Thursday, February 25, 2016

Branham's deadly influence

A lot of charismaticism belongs in the New Age category, and according to
many articles on watching developments over the
years, have increasingly shown an influx of New Age notions. And practices,
such as centering prayer and so forth. (This contemplative stuff is ascribed
to the Desert Fathers, but this is false. What they meant by contemplation
and what the Bible refers to as meditation is to contemplate or meditate on
something in Scripture. Lectio divina was originally reading the Bible in
order to learn from it and apply it. But the western Roman Catholic monastics,
in overreaction to the sterility of scholasticism, went overboard in the other
direction, a sensual sentimentality kind of thing, and their visionaries reek
of this. Contemplative prayer then became something more occultic, and
lectio divina reading the Bible to soak in it and get in a mood. This is how
it is done now. The rapproachment between charismatics and the RC is
demonic deception, to bring RC into an evangelical charismatic relationship
using the worst of their own errors, ramping up this mindless meditation.
Charismatics do a fast track approach in "tongues" where they let their
minds go limp and say whatever gibberish would come out, having some
entity directing it. A few legitimate manifestations of The Holy Spirit
may occasionally occur among them, but not much.)

This article shows a major channel of demonic influence,

"Before his death in 1965, his occult healing spirit was transferred to hundreds
by the laying on of hands. These people include almost all the major names
who operated as "healing" evangelists during that time, and who are still at
work today. They took Branham’s mantle through the period known as the
Latter Rain, endued by the power of his demonic occult entity. William
lived his life in fear and acted under a compulsive-type behavior associated
with his life-long demonic oppression.

William Branham is an important figure in modern day charismatic,
Pentecostal, and emerging church circles. The reason is that not just his latter
rain theology, but also his "spirit", and (allegedly) his ministering "angels"
have been passed onto a new generation of prophets. A "badge" of elitism
and favor in the new prophetic movement are those who can boast of having
met or seen Branham's angel. Testimonies to these angelic encounters are
included on Todd Bentley's website. Paul Cain, closely linked with William
Branham, as well as claiming he works directly with Branham's angels in
a similar manner to Branham. It is he who passed the power onto John
Wimber and his Vineyard with the prophetic spirit which in turn infected
the multi denominational wider church through the Toronto Blessing.

The beginnings of the prophetic movement goes back many decades. In the
40's there was a flurry of activity. Between 1947 and 1957, the so-called
"Healing Revival" led by Oral Roberts, T.L. Osborn, A.A. Allen, Jack Coe,
and Orval Jaggers enveloped America often with large tent campaigns.
William Branham was the central figure in this era. But he also became a
catalyst for the contemporary Pentecostal Movement we call the Latter-Rain.
It appeared in Canada and was given the blessing of Branham who actually
laid hands on the Canadian leaders of the Latter-Rain. The Latter-Rain had
developed an entirely new end-time teaching of "salvation history." The
Latter Rain is where the so-called ‘Toronto Blessing’ began. The movement
is characterized by a plethora of unorthodox teachings and questionable
practices -- encouraged and promoted by alleged ‘words,’ ‘prophecies’ and
‘visions’ from God, and accompanied by anything from outbreaks of
uncontrollable laughter, people acting as if they were drunk, and claims
of having received gold dust or other ’supernatural signs’ from God.
Bentley’s teachings and practices place his ministry squarely among the
controversial renewal and revival movements. "

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