Sunday, February 14, 2016

does it have a soul is the wrong question

Various sources have stated that a human alien or other hybrid
does not have a soul, that a human conceived by cloning or
in vitro does not have a soul. Speculation exists that the soul or
spirit is inherited and that only on the father's side. There is not
a shred of biblical basis for this.

Roman Catholicism officially repudiated traducianism "the teaching that the immaterial human soul is transmitted through the natural act of procreation and is generated along with the material human body. Therefore, as the human body is generated from the life of the parents, so is the soul. This position teaches that the human soul in each individual is not generated by God's active hand at each conception but is rather a continued generation from Adam who was the only soul directly made by God (Eve being taken from Adam)."

However, it is take for granted as established fact by Paul in
Hebrews 7:7-11 and Genesis 2:7 says Adam "BECAME a living
soul," once the breath of life was breathed into him.

The same phrase, "breath of life" is used in describing all the
creatures that died in the Flood Gen. 7:21-23 some argue this
applied only to the men who died, but it says "all in whose
nostrils was the breath of life," so it applies to all or else only
those men died that had the breath of life, but not those who
didn't which is absurd.

Having the breath of life is what makes you a soul.

That's right, no one HAS a soul creatures ARE souls.

The Bible sometimes refers to "any soul" like we say "any body,"
"the soul that sinneth it shall die" for instance. Jehovah's Witnesses

use this to argue soul cessation or soul sleep at best, but they don't
get it, that the soul includes the body, a continuum the denser part
of which drops off at death and you go on in a reduced condition.

So a hybrid has a hybrid soul. Or rather IS a hybrid soul.

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