Friday, March 4, 2016

A personal encounter with Jesus Christ

A real personal encounter with Jesus is going to include a sense of conviction of sin,
and greater strength to proclaim Him as the only way to God The Father. Stephen the
first martyr was not called full of grace and the Holy Spirit because he was drifting
around dreamily and occasionally falling out flailing and gibbering. But because he
would face down a mob and preach to them. This didn't keep him from getting martyred,
which in fact gave him a crown in heaven.

But since he prayed that this not be held against them, likely this prayer being answered,
and his words rattling in the minds and hearts of his killers thereafter, laid the groundwork
for the conversion of Paul who wrote most of the Epistles in the NEw Testament and
oversaw the writing of Luke's Gospel, and the conversion likely of many of Stephen's
killers later.

A lot of my posts deal with issues addressing them as they affect protestants
and some others. Being Eastern Orthodox I recognize that the Roman Catholic Church
has some issues in its compiled tradition including the emotion laden subjectivism of
the visionaries since The Great Schism when RC left us in AD 1054 after slacking off
several issues and exalting the papacy into primacy of authority and power not primacy
of honor (where you sit at the Synod table, who signs the documents first). And having
had some popes (a term they apparently borrowed from Alexandria) that were stalwart
defenders against heresy, they had a reputation as something to pay attention to, an
EARNED reputation.

The issue raised in this video is valid for RC, ORthodox and even for protestants. Because
whether you accept  the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist (as did Luther and Calvin
before bogomil compatible notions denying this swamped the protestant scene especially
among Calvinists) or not, the idea of "a personal relationship with Jesus" can range from
the biblical one of a relationship whose terms Christ sets, and our each of us personal
responsibility to Him, to a warm and fuzzy self deception while you wallow in sin.

This subjectivism also figures in the fleshly self deception or group self deception to
outright occult deception occurring in new age infected protestant churches.

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