Thursday, February 4, 2016

Rick Warren and Aleister Crowley

At time stamp 32:00 Rick Warren of Saddleback Church fame notoriety begins a
line of thought he connects approvingly to the philosophy of Aleister Crowley.

The key idea is one's "true will" which is one's supposed destiny and that the
universe will conspire to help you reach this if you pursue it. Of course in
Crowleyanity your true will is to support the magus of the aeon which in this
aeon, by that system, is Crowley.

The notion of every man and woman is a star is a self glorifying ego tripping
thing, and with Rick Warren the move is being made, with ecumenism and
Chrislam (a Christianity Islam hybrid) and the Daniel Plan a health thing
that involves Dr. Oz whose wife is a Reiki master (check previous posts for
that subject), from the subtle self centeredness of the emergent and seeker
sensitive church scene, to full on self worship which is the core of what I
call philosophical satanism and some call la veyan satanism, which claims
to not worship the devil (though the latter do rituals and magick and at
some point do worship relevant acts) but to worship the self and they honor
the devil as a role model of rebellion and self exaltation, as distinct from
"theistic satanism" the sort that worships the devil. All parties deny they
do blood sacrifices especially human. Which is bullshit.

Gunderson in his wild eyed way claimed some 50,000 sacrifices must be
made a year, but again, bullshit. that kind of body count is out of the
question. hundreds of groups, including those pagan and witch types groups
where only one or two know the reality, can share in a sacrifice by sending
a representative. I doubt more than 1,000 humans are ritually killed a year.
One group had the ideal of 8 a year but never got their act together to do more
than 13 in several years and in general if you weren't some hitchhiking
goofball nobody would miss you were safe.

It is an interesting question in my mind, whether Rick Warren is involved
in this stuff on the sly, or merely moving in that direction, finding similarities
between his philosophy and the more elegant type of satanism, and as he
moves in this direction drags his hearers with him, such as will put up with

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