Thursday, March 17, 2016

Moonies and Process church theology Satan Joins The Moonies!
details at the article. This is essentially the same theology as that of the Process Church of the Final Judgement. the article states that supposedly satan wrote God and Moon a letter of apology. bah humbug. Also this tidbit "Moon's name "Sun Myung Moon" (Shining Truth) is not the name he was born with. Moon changed his name when he decided to pretend to be the messiah. Moon's real name is: "Young Myung Moon" which means: SHINING DRAGON in Korean."

"...Sun Myung Moon is an avid believer in psychics. He visits them often and accepts their advice according to reports that I have heard as well as others who have left the group and reported these things. Nan Sook Hong , who recently divorced Moon's eldest son Hyo Jin, told a Boston Globe reporter that she was chosen to be Hyo Jin's wife (at 15 years old) by a psychic in Korea who Moon had sought out. I found this information hilarious, as I was told as a member that Moon was the best qualified in history to choose marriage partners for his followers. When it comes to his son however, Moon takes no chances and only goes to the best psychics for advice. Moon himself tells his followers that no one knows the Spiritual World better than he does, and yet here he is going to a non-member for advice on choosing a wife for his son!..."

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