Friday, February 5, 2016

Time Travel - bullshit.

There are several photos, old video reformatted movie clips, etc. purporting to show
time travelers, given away by something they are doing or wearing. The article linked
shows a young servant holding a thing that does resemble a laptop up to her mistress.
"Shallow box" sounds like a silly guess, more accurately a makeup box. no one is going
to tap keys at that angle depending on a flexible base like a servant's hands. But selecting
rouges and oils and powders is another thing.  Even now, some assortments of makeup
are sold in much smaller flat boxes.

The video shows what does look like an old woman carrying a cell phone pressed to the
side of her head, and her lips move a couple of times. MORE LIKELY SHE IS HOLDING

Someone else said a modern type logo-ed T-shirt and sunglasses etc. were photoshopped
in. Of course you have the lookalikes from the 1800s to prove various people are
immortal vampires or something. (A close look shows subtle differences of the ears,
which do not change during the lifetime, and eyebrows, hairline, etc.) All the latter prove
is that people from somewhat homogeneous backgrounds over generations will sometimes
look a lot like an ancestor or cousin from 100 years ago, and I have seen people who, if
you ignored the ethnic features, were dead ringers for other people not even of their race.

Time travel has several problems. Not the least of which is that if something, however
slight, changes something in the past it affects the entire present, and the past after that
event. Suppose that woman with the poultice was from the present, if she caused
someone to start woolgathering over the ills of teeth and aging and decide to shake the
worries by taking a brisker walk or even cross the street or go elsewhere, this one little
thing could start a cascade of results that could mean someone else is delayed or sped
up somewhere and does not meet someone resulting in later someone else didn't get
born, or gets run over by an out of control horse cart or something. Or writes a book
that either by content or sheer existence makes changes in what happens later.

A classic version of this is, someone goes back in time, kills someone who turns out to
be his great grandfather, so he never gets born. That of course means he never goes back
in time because he didn't exist to do so except in some "timeline" and the "timeline"
theory of course means you DO NOT have a double or whatever, because you don't exist
in some of those. The whole thing is schizophrenic delusional chaos presented under a
veneer of scientific speculation. (There is a paranormal or demonic phenomenon of
meeting yourself out walking which is a whole other thing. I used to know someone online
who had been pagan, been going through some problems, took to walking the haunted
Cumberland trail, used to see a town from there that doesn't exist, and met himself on
the trail onetime and was sure if he kept this shit up he would eventually not be human.
And he went into a Greek Orthodox Church and converted, which saved him from all

Now, lets look at the "cell phone" lady. First off, unless radio waves can pass through
time (in which case we would have all kinds of stuff being reported by the first radio
experimenter and aren't, not just the occasional thing that might have been from Mars
as Marconi and/or Tesla speculated), or through some portal opened between time
lines which would still require some proximity, a cell phone isn't going to work because
it needs a whole infrastructure of cell towers that won't be there, and the signal is
likely going to be disrupted going through some portal or very far from it.

A few rumor exist of telecommunications experiments by secret primitive techies,
all or most of them connected to very bad stuff, from the late 1700s. This if course was
not given to the masses, and not intended to be given to the masses, strictly for the use
of the wannabe world secret rulers. This is of course consistent with the values of
antiquity, so if something turns up from then, don't bother speculating about ancient
communications systems outside of a few royal, military top level, or priestly top
level context. it won't exist. An exception was explosives for obvious reasons, you
can't keep a bomb secret and there's no use for it as secret outside of the occasional
smuggled in bomb for a surgical strike that a dagger would do as well for, in wartime.
Explosives began in the far east, were put to work to scare demons as well as harm
humans, and to be fun by the Chinese, and brought west by the Turks.

The telecommunications rumors centered around devices kept secretly in houses,
not wandering around outdoors. And they were very crude, more comparable to a
wireless telegraph than voice communications.

So that's two explanations aside from tampering with the film, that don't need time

The plethora of whistleblowers about secret offworld activities of CIA and whoever
usually includes time travel and a few other likely to be not believed except by the
lunatic fringe into New Age reality derangement mentality type things. This is
likely disinformation, the research on breakaway civilization by some people is getting
too close to the truth apparently, so the whole thing is discredited by the whistleblowers
who are either knowing agents or people whose minds have been loaded with garbage
using MKULTRA and related stuff. The purpose is to discredit the whole line of

The solution to the problem presented, is to ignore the time travel, Obama on Mars,
and suchlike (and if he was part of any of that it isn't important and underscores the
evil of the people involved since he was a coke snorting pervert back then), and look
at details like life forms, climate conditions, and MAYBE political conditions on
Mars, since it is likely the liars will draw on known conditions and just add the few
kickers to make it rejected by most including any congressmen who might otherwise
launch an investigation.

Some scientific speculation depends on reversibility of some chemical processes,
but these are not reversals of TIME. If you walk in a direction, then walk back the
way you came, you have not reversed time. A chemical process that can be undone
proceeds, forward and backward, in time, and if it started at 10 am and then is
undone at 10:15 am the whole thing still took a half hour. There was no TIME alteration.

perception of time "time dilation" and so forth, is subjective. A dangerous feature
of marijuana making your reactions while driving unreliable. (someone noticed that
the number of traffic accidents increased in Colorado after legalizing marijuana. duh.) discusses some of these issues, and
of course entropy issues are not time relevant, all breakdowns of this law occur over
a sequence of time.

Some guy with a Slavic sounding name refuted the one thing that looked like it
supported the possibility of time reversal.

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