Tuesday, March 8, 2016

believing ufo aliens exist is not new age. many beliefs ABOUT (and by) them are new age.

"Here is why Ms Erikson is a dangerous New Ager with her promotion of Aliens, etc!"

which I have repeatedly stated are physical, demon involved, and lie through
their teeth or whatever. that they may claim they made us but in fact our
ancestors made their ancestors.

The physical ones are savable because all creatures except fallen angels are included in the eventual restoration of creation that Jesus' death and Resurrection laid the groundwork for. the ones who would walk
among us are probably 7/8 human and wouldn't look odd. Because they've been
kidnapping people and breeding hybrids from us for generations. new age
claims they are good and spiritual etc. that is nonsense. they have a take over agenda that involves use of new age notions. so do lots of regular humans.

"Are all aliens descendants of Adam? Is that why they need to be converted?"

most likely.

"Where did you receive this channeled information?"

It is not channeled it is the result of submitting all available NONchanelled information to the limitations and implications the Bible gives.

I DO NOT DEAL WITH CHANNELED INFORMATION. only what abductees have seen and heard and sometimes physical evidence for all this. That evidence itself is telling, all DNA samples from glowing hand prints or whatever are from earth.

"How did these aliens find a way to get 'off world'?"

wrong question. how did mankind, unmodified and modified get off world? two scenarios. a development over centuries such as we've done but with the big brains living alongside the next generations as all lived hundreds of years. imagine newton, Einstein, tesla, von braun, and the Horton brothers and schauberger all living at the same time and working together. what would you think would result?

technology doesn't have to be limited to the directions ours took more recently (past 200 years). electrogravitics could have been dominant from the start.

secondly, fallen angels were involved with humans per Genesis 6, and probably jump started a lot of things to gain influence in society.

"Did the giants get off world and then come back?"

again, wrong question. "there were giants in the earth in those days AND AFTER when the sons of God etc etc." giants existed anyway a natural anomaly. military leaders would want more. the angels (non reproducing species, could get solid but no DNA to contribute) gave them what they wanted, genetic engineering either from scratch or improving it, same all technology. By the time of the Flood or some centuries before, earth (or competing elements on earth) had an empire to Mars and beyond.

"Hybrid souls? Are all souls redeemable? How would you know?"

traducianism dictates hybridity of souls. lack of soul in any real sense is lack of existence. If animals and sea slugs and suchlike can praise God (Rev. 5:13 and other hints elsewhere) then they are in a relationship with Him and included in the new heavens and new earth. they are souls we are souls a hybrid soul is a soul. Given the lateral inheritance thing (look that up for yourself) which GMO badly mimics we are subtly hybridzed anyway (potato and chimp and whatnot genes in the human genome).

"So we engineered the aliens so they can return to deceive us?"

not for that purpose. but those wanting to conquer would use whatever propaganda they could. noticing that their psychic attacks can be blocked by calling on Jesus or rebuking in His Name, they would steer people away from that. also they are in some deal with the devil. two reasons to do that.

the deception is not that they exist, the deception is whatever kind of false religious ideas they would promote. The Great Deception is likely nothing of this, though this might feed into it a bit, more likely the worship of the antichrist or some kind of predisposing false religion.

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