Tuesday, May 24, 2016

typical Scripture mishandling, types and shadows etc.

firstly Scripture in using typology and referring to shadows of something
coming later, all allegorizing, does so infrequently and minimally. The time
Paul lectures on Hagar vs. Sarah Jerusalem below and Jerusalem above, is
almost the only time. And this is to make a point to those who were making a
big deal about Moses and so forth. Probably turned some argument of theirs
against them.

The Law (meaning Torah of Moses) was a shadow of things to come, of Christ,
Who now being here there is no use for the shadow.

http://the-red-thread.net/ephraim-manasseh-roles.html shows a typical mishandling,
and forgetting one's troubles and bad members of family doesn't point to forgetting
holy things. notice he said forgetting his father's family, not his father, i.e., he forgot
his brothers and what they did didn't weigh on his mind.

Ephraim's fruitfulness meaning is ascribed to USA and Canada, and then they
really go off half cocked.

"The Hebrew word 'Amiyr' [Strong's #5995], which the name 'America'
represents, refers to a 'sheaf of wheat'. In America's heartland are grown wheat
fields as far as you can see...":

this is false. They grab a similar sounding word from an unrelated language to
apply to America. so "sheaf of wheat" is irrelevant.

America is named from theexplorer Vespucci Amerigo, and Americus is the Latin
form of his last name. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Americas#Etymology_and_naming
and it means "industrious leader" http://www.ourbabynamer.com/meaning-of-Americus.html
and if you want to relate it to the Goth name Amalrich you still have a problem because
this is not a semitic language, http://www.uhmc.sunysb.edu/surgery/america.html
which also means "industrious leader" so is probably derived from Latin which the Goths
were influenced by (being for a long time arianist heretics). http://www.ourbabynamer.com/meaning-of-Amalrich.html
the page even ties Israel to these sons of Joseph because Asenath his wife, daughter of the high
priest of On, had a name that maybe related to a pagan false god, so the page writer
renders Israel as Is-RA-el which is totally invalid, Egyptian and Semitic not being the same
or same origin, and Israel meaning specifically in Hebrew "Triumphant with God", "who prevails with God"[ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Israel_(name)

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