Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Soul-killing state of mind: The irreconcilability of Far Eastern spiritual practices and the Orthodox faith


"The reason that the body feels so at rest during and after the use of these techniques is because its functioning has been shut down, more or less, to only a minimal level of operation, one whose brain waves mimic those experienced during sleep. The heart is still pumping blood, but less so. The lungs are still oxygenating the blood, but at a slower rate. The blood is still traveling to the various body tissues, but its chemical composition is substantially different. In other words, the body still works, but it works differently, in a way that feels quite good.

Unfortunately, one of the consequences of experiencing such euphoria is that it leaves the mind in a dramatically impressionable state, permeable to all kinds of messages. Research shows that meditation and similar relaxation-inducing techniques leave a person highly subject to suggestion14 and susceptible to hypnotic induction.15 During this phase of heightened suggestibility, the soul can be steered any which way, including away from Christ. To be sure, this is one of the very purposes of such techniques."

from the cumbey site,

"going through old threads, I came across a post of mine "a really disturbing thing as I listen to the video, is that reiki and so forth is talking about the people infused with this have some long term goal to be manifested when enough of them come together or reach some critical mass of the population or whatever." The time point is 35:00. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPg8Si4pSaw
Ray Yungen - Energy Healing

mass possession? I think we should start paying attention to who is a reiki initiate and what level.

Reiki is more dangerous than the other eastern metaphysic feel good and healing practices. While ANY intrusion by a healer of their energy system on another's can bring trouble because of what ideas or attitudes or spirits are piggy backing on the healer's personal energy, Reiki is far worse.

why? Because the initiation involves symbols to be concentrated on to invoke spirits to give the "current" of reiki, a flow from them. There are at least three stages of initiation, and the farther you go the more the spirits are involved in what you do. Eventually they seem to take over. THIS IS NOT UNLIKE THE FERI CURRENT IN FERI WITCHCRAFT OR FERI WICCA which has some variants using other names. ALL these systems of course are of the devil, but some are more so than others, some are merely wrong ideas, and a person who is denying Christ and worshipping false gods however nice they seem to be is headed for damnation. BUT IN THE CASE OF A LIVE CURRENT AND SPIRIT GUARDIANS, GUIDES, ETC. YOU HAVE A PERSONAL PRESENCE.
And I noticed while researching feri, that a lot of them were into reiki also.

beings on other planes are given credit for a lot of energy healing. Ray Yungen, denouncing all this stuff mentions that people would stop talking to him because he said that yes this stuff is real, and energy does come off the energy worker's hands, and the others said no it was just nonsense.

But Yungen was recognizing the real danger lay not in believing harmless nonsense you waste your money on, but in actual energy flows and spirits exploiting these to instill self deification or other notions and to weaken boundaries against them and gain control. \

To which someone answered, "Yes, Reiki manuals for practitioners tell practitioners to transfer evil spirits to the patient (using different language of course; these are deluded people), but not to say so."

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