Thursday, February 25, 2016

Branham's deadly influence

A lot of charismaticism belongs in the New Age category, and according to
many articles on watching developments over the
years, have increasingly shown an influx of New Age notions. And practices,
such as centering prayer and so forth. (This contemplative stuff is ascribed
to the Desert Fathers, but this is false. What they meant by contemplation
and what the Bible refers to as meditation is to contemplate or meditate on
something in Scripture. Lectio divina was originally reading the Bible in
order to learn from it and apply it. But the western Roman Catholic monastics,
in overreaction to the sterility of scholasticism, went overboard in the other
direction, a sensual sentimentality kind of thing, and their visionaries reek
of this. Contemplative prayer then became something more occultic, and
lectio divina reading the Bible to soak in it and get in a mood. This is how
it is done now. The rapproachment between charismatics and the RC is
demonic deception, to bring RC into an evangelical charismatic relationship
using the worst of their own errors, ramping up this mindless meditation.
Charismatics do a fast track approach in "tongues" where they let their
minds go limp and say whatever gibberish would come out, having some
entity directing it. A few legitimate manifestations of The Holy Spirit
may occasionally occur among them, but not much.)

This article shows a major channel of demonic influence,

"Before his death in 1965, his occult healing spirit was transferred to hundreds
by the laying on of hands. These people include almost all the major names
who operated as "healing" evangelists during that time, and who are still at
work today. They took Branham’s mantle through the period known as the
Latter Rain, endued by the power of his demonic occult entity. William
lived his life in fear and acted under a compulsive-type behavior associated
with his life-long demonic oppression.

William Branham is an important figure in modern day charismatic,
Pentecostal, and emerging church circles. The reason is that not just his latter
rain theology, but also his "spirit", and (allegedly) his ministering "angels"
have been passed onto a new generation of prophets. A "badge" of elitism
and favor in the new prophetic movement are those who can boast of having
met or seen Branham's angel. Testimonies to these angelic encounters are
included on Todd Bentley's website. Paul Cain, closely linked with William
Branham, as well as claiming he works directly with Branham's angels in
a similar manner to Branham. It is he who passed the power onto John
Wimber and his Vineyard with the prophetic spirit which in turn infected
the multi denominational wider church through the Toronto Blessing.

The beginnings of the prophetic movement goes back many decades. In the
40's there was a flurry of activity. Between 1947 and 1957, the so-called
"Healing Revival" led by Oral Roberts, T.L. Osborn, A.A. Allen, Jack Coe,
and Orval Jaggers enveloped America often with large tent campaigns.
William Branham was the central figure in this era. But he also became a
catalyst for the contemporary Pentecostal Movement we call the Latter-Rain.
It appeared in Canada and was given the blessing of Branham who actually
laid hands on the Canadian leaders of the Latter-Rain. The Latter-Rain had
developed an entirely new end-time teaching of "salvation history." The
Latter Rain is where the so-called ‘Toronto Blessing’ began. The movement
is characterized by a plethora of unorthodox teachings and questionable
practices -- encouraged and promoted by alleged ‘words,’ ‘prophecies’ and
‘visions’ from God, and accompanied by anything from outbreaks of
uncontrollable laughter, people acting as if they were drunk, and claims
of having received gold dust or other ’supernatural signs’ from God.
Bentley’s teachings and practices place his ministry squarely among the
controversial renewal and revival movements. "

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

NAR and Emergent Church becoming overtly NEw Age and One Worlder.

[This article shows that New Apostolic Reformation and Emergent Church are emerging straight
into the New Age, even to the point of involving Matthew Fox, who changed his original name
to the Matthew Fox name that adds up to 666 and preaches a "cosmic Christ."]

Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. (1 John 4:1)

Saturday, June 05, 2010

The Great Confluence

The Emergent New Apostolic Reformation Flowing into the New Age

"If you’re a house churcher or emerging churcher (or baffled onlooker), what do you think of this confluence of HC [House Church] and EC [Emergent Church]?"
- Mike Morrell, zoecarnate[1]

The previous Herescope post looked at the big picture of how the Emerging Church movement is connecting with the New Apostolic Reformation, as exemplified by the release of the new book Jesus Manifesto co-authored by Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola. There are even more troubling connections, and these lead straight into the New Age movement.

Emergent leader Mike Morrell got the plum job of conducting the book-launching "Interview With Frank Viola and Leonard Sweet," which was posted on June 1 at Morrell's webpage HERE. Morrell, "an editor with and founder of the popular ‘alt.Christian’ web directory,[2] explains how he originally hooked up with Frank Viola in his article "House Church: Ready for Prime Time? Frank Viola says 'Yes!'" Morrell, describing Frank Viola as a "family friend," records that he "started reading Frank right at the beginning of my house church journey in 1998, my freshman year in college" and how "[o]ne year later, he crashed on a pallet beside me and three other guys on my parents living room floor!"[3] He then explains the significance of connecting the Emergent movement to the NAR's "house church" movement. He began by relating that

Around 2005 Frank discovered what dawned on me in 2001; that these ‘emerging church’ folks were valuable friends and conversation partners in discovering the life, meaning and mission of Jesus’ followers in the 21st century. He asked me what he should be reading more of, and who he should be talking to. I introduced him to some friends, and gave him some contacts with the e-zines. After digesting more of ‘the conversation,’ Frank penned an article that went viral, Will the Emerging Church Fully Emerge? Andrew Jones and many othersweighed in. . . . [4]
This 2005 article of Viola's that Morrell is referring to, "Will the Emerging Church Fully Emerge?",[5] was a bold attempt to tweak the Emergent Church, moving it closer towards the ideal structural format of the New Apostolic Reformation's concept of "house church." At this point it is important to explain that the emerging "house church" concept in the NAR is engineered to be an organic whole that is facilitated and networked by a growing alliance of international self-anointed, self-appointed apostles and prophets - a living "body" on earth that is both hierarchical and cellular in nature. It is an "organism" that must be managed by the machinations of man (not God), assessed via feedback mechanisms, monitored and propelled towards an evolutionary target of a collective "emergence." Don't be misled by the rhetoric! The NAR concept of "house church" is not about humble little autonomous churches meeting in living rooms.[5]
By 2008, Morrell was explaining how Viola's ecclesiology was appealing to various Emergent leaders, and he opened the topic for further discussion:

So these days Pagan Christianity? and Reimagining Church hold their own in faith-based best-seller lists alongside other house church-oriented books (that you may or may not have heard of) like The Shack. Michael Spencer, the Internet Monk himself, thinks that emerging church practitioners should take Frank and his ecclesiology seriously. RTS prof Steve Brown is pleasantly surprised by house church ideas. And Relevant’s newly-launchedNeue Ministry discovers that house church folks really can care about the poor.
If you’re a house churcher or emerging churcher (or baffled onlooker), what do you think of this confluence of HC and EC?

Emergent Future Scenarios

On June 1st this past week Mike Morrell greatly assisted the marketing of Sweet and Viola's book by publishing the interview about it on his zoecarnate webpage.[7] The significance of Morrell's role in launching this book must be noted. Morrell is at the cutting edge of this Emergent "confluence." His online bio states that

Mike Morrell – Partner and Associate Consultant/Futurist: I am a Graduate Fellow in Emergent Studies, Master of Arts in Strategic Foresight program at Regent University, and a member of the Association of Professional Futurists. I have six years experience in the publishing industry, working in editorial, marketing and consulting capacities for ABA and CBA publishers including Random House, HarperOne, Tyndale and Zondervan. I am an editor with and founder of the popular ‘alt.Christian’ web directory My passion lies in the intersection of media and sustainable futures, creating usable futures to function resiliently in a generative economy. This passion has resulted in a growing expertise in the areas of local and global food economies, generative community building, human development and social justice issues, and a focus on sustainable and resilient practices for global resources.[8]
In his capacity as a self-avowed futurist, Morrell represents the most forward wing of the Emerging/Emergent movement that is propelling the church forward into a New World Order/New Age. For example, Morrell was a featured speaker, along with Emergent leader Brian McLaren at the New Age World Future Society Annual Conference held on July 26-28, 2008 in Washington, D.C. At the time, we posted a report describing the significance of this event:

The World Future Society is a leading organization devoted to creating alternative future scenarios for planet Earth. According to Wikipedia, it has about 25,000 members in more than 80 countries.
Also listed on this year's conference program is evangelical leader Jay Gary, who has longtime associations with the World Future Society (see article written by Warren Smith entitled "Evangelicals and New Agers Together"). Gary was instrumental in writing the Perspectives course, which has trained an entire generation of missionaries in new theologies and practices.
Jay Gary and Brian McLaren have both been actively eschewing "doomsday" eschatologies, a fact which we have written about previously on Herescope (a very important read!).
Morrell has published his infatuation with the future on his blog.[10] He has been a student in the Masters in Strategic Foresight program at Regent University under the tutelage of Jay Gary, a global mission leader who has been for the past 3 decades closely associated with the leaders of what is now called the New Apostolic Reformation. Jay Gary, who has also been a speaker at the World Future Society,[11] is at the forefront of Christian Futurism. Over the course of the past decade, Gary has been working on an alternative eschatology of "transmillennialism",[12] which is an unabashed attempt to reformulate and update Teilhardian evolutionary philosophy into a new hybrid eschatology that will facilitate an evolutionary ecumenical convergence. Morrell describes how he works with Gary's agenda:

"Presence, an eschatologically adventurous think tank and activist cell living visions of a new reality. Together we’re helping mine creative futures for a world chock-full of the earthy and divine."[13]
Closely connected with this newly concocted eschatology is the idea of "transhumanism,"[14] that humans can evolve into a higher order species via techno-spiritual evolution.[15]
Jay Gary is a fascinating study in how an evangelical mission leader could hook up with the New Age so quickly. In 1996, Berit Kjos wrote about his connections with the New Age, explaining how he had joined

forces with Robert Muller, the former under-secretary of the United Nations, whose spiritual tutors include former Buddhist U.N. leader U Thant, former occult Masonic leader Foster Bailey, and Alice Bailey, his wife who channeled the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul.... On the first page of his Bimillennial Research Report (March-April 1992), Jay Gary gave an uncritical endorsement of Robert Muller, announced the coming “World Parliament of Religions".... Kjos continued:

The World Goodwill Newsletter published by Lucis (formerly Lucifer) Press, which was founded by Foster and Alice Bailey, offers a clue. It describes BEGIN, the global networking organization founded and directed by Jay Gary, and endorses the relationship between Gary and Muller.
The Bi-MillEnnial Global Interaction Network (BEGIN) is a group of concerned world citizens who circulate information and ideas on celebrating the year 2000 as a planetary jubilee with an agenda of hope. The question which BEGIN seeks to address is: “How can the thousands of bi-millennial celebrations of life and civilizations truly leave a legacy for the entire human family that will endure the test of time?”
In a letter to World Goodwill, BEGIN Executive Director Jay E. Gary writes:
“One common project we are developing is an `International Year of Thanksgiving’ in 2000, especially through the United Nations. Dr. Robert Muller has given leadership to this proposal. If any of your readers would like to bring definition to a World Thanksgiving Year in 2000, marked by reflection, reconciliation, and gratitude between nations, cultures, and peoples, please have them correspond with us. We are collecting articles and papers on these themes for an upcoming Lets Talk 2000 Forum."Apparently Jay Gary does not seem to discern the danger inherent in an alliance and joint celebration with occult world leaders.
All of this interaction with leading Luciferian futurists[17] has far-reaching consequences. Gary's student, Mike Morrell, is playing a key role in this great "confluence" of Emergent, New Apostolic Reformation and New Age. Morrell wrote the following explanation about how this has all come about in a piece entitled "Sunday Devotional: Matthew Fox, Cosmic Mass": one processing religion, faith, and spirituality in a post* world can afford to ignore Matthew Fox - tempestuous, flamboyant, inventive; priest, artist, liturgist and theologian. The defrocked Catholic-turned-Episcopal priest was (with the unlikely influence-pairing of Vineyard revitalizer John Wimber) responsible for inspiring what was arguably the first ever emerging/postmodern congregation in the mid-1980s – the brilliant, controversial, combustible Nine O’ Clock Service. Inspired by a Wimber prophecy at St. Thom‘s in Sheffield and nurtured by Fox’s Creation Spirituality amongst working-class rave culture, the NOS was a potpourri of influences and expression.
Even after it’s untimely demise, the UK’s ‘Planetary Mass’ idea – shades of Teilhard de Chardin‘s Mass on the World – re-caught the attention of Fox himself, who brought it back to the US as a ‘Techno-Cosmic Mass.’ To this day, there are many interested in applying the ideas of Original Blessing and Creation Spirituality to communal expressions, as well as many of more staidly orthodox persuasion interested in alternative worship expressions...
A new article just posted on the Apprising Ministries website, "MIKE MORRELL ON MATTHEW FOX, JOHN WIMBER, AND THE EMERGING CHURCH," provides an in-depth examination of the background and far-reaching ramifications of all of this emerging "confluence."

Matthew Fox's Cosmic Christ is an alternative "christ" that is more in keeping with an ecumenical New Age than the Gospel of Salvation of orthodox Christianity. Which raises the question: precisely which Jesus is being talked about in Frank Viola and Leonard Sweet's new book?. . . .

The Truth:
"Know ye not, that so many of us as were baptized into Jesus Christ were baptized into his death? Therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life. For if we have been planted together in the likeness of his death, we shall be also in the likeness of his resurrection:" (Romans 6:3-5)

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See the series that begins here:
18. "Sunday Devotional: Matthew Fox, Cosmic Mass," February 7, 2010, Links were removed, but can be accessed in the original. See wikipedia entry for more information:

Sunday, February 14, 2016

does it have a soul is the wrong question

Various sources have stated that a human alien or other hybrid
does not have a soul, that a human conceived by cloning or
in vitro does not have a soul. Speculation exists that the soul or
spirit is inherited and that only on the father's side. There is not
a shred of biblical basis for this.

Roman Catholicism officially repudiated traducianism "the teaching that the immaterial human soul is transmitted through the natural act of procreation and is generated along with the material human body. Therefore, as the human body is generated from the life of the parents, so is the soul. This position teaches that the human soul in each individual is not generated by God's active hand at each conception but is rather a continued generation from Adam who was the only soul directly made by God (Eve being taken from Adam)."

However, it is take for granted as established fact by Paul in
Hebrews 7:7-11 and Genesis 2:7 says Adam "BECAME a living
soul," once the breath of life was breathed into him.

The same phrase, "breath of life" is used in describing all the
creatures that died in the Flood Gen. 7:21-23 some argue this
applied only to the men who died, but it says "all in whose
nostrils was the breath of life," so it applies to all or else only
those men died that had the breath of life, but not those who
didn't which is absurd.

Having the breath of life is what makes you a soul.

That's right, no one HAS a soul creatures ARE souls.

The Bible sometimes refers to "any soul" like we say "any body,"
"the soul that sinneth it shall die" for instance. Jehovah's Witnesses

use this to argue soul cessation or soul sleep at best, but they don't
get it, that the soul includes the body, a continuum the denser part
of which drops off at death and you go on in a reduced condition.

So a hybrid has a hybrid soul. Or rather IS a hybrid soul.

Saturday, February 13, 2016


so what if there is an etheric reality side of the body, do you not as a Christian believe that something survives after physical death?

If you accept something survives the bodily death just what do you think it is doing BEFORE death, eh?


They have absolutely no relationship to each other. Total non sequitur. 

New Age propaganda is heavily non sequitur. 

just because the sun in the sky exists, does not prove it is divine despite the claims of sun worshippers. 

"Remember your Creator before the silver cord is loosed, or the golden bowl is broken, or the pitcher shattered at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the well. Then the dust will return to the earth as it was, and the spirit will return to God who gave it. (NKJV) Eccl. 12:6-7 attempts to solve this puzzle by citing possible means of death, head wound, heart as the wheel, etc. but the silver cord as spinal cord? separated meaning taken far away? that is not a spinal severing injury. 

galgal is a wheel, whirling wind, chariot wheels, not a pumping blob. 

you can see cakra or chakra is wheel in the same sense, so much so that it is part of the word cakrasanda or wheelchair.

same concept. something round or roundish and usually, or sometimes, or at least potentially, rotating.

The term silver cord in use in out of body research, and the realm they go to is highly deceptive I don't recommend this, originates from that passage in the KJV because that is what the connection to the body looks like to the bilocator. Apparently there are many cords not just one but the overall impression is one, but the connection depends on where you went out from.


They don't. they are totally irrelevant.

even the one world politics and the all is one or should be nonsense is NOT supported by chakras or OOBE, but the IRRATIONAL MISEQUATION is used
to lead many from this to a range of lies, nonsense, delusion, and worse.

undercut the supports and call the rest into question.

undercut the supports by showing there IS NO LOGICAL CONNECTION BETWEEN CHAKRAS ETC. and what the NAM step by step or faster tries to lead you into using it.

Friday, February 12, 2016

print out and distribute 1 and 2

please print out and distribute without changes except formatting these two
documents. they attack the new age use of some things that are irrelevant and
do not support the new age claims for them, in fact can be used against new age.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Time Travel - bullshit.

There are several photos, old video reformatted movie clips, etc. purporting to show
time travelers, given away by something they are doing or wearing. The article linked
shows a young servant holding a thing that does resemble a laptop up to her mistress.
"Shallow box" sounds like a silly guess, more accurately a makeup box. no one is going
to tap keys at that angle depending on a flexible base like a servant's hands. But selecting
rouges and oils and powders is another thing.  Even now, some assortments of makeup
are sold in much smaller flat boxes.

The video shows what does look like an old woman carrying a cell phone pressed to the
side of her head, and her lips move a couple of times. MORE LIKELY SHE IS HOLDING

Someone else said a modern type logo-ed T-shirt and sunglasses etc. were photoshopped
in. Of course you have the lookalikes from the 1800s to prove various people are
immortal vampires or something. (A close look shows subtle differences of the ears,
which do not change during the lifetime, and eyebrows, hairline, etc.) All the latter prove
is that people from somewhat homogeneous backgrounds over generations will sometimes
look a lot like an ancestor or cousin from 100 years ago, and I have seen people who, if
you ignored the ethnic features, were dead ringers for other people not even of their race.

Time travel has several problems. Not the least of which is that if something, however
slight, changes something in the past it affects the entire present, and the past after that
event. Suppose that woman with the poultice was from the present, if she caused
someone to start woolgathering over the ills of teeth and aging and decide to shake the
worries by taking a brisker walk or even cross the street or go elsewhere, this one little
thing could start a cascade of results that could mean someone else is delayed or sped
up somewhere and does not meet someone resulting in later someone else didn't get
born, or gets run over by an out of control horse cart or something. Or writes a book
that either by content or sheer existence makes changes in what happens later.

A classic version of this is, someone goes back in time, kills someone who turns out to
be his great grandfather, so he never gets born. That of course means he never goes back
in time because he didn't exist to do so except in some "timeline" and the "timeline"
theory of course means you DO NOT have a double or whatever, because you don't exist
in some of those. The whole thing is schizophrenic delusional chaos presented under a
veneer of scientific speculation. (There is a paranormal or demonic phenomenon of
meeting yourself out walking which is a whole other thing. I used to know someone online
who had been pagan, been going through some problems, took to walking the haunted
Cumberland trail, used to see a town from there that doesn't exist, and met himself on
the trail onetime and was sure if he kept this shit up he would eventually not be human.
And he went into a Greek Orthodox Church and converted, which saved him from all

Now, lets look at the "cell phone" lady. First off, unless radio waves can pass through
time (in which case we would have all kinds of stuff being reported by the first radio
experimenter and aren't, not just the occasional thing that might have been from Mars
as Marconi and/or Tesla speculated), or through some portal opened between time
lines which would still require some proximity, a cell phone isn't going to work because
it needs a whole infrastructure of cell towers that won't be there, and the signal is
likely going to be disrupted going through some portal or very far from it.

A few rumor exist of telecommunications experiments by secret primitive techies,
all or most of them connected to very bad stuff, from the late 1700s. This if course was
not given to the masses, and not intended to be given to the masses, strictly for the use
of the wannabe world secret rulers. This is of course consistent with the values of
antiquity, so if something turns up from then, don't bother speculating about ancient
communications systems outside of a few royal, military top level, or priestly top
level context. it won't exist. An exception was explosives for obvious reasons, you
can't keep a bomb secret and there's no use for it as secret outside of the occasional
smuggled in bomb for a surgical strike that a dagger would do as well for, in wartime.
Explosives began in the far east, were put to work to scare demons as well as harm
humans, and to be fun by the Chinese, and brought west by the Turks.

The telecommunications rumors centered around devices kept secretly in houses,
not wandering around outdoors. And they were very crude, more comparable to a
wireless telegraph than voice communications.

So that's two explanations aside from tampering with the film, that don't need time

The plethora of whistleblowers about secret offworld activities of CIA and whoever
usually includes time travel and a few other likely to be not believed except by the
lunatic fringe into New Age reality derangement mentality type things. This is
likely disinformation, the research on breakaway civilization by some people is getting
too close to the truth apparently, so the whole thing is discredited by the whistleblowers
who are either knowing agents or people whose minds have been loaded with garbage
using MKULTRA and related stuff. The purpose is to discredit the whole line of

The solution to the problem presented, is to ignore the time travel, Obama on Mars,
and suchlike (and if he was part of any of that it isn't important and underscores the
evil of the people involved since he was a coke snorting pervert back then), and look
at details like life forms, climate conditions, and MAYBE political conditions on
Mars, since it is likely the liars will draw on known conditions and just add the few
kickers to make it rejected by most including any congressmen who might otherwise
launch an investigation.

Some scientific speculation depends on reversibility of some chemical processes,
but these are not reversals of TIME. If you walk in a direction, then walk back the
way you came, you have not reversed time. A chemical process that can be undone
proceeds, forward and backward, in time, and if it started at 10 am and then is
undone at 10:15 am the whole thing still took a half hour. There was no TIME alteration.

perception of time "time dilation" and so forth, is subjective. A dangerous feature
of marijuana making your reactions while driving unreliable. (someone noticed that
the number of traffic accidents increased in Colorado after legalizing marijuana. duh.) discusses some of these issues, and
of course entropy issues are not time relevant, all breakdowns of this law occur over
a sequence of time.

Some guy with a Slavic sounding name refuted the one thing that looked like it
supported the possibility of time reversal.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Rick Warren and Aleister Crowley

At time stamp 32:00 Rick Warren of Saddleback Church fame notoriety begins a
line of thought he connects approvingly to the philosophy of Aleister Crowley.

The key idea is one's "true will" which is one's supposed destiny and that the
universe will conspire to help you reach this if you pursue it. Of course in
Crowleyanity your true will is to support the magus of the aeon which in this
aeon, by that system, is Crowley.

The notion of every man and woman is a star is a self glorifying ego tripping
thing, and with Rick Warren the move is being made, with ecumenism and
Chrislam (a Christianity Islam hybrid) and the Daniel Plan a health thing
that involves Dr. Oz whose wife is a Reiki master (check previous posts for
that subject), from the subtle self centeredness of the emergent and seeker
sensitive church scene, to full on self worship which is the core of what I
call philosophical satanism and some call la veyan satanism, which claims
to not worship the devil (though the latter do rituals and magick and at
some point do worship relevant acts) but to worship the self and they honor
the devil as a role model of rebellion and self exaltation, as distinct from
"theistic satanism" the sort that worships the devil. All parties deny they
do blood sacrifices especially human. Which is bullshit.

Gunderson in his wild eyed way claimed some 50,000 sacrifices must be
made a year, but again, bullshit. that kind of body count is out of the
question. hundreds of groups, including those pagan and witch types groups
where only one or two know the reality, can share in a sacrifice by sending
a representative. I doubt more than 1,000 humans are ritually killed a year.
One group had the ideal of 8 a year but never got their act together to do more
than 13 in several years and in general if you weren't some hitchhiking
goofball nobody would miss you were safe.

It is an interesting question in my mind, whether Rick Warren is involved
in this stuff on the sly, or merely moving in that direction, finding similarities
between his philosophy and the more elegant type of satanism, and as he
moves in this direction drags his hearers with him, such as will put up with

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Esoteric Christianity - closet gnosticism often overt heresy and unbiblical

listening to Psalm86 channel on youtube today, I heard of the Philadelphian Society
and Jane Leade. Probably for the first time. I might have read something decades ago
in a library in the 1960s when I was dithering around but I don't remember.

This has links to articles on the major players related to all this. Wikipedia is often
denounced, but the trick to using it is to check the sources cited and do they seem
credible. Another thing, regarding Wikipedia or anything else, is when it matches
to what you already know, and combines in one place all that stuff, making it a
useful overview.

Leade taught reincarnation, that at the end times the Apostles would be reincarnated
to deal with stuff. This is false, it is ruled out by Hebrews 9:27 "And as it is appointed
unto men once to die, but after this the judgment" and by the traducianism that is
the basis for arguing the superiority of the Melchizedec priesthood to the Aaronic
priesthood Heb. 7:9,10. What is possible is an overshadowing, which is totally
different. it is in this sense alone that John the Baptist was Elijah, just as if a military
commander or a ruler sends someone to do something, it is said that that person or
government which sent the person was active in that place where the person was
doing what he was sent to do.

Elijah after all never died, like Enoch he was translated, taken up alive into heaven.
This was not the highest heaven where God dwells, since Jesus said "And no man hath
ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which
is in heaven." John 3:13.

This statement by Jesus also highlights that while on earth He was also simultaneously
in Heaven, though finite in His humanity His was always and is always infinite in His

Near as I can tell at present, The Philadelphian Society didn't have its name from the
doctrine of the Seven Churches of Revelation referring to seven church ages, but from
identifying with the Philadelphian church in those letters.

This doctrine of stages in the church, with or without overlap, seems to have been
started by Darby, and popularized by Clarence Larkin and William Branham, a
demonized heretic who denied the Trinity (almost all heretics deny the Trinity, either
by denigrating the divinity of Jesus Christ, or the divinity and/or personality of The
Holy Spirit, or even the exclusive identity of The Father - with or without the rest -
as God. Jehovah's Witnesses do the former two, and Mormonism does all of this
apparently and definitely the latter in that a perfected man can be a god just like YHWH
and create his own universe or at least solar system and demand worship, etc.) One
can see all the types of church listed existing side by side today, and individuals who
fit at least one of these. churches and individuals may fit one then another of these
churches or combine features.

instead of starting a new church, Leade started this "society" which of course meant it
could more easily infiltrate the churches the members belonged to.

" At the age of 15 she claimed to have a had a vision during a family Christmas party in
which an angelic voice urged her to give up such frivolity and pursue spiritual matters.
Although she vowed to do so, the next phase of her life was outwardly conventional. She
was married happily to a distant cousin, a merchant, and had four daughters by him. Their
27 year marriage was extremely stable, but when he died she was left utterly bereft and
penniless in London.[1]"

It is very unlikely, given her the timeframe and her apparent backgrouns, that the Christmas party was anything like the frivolous to depraved drunken wild scenes of office "Christmas parties" of today. That this innocent family get together in honor of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be denounced as "frivolity" seems odd. Of course as usual the spirit wasn't tested, she apparently didn't subject the matter to the opinion of clergy or anyone with experience or knowledge of others' experiences.

"It was at this time, however, that she had her first vision of the "Virgin Sophia", the Feminine Aspect of God which is described in the Book of Proverbs in the Bible, who promised to unfold the secrets of the universe to her. Leade declared herself a 'Bride of Christ' and proceeded to transcribe her subsequent visions in much the same way as her predecessor, Hildegard of Bingen. Her final output amounted to many volumes of visionary mysticism."

This should have cued her something was wrong. Unfortunately there being a prelest or spiritual
deception (the term includes fleshly self deception as well as demonic deception by false angels)
angle to the tone of a lot of RC visionaries, there isn't much help in looking to their example to
sort things out. A discussion of things with more than one priest or minister and study of the Bible
and those Proverbs verses in context and compared to other Scripture would have been in order.

The end result held a lot in common with other esoteric Christians such as Jacob Boehme the
list with links to articles on them is in the article.

Psalm86 had an informant, who connected all this with kabbalah.

the group believed in the presence of God in all things, panentheism, a term that is virtually
worthless as several conflicted views are under this name. Personal immediate presence is
presumably at issue here. This doesn't identify creature with Creator as consubstantial, but
easily morphs into it. The Eastern Orthodox version based on Scripture doesn't allow for
confusion between God and creatures, or for His active immediate personal presence in anything
but there are like two verses I can think of that speak of God filling all things and containing all
things, a doctrine that though true since God said it, is so easily misunderstood and misapplied
that He did not see fit to dwell on it. In what SENSE He fills all things is another matter. In the
sense of omniscience? of His actions/energies sustaining all things? This is a mystery.

Leade on the other hand held a nondualist position sort of, so that all things are manifestations of
God. (this is not the same as saying that they contain something of in the sense of about God in
them, such as though God cannot be compared to anything, a very loose analogy to a rock can be made in the sense of stability and sureness to stand or build on.)  Therefore she was closer to

Leade figured everyone had The Holy Spirit in their souls, so that virtue and seeking wisdom will
result in illumination. While this might be said of the baptized Christian even lapsed who can
return to Christ, or if not lapsed can grow in Christ, this can hardly be said of unbelievers who
were never baptized.

Leade developed the idea that there was no permanent damnation and punishment, only purgative
punishment after death. Again, a confusion, between possible mix of purgation and punishment
after death before the Last Judgement, and the final condition after that.

The doctrines peculiar to these Christian mystics are often to be found in the ancient heresies,
and don't stand biblical examination when verses aren't taken out of context.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Soul-killing state of mind: The irreconcilability of Far Eastern spiritual practices and the Orthodox faith

"The reason that the body feels so at rest during and after the use of these techniques is because its functioning has been shut down, more or less, to only a minimal level of operation, one whose brain waves mimic those experienced during sleep. The heart is still pumping blood, but less so. The lungs are still oxygenating the blood, but at a slower rate. The blood is still traveling to the various body tissues, but its chemical composition is substantially different. In other words, the body still works, but it works differently, in a way that feels quite good.

Unfortunately, one of the consequences of experiencing such euphoria is that it leaves the mind in a dramatically impressionable state, permeable to all kinds of messages. Research shows that meditation and similar relaxation-inducing techniques leave a person highly subject to suggestion14 and susceptible to hypnotic induction.15 During this phase of heightened suggestibility, the soul can be steered any which way, including away from Christ. To be sure, this is one of the very purposes of such techniques."

from the cumbey site,

"going through old threads, I came across a post of mine "a really disturbing thing as I listen to the video, is that reiki and so forth is talking about the people infused with this have some long term goal to be manifested when enough of them come together or reach some critical mass of the population or whatever." The time point is 35:00.
Ray Yungen - Energy Healing

mass possession? I think we should start paying attention to who is a reiki initiate and what level.

Reiki is more dangerous than the other eastern metaphysic feel good and healing practices. While ANY intrusion by a healer of their energy system on another's can bring trouble because of what ideas or attitudes or spirits are piggy backing on the healer's personal energy, Reiki is far worse.

why? Because the initiation involves symbols to be concentrated on to invoke spirits to give the "current" of reiki, a flow from them. There are at least three stages of initiation, and the farther you go the more the spirits are involved in what you do. Eventually they seem to take over. THIS IS NOT UNLIKE THE FERI CURRENT IN FERI WITCHCRAFT OR FERI WICCA which has some variants using other names. ALL these systems of course are of the devil, but some are more so than others, some are merely wrong ideas, and a person who is denying Christ and worshipping false gods however nice they seem to be is headed for damnation. BUT IN THE CASE OF A LIVE CURRENT AND SPIRIT GUARDIANS, GUIDES, ETC. YOU HAVE A PERSONAL PRESENCE.
And I noticed while researching feri, that a lot of them were into reiki also.

beings on other planes are given credit for a lot of energy healing. Ray Yungen, denouncing all this stuff mentions that people would stop talking to him because he said that yes this stuff is real, and energy does come off the energy worker's hands, and the others said no it was just nonsense.

But Yungen was recognizing the real danger lay not in believing harmless nonsense you waste your money on, but in actual energy flows and spirits exploiting these to instill self deification or other notions and to weaken boundaries against them and gain control. \

To which someone answered, "Yes, Reiki manuals for practitioners tell practitioners to transfer evil spirits to the patient (using different language of course; these are deluded people), but not to say so."