Monday, October 21, 2013

The New Age Movement is a multifaceted thing. Under
the name "New Age" people probably know of it only in
its weirder pop culture blissed out power vortices in
Sedona, AZ meditation, sexual experimentation to the point
of perversion, neopaganism of such an eclectic sort that the
remaining mesopagans (indigenous "religions" like Native
American ones) complain of their faiths and practices being
hijacked out of context and exploited (which they are,
especially in terms of financial exploitation), vegetarianism.
past life discovery, reincarnation, chakras, crystals, and
channeled bullshit entities format.

(The latter has so impinged on the UFO scene as to make it
appear even more ridiculous than the usual government
coverups do, and may even be in some cases part of it.)

But it also has deadly political applications. The New
World Order deplored by many who dig the love-peace-
bliss pop absurdities of the New Age,  is in fact a vital
part of The Plan.

Leaders in this kind of thing track back in terms of
political/organizational pedigree and of who taught who
and who references who as big deal important source,
to the insane and disguised demonic ramblings of Helena
Petrovna Blavatsky (HPB) and The Theosophical
Society, which begat Alice and Foster Bailey, the more
direct source for both political and psychological forms
of the New Age Movement (NAM).

Significantly enough, one of the channeled messages
I think through Foster Bailey (Alice's husband) declared
that not only did the world need uniting under one govt.,
or at least Europe did, but that an initiate of theirs had
tried this, using the Rhine River valley as the uniting point,
already, and failed.

Well, who would that be? Phrased like that, a lot of people
not in good shape with geography would let it pass. But
it is an obvious reference to....ADOLF HITLER.

And that is where the real game lies.

This blog is going to deal with not only such pedigrees,
and political manifestations (totalitarian and sneak slow
kill games involving the plan indicated in The Georgia
Guide Stones of keeping the population at something like
500,000,000 people, which means of course radical
depopulation to kill off or let die off 6 1/2 billion people
to get it down to that five hundred million count in the
first place, but of course isn't mentioned up front and
invasive totalitarian games like Agenda 21 and sustainable
this and that, and the occultism oriented financial and
political elites), but with the inherent self contradictions
and other problems of The New Age.

Constance Cumbey's blog is excellent, but she has a few
people over there who tend to undermine any practical
efforts against the New Age. I can't tell if they are fools
or agents. One in particular goes on the attack when
anything serious in the way of analysis or providing tools
to use against the New Age is attempted. I won't speculate 
here on her motives, maybe it is just a mental problem.

And I think it is time to start a blog that will address issues
that such people think are "confusing," while they in fact
just throw the occasional link to something we can bitch
about, but don't seem to want anything practical done,
and attack any effort to do a Christian analysis, despite the
fact Constance's blog is Christian.

It is those people who making the confusion they accuse 
me of doing. To some of them, the only relevant New Age
information is the fact (true enough) that it is antisemitic
to the core, that it has occult Nazi background connections
Theosophical ideas being at the root of Nazi ideology, and
some individual political manifestations. Attacking any
head of the hydra but that, or whatever other head is the
personal focus of the complainer is verboten.

(Hydra was a Greek mythology monster with several
heads. Hack one off, the other is reaching around on its
snake like neck and biting you on the ass.)

The New Age is anti Abrahamic religions. The ball game 
seems to be to get the Jews, Christians and Moslems to 
fight each other and kill each other off, only the most 
blissed out mystical versions (pantheistic sort or gnostic 
divine spark trapped in nasty old matter sort) to survive.

Not that we Abrahamics haven't been doing that already.
But the Arab Spring movements always end with the
war mongering military industrial complex neocons in the
US and Europe running the show, behind jihadi radical
and pseudo moderate islamist puppets who get in charge, 
and guess who gets persecuted more once the old regimes
are overthrown?

Christians. Granted these incl. people who adhere to old
heresies like monophysitism and nestorianism, but that
is not why they are persecuted, but for being Christian not
moslem. (And with the passage of time these groups seem
to have moved in a more orthodox direction.)

Doesn't matter that the koran doesn't really support this
mostly, there are things in Shariah law that are at odds with
the koran, not that I think it is a valid revelation, that's not
the point. Mohammed seems to have had SOME common
sense and decency at times, and the infamous rule of four
eyewitnesses to get a conviction was originally promulgated
ONLY in the case of a woman accused of adultery. It has
been expanded to be regarding all lawbreaking, and results
in any country under Shariah being effectively a lawless
shithole. (Worsening it is the family tradition things incl.
forced arranged marriage, honor killing where victims
instead of victimizers are murdered, and of course lying
under oath to support family members who are accused of
anything. Oh, yeah, THE KORAN SAYS THAT NO MAN
he can only marry a woman who has also committed
fornication. But you don't see this in Shariah, now do you?
I have read the entire koran TWICE in two different
English translations, one of them the Saudi authorized
official English translation.)

Thank God that Egypt has gone on the attack against
the Muslim Brotherhood. (Paul Craig Roberts is often
a good analyst, but he has falled for the lie that the MB
is just a moderate group. Someone else or maybe it
was Roberts said they are a glorified soup kitchen. 
Yeah, glorified with guns and bombs. The soup kitchen
and medical help stuff is to get the populace to support

Constance thinks any attack on Islam is playing into
New Age hands, but it isn't. Others think any attack on
the excesses in kabalah is attack Judaism, but it isn't. In
fact, some Orthodox Jewish rabbis have denounced kabalah
as sneak pagan (which it is), and "a disease of the mind."

On Constance's blog recently is an incredibly good map of
the New Age Movement, which I am going to link to. This
leaves out some high profile cults like Scientology probably
because it is exclusive and has clear cut boundaries, making
it harder to infiltrate everywhere unlike the more amorphous
typical New Age operation.

Granted, some such exclusivist NAM groups exist, but they
are promoting ideas and practices that are part of the
slither infiltration into the mainstream (New Age has just
about become mainstream), and would be there whether
the group existed or not, though they may play a big role
in promoting the ideas even if you don't join them.
Scientology on the other hand, does not like its teachings
and secrets put out for free to the public, so unless you
go to places like Clambake you don't get to know what
they charge for you to learn. The essential elements of the
other NAM groups are out there for anyone to get at, or
get infected by.

And that is the real problem. Scientology and maybe some
other cults, operate in the mainstream by infiltrating
individual operatives, and gaining pull with the public as
an organization. NAM infiltrates with ideas.

The problem with these things is that some elements like
herbal medicine and acupuncture to some extent actually
work, but these are presented as part of a larger spectrum
and supposedly prove the rest of it, when in fact they
are IRRELEVANT. I will deal with this sort of thing and
have started to on my other blog, Politicallyunclassifiable.

They are bait on the hook, to get you to take the hook
and end up hypnotized. (altered states of consciousness.)

L. Ron Hubbard once said, that the quickest way to
enslave someone is to promise them total freedom.

A lot of New Agers, especially when they use the now
heavily infiltrated truth movement, do it slightly differently.

Step one. Get you question everything, except of course
NAM ideas. Show you how the govt. has lied (it has) and
the media lies (it does.)

Step two. Now you are focussed on this liberator who tells
you the truth, now you are ready for any lie he or she will
tell you.

Step three. Now you are hooked. Maybe it costs you
financially. Definitely it puts your soul at risk. And you will
be part of whatever mass movement they want to direct.

And this might attack superficially one point of the hydra,
while it supports another head or the body itself.

The hydra consists of a huge network of organizations and
individuals, here is a link to an excellent chart, two pages
of it, you can click on the images to enlarge and try to print
them, and Constance Cumbey will email you attachments
of them if you can't copy them readably.  See also Constance Cumbey's book,
which set the NAM plans back several years.  and her
other book which eventually gets into the striking parallels
between New Age doctrines and the neo pentecostal 
movement (e.g., Manifest Sons of God, but the same 
false doctrines occur in groups not claiming to represent
this.) and
here is something that focusses on the identity between
Nazi mysticism and New Age.

This book also focusses on a plan some had to stage a 
fake Jesus Second Coming using holographic techniques.
Whether this might ever be attempted or not, the fact it
was considered shows where some people's heads are at.

This is a high tech version of the plan some CIA guy had
for the invasion of Cuba, to stage fake miracles, Jesus and 
Mary appearing in the sky (paper images hung from a 
balloon perhaps painted sky color to disguise it) to make 
Cubans think the invasion had the backing of God.

The interesting thing is, that the guy who was first investigating
this plan, died kind of oddly. Now he was under enormous 
stress, and the heart attack could have been legitimate, not
chemically induced. But the stress he was under was from 
problems that developed that he could have been targetted with
because of his research.

However....he was ALSO researching Canadian equivalents 
of FEMA camps. So it is an open question which conspiracy
he was researching got him killed, or driven to his death.

mysticism Details
more briefly the Theosophy-Nazism-New Age connection. Ideas
have consequences, once they are in action, or in speech or 
print which can then affect actions, so it is a good thing to keep
track of such patterns, see how they worked out in the past.

New Agers have openly called for the extermination of Christians
and Jews because NAM hates YHWHism in any form.