrich's former Congressional campaign manager, Chip Kahn, stated in an 1983 magazine interview (Mother Jones, November 1984), that no matter no much good, he Chip Kahn did in the future, he could never do enough good to offset the evil he had helped unleash on the world by helping Newt Gingrich be elected to Congress.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Ira Einhorn hit piece 1 review of his wierd book titled 78-187880

I Corinthians 10:1-3

I Cor 10:1-3
"Moreover, brethren, I would not that ye should be ignorant, how that all our
fathers were under the cloud, and all passed through the sea,
"And were all baptized unto Moses in the cloud and in the sea,


("Meat"  in Elizabethan English means food of any kind, hence the term "flesh
meats" in use by some to refer to food that is meat.)

this obviously refers to manna, which was physical, but was spiritual in that it
was supernatural. THEREFORE when Paul speaks of the resurrection body being
spiritual he does NOT mean non physical or reduced physicality, but supernatural,
and when he says that Jesus has become a life giving spirit does NOT mean that
The Resurrection wasn't bodily and physical or that Jesus eventually shed His
Body. More like He is now always in His Transfiguration mode like when He
appeared to John in Revelation.

Now there are likely some out there who have used these verses to support the
nonmaterial quality of some things, though I don't recall running into it. But
I figured I'd put this here for the help of those either puzzled or exposed to such.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

typical Scripture mishandling, types and shadows etc.

firstly Scripture in using typology and referring to shadows of something
coming later, all allegorizing, does so infrequently and minimally. The time
Paul lectures on Hagar vs. Sarah Jerusalem below and Jerusalem above, is
almost the only time. And this is to make a point to those who were making a
big deal about Moses and so forth. Probably turned some argument of theirs
against them.

The Law (meaning Torah of Moses) was a shadow of things to come, of Christ,
Who now being here there is no use for the shadow. shows a typical mishandling,
and forgetting one's troubles and bad members of family doesn't point to forgetting
holy things. notice he said forgetting his father's family, not his father, i.e., he forgot
his brothers and what they did didn't weigh on his mind.

Ephraim's fruitfulness meaning is ascribed to USA and Canada, and then they
really go off half cocked.

"The Hebrew word 'Amiyr' [Strong's #5995], which the name 'America'
represents, refers to a 'sheaf of wheat'. In America's heartland are grown wheat
fields as far as you can see...":

this is false. They grab a similar sounding word from an unrelated language to
apply to America. so "sheaf of wheat" is irrelevant.

America is named from theexplorer Vespucci Amerigo, and Americus is the Latin
form of his last name.
and it means "industrious leader"
and if you want to relate it to the Goth name Amalrich you still have a problem because
this is not a semitic language,
which also means "industrious leader" so is probably derived from Latin which the Goths
were influenced by (being for a long time arianist heretics).
the page even ties Israel to these sons of Joseph because Asenath his wife, daughter of the high
priest of On, had a name that maybe related to a pagan false god, so the page writer
renders Israel as Is-RA-el which is totally invalid, Egyptian and Semitic not being the same
or same origin, and Israel meaning specifically in Hebrew "Triumphant with God", "who prevails with God"[

Sunday, May 15, 2016

science and acupuncture

while there is some scientific evidence for all this, this is no reason to adopt New Age healing measures. in fact, more reason to avoid it. Because once any energy system of someone is imposed on your own or vice versa, some unconscious contamination of your own or a spirit's can go with it.
Reiki is especially dangerous, because it involved initiation into a "current" and involves spirits, who take over and direct more and more the practice of the upper level initiates, an...d reiki involves putting spirits into the client without their knowledge, on purpose (or trying to do so) according to internal literature a person on an anti New Age blog reported. That makes sense.
acupuncture doesn't involve mixing the auras or energy systems of the acupuncturist and the client. a physical object is used to modify the flow. granted this could be a means of such information transfer, but since it is not usually seen as such and intent is lacking it is not likely.
the biggest problem with energy work and new age is the MISidentification of an energy field as "God." it is no such thing. if it exists it is just another creation of God's. and its existence does not validate any of the theology or politics of the new age.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Remote Viewing Reconsidered - Not A Good Idea

since writing this, I have come to the conclusion that remote viewing is demonically
aided. It may be possible to do something like this without demons, but the whole
thing started with Scientologists who were using information from Hubbard who was
according to his son's biography Messiah or Madman? was a secret satanist and user
of Crowleyite rituals in private. Crowley in turn depended a lot on Vajrayana type
Mahayana Buddhism which is a whole other ball of wax I don't want to deal with here.
But the concept may have come from there. Mahayana Buddhism is so called "Greater
Vehicle" Buddhism which is the type we know most about. Zen may be a bit of a
throwback to the original Theravada or Hinayana ("Lesser Vehicle") Buddhism, but
it includes at times the same notion of the enlightened man being free from all moral
restraints and beyond good and evil. These greater and lesser labels were of course
applied by the Mahayana.

Mahayana in turn is Buddhism plus a plethora of less respectable pagan elements.
Tibetan has at times been the most depraved and is a product of hindu throwback
Buddhist tantrics plus Bon the pre Buddhist paganism and sorcery of Tibet.

The last straw for my suspicions was finding out that the trainees and practitioners
of Remote Viewing, as it was developed at Stanford Research Institute, often fall
back on a "sigil." of which the less said the better.

you can pursue the matter of dangers of Remote Viewing (and while you're at it
of Reiki) on youtube look for Ray Youngen for the latter. four or five videos
were made by an ex remote viewer and I think there are others. These two systems
are not related, but Reiki is even more demonic than RV.

Nevertheless, I think that the fact that Ed Dames came up with the RV result of
no prior lives, no reincarnation, only an illusion of this because of people in the
past who strongly resemble you, and having memories of others that you THINK
are your own in regession, is accurate, it is very similar to my own conclusions
balancing the Bible against reported experiences. At most, reincarnation would
be a kind of possession of the fetus, with two souls sharing one body. not healthy.

But I won't use RV sourced information anymore now that I know the problem.

Before I knew this, I had filled out an application to study this with Ed Dames'
organization online, and I felt someone "view" me. The atmosphere the impression
of the person, was thick and dark grey and a quality I have run into before that
while kind of detatched and neither friendly nor hostile could become hostile and
somehow aside from that seems similar to demonic related stuff.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

suggestibiiy and meditation from another blog's comments section

This is an excerpt from a blog focused on the dangers of meditation. (Note that Michael Murphy and Steven Donavan are new agers).

"Another concern, explored by researchers Michael Murphy and Steven Donovan, is that advanced practioners rank high in suggestibility, meaning that their physical or mental state is easily influence by the process of suggestion. Whether they become more suggestible because of participation in meditation practices or are highly suggestible to being with, a state which might reinforce their continuation of the practice has not been determined. Either way, the suggestibility puts them at risk of losing personal autonomy.

When meditators first reported experiencing depersonalization and derealization (feeling removed from ones body or as if one were watching oneself), it was believed that these altered states were connected to actual periods of meditation. Psychiatrists eventually recognized, however, that these were states of involuntary meditation, for want of a better name, that were intruding into the waking consciousness of meditators when they were not deliberately meditating."
Here is another warning from the medical community:

Meditation as Coercive persuasion:

And yet another resource.
These links should set you on the path to locate additional materials you may need.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Moonies and Process church theology Satan Joins The Moonies!
details at the article. This is essentially the same theology as that of the Process Church of the Final Judgement. the article states that supposedly satan wrote God and Moon a letter of apology. bah humbug. Also this tidbit "Moon's name "Sun Myung Moon" (Shining Truth) is not the name he was born with. Moon changed his name when he decided to pretend to be the messiah. Moon's real name is: "Young Myung Moon" which means: SHINING DRAGON in Korean."

"...Sun Myung Moon is an avid believer in psychics. He visits them often and accepts their advice according to reports that I have heard as well as others who have left the group and reported these things. Nan Sook Hong , who recently divorced Moon's eldest son Hyo Jin, told a Boston Globe reporter that she was chosen to be Hyo Jin's wife (at 15 years old) by a psychic in Korea who Moon had sought out. I found this information hilarious, as I was told as a member that Moon was the best qualified in history to choose marriage partners for his followers. When it comes to his son however, Moon takes no chances and only goes to the best psychics for advice. Moon himself tells his followers that no one knows the Spiritual World better than he does, and yet here he is going to a non-member for advice on choosing a wife for his son!..."

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

research on teilhard de chardin

reading the kindle excerpt of Go to "Theistic Evolution: The Teilhardian Heresy"
by Wolfgang Smith stirred me to do more research, hoping I would find evidence of some
secret theosophical society connection. so far no go, but its bad enough. some people go wrong on their own.
(Wolfgang Smith draws too much on Augustine and Plato, which include notions not helpful as he thinks they are, but makes his case well enough anyway.)
The following information was gleaned from a pro Teilhard page, so is hardly biassed.
But from the information presented, I fear he is or was a new Origen, a new plague upon believers, and a strengthener of neopaganism and other apostasy, all because in both
cases, he like Origen, sought for something "more" than the plain truth of Scripture,
Holy Liturgy (or in Teilhard's case the Mass which still contains truth however butchered) and the doctrines of Christ still maintained by the Roman Catholic Church.

"Near the time of his graduation he wrote his parents indicating that he wanted to become a Jesuit in his pursuit of the Truth."
in other words, the life prayer and the Mass daily wasn't truth enough, and what was
he going to find in any religious order that was valid and not based in this? Sounds
like his search for one necessary thing did not include Jesus Christ as enough. And Christian mysticism is mentioned by him as part of his mother's influence, so some of this may have come from the prelest elements of visionaries.
The Jesuit order was big on brains and education, however,
some of his relatives died "During this period of tragedy, Teilhard momentarily turned his gaze away from the world towards the meaning of life and suffering.  Teilhard indicates that but for Paul Trossard, his former novice master who encouraged him to follow science as a legitimate way to God, he would have discontinued those studies in favor of theology."
bad mistake.
"From Teilhard’s letters during his period in Egypt, suggest that Teilhard was starting his intellectual and spiritual synthesis of science and revealed truth.  According to Robert Speaight:
“If Teilhard thought about these matters, he does not say so.  His piety finds an unforced expression in devotion to the Blessed Virgin and the Sacred Heart.  Although he is sometimes called upon for a sermon, he would rather teach than preach.  The impression throughout is of a searching eye and sympathetic heart rather than a questing mind.  But these appearances were deceptive. Behind the world of physics he felt the essential matter of his childish dreams and now, in the spring of his vocation, he vowed that he would ‘force the secret of its mysterious gravity.’ “"
out of Egypt rarely comes anything good.
"Robert Speaight accurately described the problems of modernism as defined by Pope Pius X and Teilhard’s pushback against Modernism:
“The tendency of Modernism is to diminish the trancendent stature of Christ: Teilhard’s concern was to enlarge it to cosmic proportions.  So far from inventing a Christ to fit his own ideas, Teilhard had already found him in St. Paul.  It was ‘He in whom all things consist’, ‘He who fills all things’, ‘the Christ who is all in all’, and ‘has ascended high above all the heavens to fill all things with his presence’.  it was the Christus pantocrator of Byzantium, and more particularly the Christ of the Sacred Heart, freed from its popular iconography. Where the Modernist tends to imprison Christ in history at the same time as he questions the historicity of the Gospels which gave him to us, Teilhard adores him when he is transfigured on the mountain, rises from the tomb or is lost in the clouds above the heads of the Apostles. Whatever certain neo-modernists may pretend to the contrary, the opposition could not be more clear.” "

unfortunately, this resulted ultimately in a kind of pantheism and a reduction of
Christ to the Omega point instead of Alpha and Omega.
one person who knew him described him as rather cold and uncaring regarding the suffering
around him in WW I the expositor of his life on this site I found argues otherwise,
but Teilhard's quoted view of suffering sounds almost like he is contemplating a
very dark kind of magic application of it.
After this, he developed his thought more.
"First, he had recognized the organization and beauty of the created universe provides “immediate and tangible reality of a divine will”.  Teilhard was very critical of pantheism saying it was irrational as it presupposed “two contradictory properties, necessity and contingence.”"
so far so good.
"Second, Teilhard drew upon his Ignatian training and their belief in ‘finding God in all things’ to recognize the creative action of God in everything that moved or existed."
"But there still remained between the human soul and God “a hiatus, a gap, a coldness — the distance separating the necessary Being” with its human creation.  For his third stage, Teilhard reached back to St. Paul for his concept of the universal and cosmic Body of Christ.  It was through assisting the world reach its potential that one came to Christ.""
this gap consists of two things. the unchangeable distinction between Creator and creature, of totally different essences, and then another gap of relationship, created by man in the Fall. Paul does not speak of a universal and cosmic Body of Christ, but
of the ekklesia (assembly, aka church) of believers as comparable to an organism with
parts that do different things, and this is not the only analogy. Here Teilhard begins
most noticeably to seek to create a pantheistic condition or to hope for its eventual creation.

In China, Teilhard really got wierd. In March 1924, Teilhard de Chardin wrote an essay “Mon Universe” which expands on his vision of the Eucharistic Presence:
“We must say that the initial Body of Christ, his primary body, is confined to the species of bread and wine.  Can Christ, however, remain contained in this primary Body? Clearly, he cannot.  Since he is above all the Omega, that is, the universal ‘form’ of the world, he can obtain his organic balance and plenitude only by mystically assimilating . . . all that surrounds him.""
eh? Christ lacks organic balance and plenitude and has to assimilate all that surrounds
Him in order to achieve this? like He lacks ANYTHING? like He is some bottomless pit
of a growing child that must eat everything, edible or not, that He can grab?
WE FEED ON HIM, HE DOES NOT FEED ON US. Teilhard did a total reversal of the relationship of believer and God, and implies God NEEDS anything, something God made clear in the Bible He does not.
The Mass of the Earth is like some gnostic heretical thing, subtly blasphemous I'm sure if I studied it closely enough. In my youth I was impressed and I think I recited it. And there was this strange almost vision of a skinny dark demon like thing in a running posture across a desert wasteland with some obscuring cloud slightly. dust storm maybe?
This whole thing is demonic. And whether Teilhard secretly studied occult philosophy or followed the deadly lure of some evil spirit offering something "more" the end result
is the same. Whether he knowingly couched things in terms that were palatable to otherwise rejective Christians, or was carefully fed a step at a time only what he would himself find palatable, the end result, since he was gregarious and wanting to teach his ideas to everyone, was the same. Heresy. or the groundwork for it.
In AD 1922, Teilhard had written a paper on original sin, at the request of " a Jesuit colleague who was also a professor of dogmatic theology" and "Although we do not know what the paper contained, it mysteriously found its way to Rome.  Many believe it was stolen when Teilhard was in China."
I don't think there's anything mysterious about this. The recipient, probably having
doubts about Teilhard so tricking him into showing his true colors, on seeing the horrific ideas sent the paper to Rome. This resulted in a challenge to shut up or get
out, and after some wrangling he was asked to sign six propositions, and
"he could find ways of interpreting five of the propositions to his comfort, but one of the six caused him great difficulty" which interfered in some way with his evolutionary
teaching and/or mixing it with theology. " “After considerable deliberation, Valensin decided that the best course was to consider the physical action of signing the document as a gesture of fidelity rather than as a symbol of intellectual assent”.  Valensin argued that the correctness of Teilhard’s spirit was ultimately Heaven’s business. After a week’s retreat and reflection on the Ignatian Exercises, Teilhard signed the document in July 1925 and agreed to leave for China at the end of the academic year. " So he signed it with typical Jesuitical double minded reservations and game playing. Loyalty to the church and avoiding scandal were his stated motives.
"* Note on Modernism and Teilhard de Chardin:  We have seen earlier that Teilhard de Chardin was not a “modernist” in the sense that he was trying to undermine the Church.  As biographer Robert Speaight stated:
“The tendency of Modernism is to diminish the trancendent stature of Christ: Teilhard’s concern was to enlarge it to cosmic proportions.  So far from inventing a Christ to fit his own ideas, Teilhard had already found him in St. Paul.  It was ‘He in whom all things consist’, ‘He who fills all things’, ‘the Christ who is all in all’, and ‘has ascended high above all the heavens to fill all things with his presence’.  it was the Christus pantocrator of Byzantium, and more particularly the Christ of the Sacred Heart, freed from its popular iconography. "
This is false. Paul depicts Christ as already doing this, done this, is indeed the supporter of existence of all, and Teilhard on the contrary claims this is something yet to be achieved. The only thing Paul says is yet to be achieved is all things being under Christ's rule on earth and eventual overhaul of creation. None of this is done by evolution but by divine direct action, depicted as accomplished in fairly short periods of time.
Teilhard defense claims he three times supported original sin in a book, but exactly what did he mean by that? some brief deviation from the flow of evolution? some warp of the noosphere? Typically heretics will use biblical terms but in an unbiblical way.
In China again he wrote his other two books one of which got Jesuit approval but was
stopped by Rome and not published till after his death. even the excerpt given shows a tendency to bypass Jesus Christ and rejects the old man in the sky idea, which God was pleased to use as an epiphany, the Ancient of Days in OT.
however, I find this:
"I want to teach people how to see God everywhere, to see Him in all that is hidden, most solid, and most ultimate in the world. I am essentially Pantheist in my thinking and in my temperament." -- Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881 - 1955)  this admission shows that his pantheistic implications and semi statements in his writings were not accidental slips of sloppy thinking, but subtle efforts to corrupt his readers into his mentality.

 continuing on this site, comments being the site author's,
""According to my own principles, I cannot fight against Christianity; I can only work inside it by trying to transform and convert it. A revolutionary attitude would be much easier, and much more pleasant, but it would be suicidal. So I must go step by step, tenaciously." (Letter, Mar. 21, 1941)
Do we understand him correctly? A transformation of Christianity?! In his private correspondence, Chardin freely stated his goal--the establishment of a new religion:

"What increasingly dominates my interest is the effort to establish within myself, and to diffuse around me, a new religion (let's call it an improved Christianity if you like) whose personal God is no longer the great Neolithic landowner of times gone by, but the Soul of the world..." (Letter to Leontine Zanta, Jan. 26, 1936)
"The more the years pass, the more I begin to think that my function is probably simply that... of John the Baptist, that is, of one who presages what is to come. Or perhaps what I am called on to do is simply to help in the birth of a new soul in that which already is." (ibid)
He apparently even amazed himself at the depth of his opposition to orthodox Christianity, writing to a friend, "Sometimes I am a bit afraid, when I think of the transposition to which I must submit my mind concerning the common notions of creation, inspiration, miracle, original sin, resurrection, etc., in order to be able to accept them."  (Letter of Dec. 17, 1922)"
This writer notes that his mother was a descendant of Voltaire. her daily mass attendance doesn't sound like she accepted her ancestor's ideas, but there may have been something amiss, perhaps she had some of his writings and Teilhard was exposed to them at an early age.
"At the age of fourteen, he came under the influence of Henri Bremond, a Jesuit who taught at the College of Mongré, Chardin's high school. Bremond was a popular Skeptic and Rationalist who propagated Modernism throughout the entire French province of the Jesuit order through his position as editor of Etudes, their official magazine. Impressed by his prestige, at the age of eighteen Chardin decided to become a Jesuit. Bremond subsequently was asked to leave the Order and wandered off to spread his errors as a secular priest."
This is a typical problematic response of RC, whether it is sexual abuse or at least misconduct (affair with an adult woman or married woman) or heresy they don't cut the diseased entity out. The priest is not defrocked merely kicked out of the order, and allowed to continue teaching error locally. Teilhard is not brought to heel really, but required merely to make a promise and then go hang out in China away from others. Alternatives are given instead "that's it, you're out of here and no I don't trust your word on anything." in the case of sex abuse this situation is played out, moving them after probaby some show of repentance and being given absolution somewhere else. yet how can such a person be trusted to be sincere or to not backslide? his own soul's safety, if not that of others, dictates he be defrocked and removed from the possibility of doing more harm.
"Since his childhood, Chardin had been fascinated by the volcanic hills that surrounded his home in the Auvergne region, and had acquired an obsession with rocks and fossils."

"At first he was cautious of detection by vigilant Church authorities, frequently inventing new words with which to camouflage his theological deviations, such as: "noosphere," "hominization," "Meta Christianity," "psychic planetization," and "Omega Point." These terms, literally, had no orthodox meaning whatsoever, and were merely intended to disguise his heretical ideas."
Actually they sound wierd enough they should have created a problem, but the overly
intellectual Jesuits were more receptive to him. And he did not invent the term
noosphere, he stole it from someone else who gave no mystical implication to it, merely that in addition to the geological sphere, the biosphere on that including man, there is the noosphere or man's thoughts manifesting in actions and technology that affect the geosphere (mining) and biosphere (farming).
"Christogenesis: A Universe at One with Christ
According to Teilhard, the history of the earth reflected a gradual "unfolding of the potentialities of matter and energy." Inanimate matter gave way to life; simple life forms gave way to ever more complex organisms. All this culminated in human consciousness. But for Chardin, this was not the end of the procedure. Teilhard believed the process must continue, though now across the threshold of human consciousness. Where would it lead? This is what he called the "Omega Point" -- "the horizon in which spirit and matter must eventually converge." He declared that Christ is really this "Omega Point," the beginning and end of history. In Christ, he taught, we have a guarantee of our own ultimate destiny. Here the spirit of God and the principle of matter were definitively joined. In his own blasphemous words:

"Christ saves. But must we not hasten to add that Christ, too, is saved by Evolution?" (Le Christique, 1955)""
This guy should have been thrown out of the RCC. These words alone brand him as NOT a Christian of any stripe.
"Teilhard had broken down the distinction between the natural and supernatural orders, between Creator and creature, between matter and spirit. This concept, hardly a new one, is called in philosophy the error of Monism, and is opposed to the dictates of right reason.
" St. Paul described Our Divine Lord Jesus Christ as the "Second Adam." Why is that so important? Because if there is no Adam, then there is no Original Sin. And if there is no Original Sin, then there is no need for man to be redeemed from Original Sin.
"Now, if there is no need for Redemption from sin, then what exactly happened on Calvary? Chardin really doesn't know, but he will not call it a Sacrifice: he will not speak of the Sacrifice of Calvary. Teilhard may speak of the "Significant Act" of Calvary but, as with everything else, the "significance" remains safely camouflaged behind the Chardinian verbiage. What is clear is this: Chardin did not believe what the Holy Catholic Church teaches about Our Blessed Redeemer; he did not believe that Christ is the New Adam. If there was no need for a first Adam (on account of Evolution), there can be no New Adam. Without Adam, there is no Original Sin, there is no fall from grace, and consequently no need to be restored into grace.
Thus, if there is no Redemptive Sacrifice on Calvary, there is no Sacrifice of the Mass, which is Its Unbloody renewal. Whatever the Mass is in the view of heretics like Chardin, it cannot be the stupendous Sacrifice of the Only-begotten Son of God for the Redemption of mankind! The true Catholic Faith has always professed, unequivocally, that Christ did in fact die for our sins -- but you will look in vain for this truth in the works of Teilhard de Chardin! In his hands, as well as those of all the Modernist pseudo-theologians, a true belief in the unbloody Sacrifice of Calvary, the Mass, has vanished."
The pro chardin writer claims he was exonerated of involvement in the Piltdown man hoax, and said he got there after the find. Maybe so. But it may have given him an idea. And chronic dishonesty in the mind, bearing fruit as dishonesty in writing, will likely breed dishonesty in action. already he had a reputation for "During Teilhard's stay in and around Peking he was a frequent guest at the numerous dinner parties given by the upper crust social stratum. Peking harbored a large number of European and American businessmen -- younger sons of wealthy families who made lots of money from the poorer Chinese. But one must look very hard to find evidence of any priestly mission work done by Chardin in all those years."
All the blather about Peking man seems to depend on the word of Chardin and his cohorts. "Most of the study on these fossils was done by Davidson Black until his death in 1934. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin took over until Franz Weidenreich replaced him and studied the fossils until he left China in 1941. The original fossils disappeared in 1941, but excellent casts and descriptions remain."  according to this article, one skull was found later, "Skull V: two cranial fragments were discovered in 1966 which fit with (casts of) two other fragments found in 1934 and 1936 to form much of a skullcap with a brain size of 1140 cc. These pieces were found at a higher level, and appear to be more modern than the other skullcaps." citing Jia, Lanpo; Huang, Weiwen (1990). The Story of Peking Man: From Archaeology to Mystery. Oxford University Press..
The possibility of fraud is harped on by the anti Chardin writer. Previous explorers did find something, so perhaps it wasn't all fraud. But the initial finds were just teeth, and what was found later was disputed (and mixed with more modern types).
The Chardin debunker continues,

"Unfortunately, these "discoveries" were lost. Just lost -- pure and simple. Piles and piles of them; tons of them; enormous boxes filled with teeth and bones. Undaunted, Teilhard and his co-scientists, Dr. Davidson Black and Dr. Weng Chang Pei, published papers officiously documenting their phantom "discoveries." Over a period of a decade a few people went over to China to study them, but generally remained unimpressed. Some scientists were eventually interested enough to test the fossils for authenticity, wishing to determine, through the use of clinical criteria, if Peking man was a hoax. But there was nothing to examine at Peking, either with the newly discovered Carbon-14 test (of dubious worth), or the older Flourine test, or with any other tests. Incredibly, every fossil discovered at Peking was lost. How? They were mistakenly put on a train (so Chardin's story goes), and no one is sure where the trainload of artifacts went!"
yeah, kind of odd. Like maybe he figured given the controversy that these might not pan out as useful to his purposes after all and got rid of them. The later find was a bit more modern. Homo erectus type humans have been found elsewhere, and this Peking Man was a category of this.
"Dr. Marcellin Boule, his old professor from Paris," visited Teilhard in China and  "Returning to France he published an article in L'Anthropologie in which he rejected the claims of authenticity, and denounced Chardin, his former student, by name."
"After World War II, a new Jesuit Superior General, Fr. Janssens, brought in a new trend of Liberalism to the entire Society of Jesus....Thus encouraged, Chardin well-nigh threw caution to the winds. By 1947, he was going around saying, very publicly, things such as "I do not think God should be worshiped" and "Very definitely there was no Adam and Eve and no Original Sin." He was a man past sixty years of age now, and very brazen about his approach to religion. In one of his letters to a friend he wrote: "I have so many friends now, in good strategic positions, that I have no fear of the future. I have won the game." Unfortunately, the unflappable Chardin was right. There was no doubt about it. He had wanted to corrupt the seminaries, and he had succeeded in doing precisely that, thus planting the seeds of Modernism and Skepticism everywhere the new clergy would infiltrate."
Rome "still Catholic at the time" cracked down on him.
yet more horrific influence is seen in Benny 16th statement:
“The role of the priesthood is to consecrate the world so that it may become a living host, a liturgy: so that the liturgy may not be something alongside the reality of the world, but that the world itself shall become a living host, a liturgy. This is also the great vision of Teilhard de Chardin: in the end we shall achieve a true cosmic liturgy, where the cosmos becomes a living host.”
•Benedict XVI, Homily, Celebration of Vespers with the Faithful of Aosta, July 24, 2009.
the pope has forgotten that the Eucharist is to show forth Christ's death until He comes back.
"In an article titled The Occult Character of the United Nations, author Alan Morrison writes the following:

"I have often spoken about the fact that the United Nations is an organization which has been widely infiltrated by occultists and propagators of the ‘New Spirituality’ (New Ageism). In the book The Aquarian Conspiracy, by Marilyn Ferguson, a survey of New Agers showed that the leading influence on their spiritual ‘awakening’ was Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. The occultist and well-known ‘channeller’, Dr. Robert Muller, who was an Assistant Secretary General at the United Nations until recently, wrote in one of his books: "Teilhard [de Chardin] had always viewed the United Nations as the progressive institutional embodiment of his philosophy" (Robert Muller, ed., The Desire to be Human: A Global Reconnaissance of Human Perspectives in an Age of Transformation, Miranana, 1983, p. 304). As the darling of the ‘New Spirituality’, Teilhard de Chardin rigorously applied his monist, evolutionary philosophy to the world political situation, leading him to advocate a vision of some kind of one-world government. In his book The Future of Man (Harper & Row, 1955, p.182), he wrote: "Although the form is not yet discernible, mankind tomorrow will awaken to a 'pan-organized' world’."""

(something very wierd going on with this link. copied and pasted from text file,
it goes to 404 not there. clicked from my blog link, it works. )
"Teilhard de Chardin himself wants us to understand the childhood roots of his spiritual journey, and so I quote the following description of his first memory:

""A memory? My very first! I was five or six. My mother had snipped a few of my curls. I picked one up and held it close to the fire. The hair was burnt up in a fraction of a second. A terrible grief assailed me; I had learnt that I was perishable.... What used to grieve me when I was a child? This insecurity of things. And what used I to love? My genie of iron! With a plow hitch I believed myself, at seven years, rich with a treasure incorruptible, everlasting. And then it turned out that what I possessed was just a bit of iron that rusted. At this discovery I threw myself on the lawn and shed the bitterest tears of my existence!” [From a 1938 edition of The Heart of Matter, translated by Claude Cuenot]."
"In his autobiography, The Heart of Matter, Teilhard begins by stating that the "axis" which gives continuity to his whole life is the innate "Pleromic Sense" which has been with him since earliest childhood — the appetite for some "Unique all-sufficing and necessary reality" (p 16-17). He describes a mental state as a child in which, although he was devoted to the child Jesus, "In reality, however, my real ‘me’ was elsewhere…. I withdrew into the contemplation, the possession, into the so relished existence of my ‘Iron God'… nothing in the world was harder, heavier, tougher, more durable than this marvelous substance apprehended in its fullest possible form… Consistence: that has undoubtedly been for me the fundamental attribute of Being."
 "In other words, at an age when healthy children "relish" in the love of mother, father, and siblings, Teilhard withdrew into a contemplative relation with the iron "lock-pin of a plow" (p. 18-19).
" Having been betrayed by the rusting lock-pin, Teilhard moved on to rocks (they don’t rust), and especially quartz. This passion stayed with him the rest of his life. He writes, "The truth is that even at the peak of my spiritual trajectory I was never to feel at home unless immersed in an Ocean of Matter…" (p. 20).
 The problem in all of this, of course, is what to do with living things."
same link.
what did he do with living things? used them to talk at and direct and recruit.
" Teilhard writes that, "Because of its apparent fragility…the living World greatly worried and disconcerted me as a child." On the one hand he was drawn to it by his "Pleromic Sense" (there is, after all, a certain obvious plenitude of being in living things that is not in rocks); on the other he was repulsed and terrified by their inconsistency and fragility. He admits that, because of this conflict, "I had at that time [28 years old] come to a standstill in my awakening to Cosmic Life, and I could not start again without the intervention of a new force or a new illumination" (pp. 23-24). In other words, at the age of 28, he was still looking for a justification for relishing the living over the dead.
 It is interesting that at this stage of development (if we care to grace it with such a term), Teilhard was tempted by Eastern Mysticism. Having found no real object in this world to answer his quest for "Plenitude," he was tempted to go entirely beyond this world into the formless Monism of Eastern Philosophy and Mysticism. He states that such would have been the case "had it not been that just at the appropriate moment the idea of Evolution germinated in me, like a seed: whence it came I cannot say" (p. 24).
 Evolution became for our philosopher a "magic word… which haunted my thoughts like a tune: which was to me like an unsatisfied hunger, like a promise held out to me, like a summons to be answered…." (p.24). It was in fact Evolution which enabled Teilhard to transfer his Sense of Plenitude from the "ultra-material" (iron and rocks) to the "ultra living," ..."]
same url.
now, this brat encounters his own mortality. Doesn't consider that after all Christ Himself submitted to mortality, died, rose from the dead, and will resurrect us to blessedness or to judgement. oh, no. surely he knew of people dying. but somehow he is supposed to be special and exempt from all that.  I suspect the Mass and Church was to him more of an aesthetic event (with artwork and statues conveniently non living) than spiritual, his Catholic identity cultural rather than real, and this is exactly the driver for many witches and homosexuals and abortion supporters and promiscuous, who do not come out of the RC but seek rather to change it to fit themselves. They love the incense, the ceremony, and the community. But not the morality. And in Teilhard's case, not the humility.
If he can't be personally immortal he can be in some "larger self" kind of way indirectly immortal by being part of an immortal (and evolving! wow!) collectivity. Someone listed transhumanism as among the thing compatible with his thought.

It is hard for me to think that this kid did not express these feelings to his parents. It is possible that his grief and tears were done behind their backs, and so they never asked and that he kept up a bold front (or tried to forget his recognition of his own mortality and destructibility, and keeping it out of his mind he looked cheerful). but it is also possible that they or his mother DID know, and did not give him Christian instruction to deal with it. Perhaps they too were devoted to an aesthetic, to habits and sensations they had learned to manufacture in prayer, and to a cultural identity and the social and familial stability that develops from loyalty to Church teaching.
Evidently he did not seek solace in God and Christ and the Church, he sought it in rocks! so something was wrong in his outlook. Did they do any prayers but canned ones, the rosary? of course the Jesus Prayer is not part of RC traditional prayers. Did personal prayer, bringing your concerns to Jesus or to a saint get done or encouraged or even spoken of? even thought of?