Monday, January 25, 2016

overview breaking non sequiturs in new age talk

as usual, I get on these subjects on Constance Cumbey's blog because someone ELSE brings them
up part of some snipe at me. The one who started it used the phrase "seered conscience" this
person can't spell its spelled seared with an A.

so here is what I wrote, for the benefit of anyone here.
Biblehub commentary ecclesiastes 12:6 makes occultist statements
to prove Hebrew galgal a whirling round thing in the body that breaks down at death

is NOT the same as Sanskrit chakra wheel a whirling round thing in the body that breaks down at death. you propose to refute my supposed occultism with concepts themselves held by occultists, new agers, mystics:
"The cord is what we should call the thread of life, on which hangs the body lit by the animating soul; when the connection between these is severed, the latter perishes, like a fallen lamp lying crushed on the ground. In this our view the cord is the living power which keeps the corporeal substance from failing to ruin; the bowl is the body itself thus upheld."


any new ager would agree to these things. mystical nonsense is what modern medicine calls it. I would have to agree the soul animates the body, and the astral or silver cord seen by the bilocator is the connection and if it snaps and isn't restored the person's body dies. If the soul gets back into the body in time the life can be recovered, one person tripping out too far got a bad scare could barely get back.

NOTE TO MYSTICS: SUBTLE ENERGIES ARE NOT DIVINE ANY MORE THAN SEMI DIGESTED FOOD SLOP IN YOUR STOMACH IS DIVINE. JUST A SUBTLE MATERIAL THING. tweak them you can get high. aka intoxicated. that word means poisoned, notice "toxic" n "intoxicated." like taking drugs. you can wreck your sense of reality dangerously
with mysticism. and sometimes "subtle energies" are demons or field effects of demons disguised as subtle energies. CHAKRAS/GALGALIM SHOULD NEVER BE OPENED.

re: "repenting of...your claims...[Eccl. 12:6] refers to the chakra, and knowledge that chakras are a doctrine of devils!" would prevent psychic attack - no it wouldn't. believing subtle galgal exist does not open one to psychic attack, manipulating galgal might. LOOKS LIKE YOU FLUNK SPIRITUAL WARFARE 101 TOO.

They can functions as demonic doorways. they should NEVER be opened. some may be artificial instead of inherent. your brain can be a demonic doorway if misused also, that doesn't prove that believing the brain exists is bad.

astral projection DOES NOT PROVE reincarnation, merely that something exists aside from the body and would continue after death, same as Bible says, duh.

nibiru Planet X (now Planet 9) DOES NOT SUPPORT ANNUNAKI, ALIENS CREATING US, SITCHIN LIES ABOUT NONEXISTENT TABLETS AND MISTRANSLATIONS OF SUMERIAN OR ANYTHING ELSE, NOR DOES IT EXPLAIN THE FLOOD OR EXODUS DISASTERS LOCALIZED TO EGYPT. Planet X as in 10 was noted by Harrington in the early 1980s to pull DOWN on Neptune and Uranus, so orbits below and above never through the ecliptic. Not that big a deal.

“This praying mantis creature's civilization communicates difficult concepts
via the use of symbols that radiate emotion. ...The emotional aspect is relayed
via carrier waves that resemble sound waves, but are not part of the human
sound spectrum. These waves can be felt, but not heard.” - Linda Porter, Human Abductee, 1963, Covina, California SOUNDS LIKE LOCUTIONS TO ME. could also be infrasound.

non sequiturs.

chakras/galgalim DO NOT SUPPORT NEW AGE AND ARE NOT "DOCTRINE" BUT SUBTLE ANATOMY. they have no bearing on any doctrine they are manipulated in relation to.;_ylt=AwrSbmqRJ6BWbT8Atjal87UF;_ylu=X3oDMTEybGlqdjVyBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQjExNTlfMQRzZWMDc2M- This is the old Nemesis theory. more support for it.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

chakras can be demonic doorways

the writer is spot on in this matter, but buys the usual lies about paganism and Catholicism
being the origin of "institutional churches" which she fled because of psychically
manipulated pastors and congregations. THIS IS AN ISSUE. but the solution to the problem
is not Hislop, or Viola and Barna, who misquote and twist their sources. the house church
thing is mostly an NAR front and/or recruiting ground for them. This is not New Testament
times, though sometimes to escape churches that have been overrun by NAR you may have
to go it alone. Or join the Orthodox Church. The Roman Catholic is second best, but you have
more to beware of there.

often these heretical groups will attack NEw AGe obvious stuff like this, or Ouija or tarot
or wicca or whatever, or one world government, but they have their own demon problems of
the sort that add up to satan transforming himself into an angel of light, and deceiving.

The fact is that the emergent church and charismatic scene are totally into altered states
of consciousness and all kinds of new age mental practices. their doctrine is often
VERY unbiblical.

weapons against the new age

chakras - their existence doesn't prove the correctness of what new age and tantra
says to do with them. the failure for the most part to correctly locate at least one
of the major ones flies in the face of new age claims to competence. THEY SHOULD

nibiru - since something was pulling DOWNWARDS on Neptune and Uranus, not them
being in the wrong point on the ecliptic because of miscalculation of mass, this means
the large body was beneath the ecliptic, which means it NEVER ENTERS THE INNER
SOLAR SYSTEM. all efforts to blame the Flood or Exodus cataclysms in Egypt (not
recorded outside of Egypt) are therefore wrong. It either orbits crosswise above and
below the ecliptic, or it is passing by.

aliens - physical trace evidence and so forth ties to behaviors contrary to the love peace
bliss bullshit of channeled stuff. the Nordics (pleiadeans) and reptoids and greys and others
have been seen by abductees working together on the same ships, in at least one case a
Nordic was directing the situation! THEY ARE ALL LIARS, and may have an agenda
that involves rule by deception and control of leaders and softening the minds and
natural psychological barriers and shields of everyone.

channeling - this like any automatism is a violation of God created boundaries. it is
possession lite so to speak. God doesn't operate like this. Neither do angels.

even the occultists of the old stripe and the practicing shamans can tell you that spirits

world peace and unity - peace sounds good, the unity is demanded to enforce it. This
would mean that any error in one part of the world would promulgate immediately
worldwide so is bad in itself. the false spirituality that denies essential distinctions
between one creature and another is promoted to create this, and the need supposedly
for this unity is argued as a reason to cultivate these states of mind,

"be still and know that I am God" - popular in some charismatic and contemplative
prayer groups. problem is, like most mishandled Scripture that appears to validate
new age and occultist philosophy, it is OUT OF CONTEXT. what did God really say?
that we are to calm down and remember each of us is god? NO. He said to calm down
and remember that HE, YHWH, is God and will handle things.

"Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted
in the earth." Ps. 46:10

The Bible wasn't written in chapter and verse. Here is the context:

"He makes wars cease throughout the earth. He shatters bows and cuts spears to pieces; He burns up the chariots.Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted
in the earth The LORD of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. Selah."
Ps. 46:9-11

So first the writer describes God, then goes on to quote God or to say something like YHWH is
God, "I am" being part of YHWH's name and it got a bit muddled in translation, then goes
on to say that God is with us THAT'S WITH US, NOT IDENTICAL TO US and will win the
battles, even if He uses us as part of this or uses others, it is His hand operating in the background.

where KJV has LORD or all capitals with ORD smaller than L but still caps, this is where
the Hebrew reads YHWH or Jehovah. YHWH basically means The Self Existing Creator of all,
self existing means without beginning or end, without dependence on anyone or anything,
not created but existing on His own.

do you fit that bill? only in your fantasies. even if you stop eating and drinking and learn to
live on ether alone, you are dependent on that ether which is malleable ergo not God not
the Creator but another creature. you are dependent on God and on things God made.

God is not dependent on anything.

"oneness" etc. - the confusion of self with other things and persons is boundary deficit problem.
in this situation the people like this are either cannibalistically (psychologically or paranormally
or physically) taking over others, whose own boundary deficit problem makes them unable to
say no or to do an effective counter attack.

All is NOT one in the sense of sameness or being superficial blob manifestations growths whatever
of a cosmic blur. To think along these lines is to weaken your natural soul boundaries, and
this makes you exploitable.

when you get into the psychic soup, the law of the jungle applies. The strongest will rules the rest.

"one ring to rule them all one ring to find them one ring to bring them all and in the darkness
bind them in the land of mordor where the shadows lie." - Tolkien.

The problem with Tolkien (and C. S. Lewis Narnia series) is that it presents wizards and pagan
monsters and whatnot as being on the good side, or sometimes. This is false. on egroups many
people have said that these writings helped them get into the paganism they were in. But there
are some good points.  At least the concept of war of good against evil and some definitions of
evil to resist exist, undercutting the worst effects and when people are determined along that
line, they may come to see that the whole paganism thing is wrong and they need Jesus Christ.
Some have turned in a Christian direction also because of these writings.

And that quoted thing is a good warning against all oneness meditation and so forth, because
exactly that kind of oneness is created by that magic in that story. and it has to be fought.

What does New Age (which played a big role in the creation of the UN) plan to do with all
this unity? anyone opposing the political side will be exterminated. anyone who won't
"ascend" (refuse to get possessed) will be exterminated. population is too much (granted it
may be in some places, but local politics and elites play a big role in failure to distribute food
enough) so what is the solution? abortion, encourage homosexuality, and if possible extermination
one way or another.

The Georgia Guidestones say we have to keep the WORLD'S population at 500,000,000.
How is it supposed to get down to that level in the first place?

Friday, January 8, 2016


For background and

the passage Ecclesiastes 12:6 KJV describing the4 general breakdown process in dying and
death, says, "Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher
be broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern."
This makes no sense outside of the context of the subtle body and its interface to the physical
body. Having stated that on cumbey's blog, someone said

"Christine, so if I understand rightly, you assert that Ecclesiastes 12:6 refers to the chakras as long as it is within:"the context of the subtle body and its interface to the physical body"?

Could you please explain exactly what you mean by the subtle body, how it is constructed in your opinion and then how it interfaces with the physical body?

Given such necessary contextual conditions as you have stated, specifically, how does Ecclesiastes 12:6 refer to chakras?

And finally, given all that, would you therefore say that the version of Ecclesiastes 12:6 of the Septuagint is rather more reliable in its reference to chakras than the Masora is? "

To which I answered,

"you do not understand me correctly. it does not refer to them as long as it is in this context, rather IT IS UNINTELLIGIBLE IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THAT INFORMATION CONTEXT TO READ IT IN. This is evident from the many and conflicting efforts to interpret it, ending in puzzlement and confusion.

information context is not extrabiblical in the sense of unbiblical. A person who never saw a sheep, didn't know they existed, didn't know what shepherds do and what sheep act like and predators, etc. and didn't know about the PAssover sacrifice of the lamb, would be as mystified by remarks about "the Lamb of God" one missionary
to eskimo had to replace lamb with seal because of this to make it intelligible.

I am not going to discuss this any more here it will only tie up blog space. you can re read what I have said and search the archives if you are puzzled. you can also look at "

followed the usual "poetic" bullshit dismissal

"Anonymous said...
"Remember him—before the silver cord is severed,
and the golden bowl is broken;
before the pitcher is shattered at the spring,
and the wheel broken at the well,
7 and the dust returns to the ground it came from,
and the spirit returns to God who gave it."

This is a highly poetic description of death, from Ecclesiastes 12. Christine takes it to refer to chakras. I'd like to see her make the case, including a definition of a chakra."

first off, poetry draws on comparisons to known things. None of this makes much sense
as poetry because it does not refer to anything in the visible body that you can compare to
this. This an example of "the many and conflicting efforts to interpret it, ending in puzzlement and confusion" that I mentioned earlier, another effort is to relate the wheel to the heart and aorta
etc. above it, but that is not much of a match, though if the wheel at issue is a pump, and the
heart is a pump there is a resemblance of function, however it is more like an invisible wheel
that pumps the invisible system, supporting the visible pump that supports the physical system.
secondly, anonymous raised the issue of the Septuagint version, so I took a look.

"Remember your Creator until the silver cord is removed, and the gold flower is pressed
together, and the pitcher is shattered at the fountain, and the wheel runs together at the

Frankly, this is even more obviously relevant, because the aura like a flower can expand and
contract, and the wheel running together at the well might be something that was plural,
in which case the lot of the chakras disintegrate into each other, or perhaps the wheel if it is
a main life driver center folds in on itself and disappears like falling down a well.

"Could you please explain exactly what you mean by the subtle body, how it is constructed in your opinion and then how it interfaces with the physical body?  "

Its called the soul, idiot. the part or outer edge that is the life giving driver to the physical body
of course interfaces to the physical body. I can't tell you and neither can the new agers, exactly
HOW it does this.

"Given such necessary contextual conditions as you have stated, specifically, how does Ecclesiastes 12:6 refer to chakras?"

this person is trying to provoke an argument. I have explained many times over the years, that
"chakra" is Sanskrit for "wheel." SAME WORD. and like the invisible wheels the wheel(s) that
Ecclesiastes refers to disintegrates some way at death.

Thursday, January 7, 2016


This is also called transmigration, though some draw a distinction now,  calling
it transmigration if you can end up in non human bodies and/or vice versa, and
saving "reincarnation" for human to human rebirth only. This is not in accord with
the ancient Greek writings, which also speculated about this. Transmigration is
the original term and reincarnation is more recent.

(the entire schedule of chakra to color to sound to "deities" etc. is a modern product
of the west also, and not part of the original concepts. The few remaining "mesopagans"
who retain their pagan religions, often object to New Age horking their traditions,
repackaging them and modifying them and using them for glorified tourist trade.)

The notion exists among some that the early church taught reincarnation, then the
mean old Nicene Council crew changed everything under Constantine's dictate. This
is totally false, as anyone who takes the trouble to find the canons of that council
at or anywhere else can see.

Origen is the closest to being someone who was Orthodox (by the skin of his teeth
and anathematized later) who taught anything resembling this, and it did not
involve transmigration, but that souls pre existed incarnation the one time, and
that what their situations of birth or accidents in life were had something to do with
sins or lack thereof before incarnating. In fact, he figured a lot of very strange
things such as the heavenly bodies were once ethereal but fell into materiality when
they stopped contemplating God. This didn't fly well with a lot of people.
St. Epiphanius and some others raised a hue and cry about some of his nonsense.

Reincarnation or transmigration of souls was an idea in a lot of pagan scenes, but
it was viewed by Christians as a non starter. Since sin was paid for on the Cross,
you didn't need any reincarnation and if you apostasized it was unlikely you would
return under any conditions. As one writer put it in the 20th century about this,
reincarnation was just irrelevant.

It DID turn up in kabalistic lore, but it and the entire kabbalah was denounced as
incompatible with Judaism by a lot of rabbis over the centuries to the present time.

Hebrews 9:27 says "it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgement."

context: verses prior about Christ's high priesthood, and that He did not have to offer
Himself often but the one time, then verses 27, 28

"AND AS it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgement:
SO [likewise] Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many; and unto them that
look for Him shall He appear the second time without sin unto salvation."

So the CERTAINTY of there being only one life for each of us, is used as a model
of the one time only sacrifice of Jesus by Jesus, and His second coming.

Now, you can argue that Elijah and Enoch never died, but those are exceptions. You
can argue that everyone resurrected by Jesus or an Apostle, and the boy resurrected
by Elijah, and the man resurrected by his corpse landing against Elisha's bones, all
eventually died, so they lived and died twice. But these are exceptions. the rule is,
one life, one death, and then the general resurrection (in stages).

And those exceptions were proofs of God's ability to raise the dead, and they did
not come to life with a body other than their own, did not get to be an embryo then
a fetus then get born, age and die, but the whole thing was IN THEIR OWN BODIES.
both lives, both deaths.  

John the Baptist is described by Jesus as being Elijah, Matt. 11:13-14, but WAIT A
MINUTE: ELIJAH NEVER DIED. So he couldn't be reincarnated. This would be
about some kind of spiritual influence on John the Baptist. Some minor prophet was
considered by some rabbis as Jeremiah returned because of the similarity but again
this was like a redo not a return.

Reincarnation has another biblical problem: traducianism. simply put, even as the germ cell is half a
cell, the germ cell kind of cell soul is half a soul, and the two physical half cell sperm
and egg and their half souls join to make a soul.

Some who think patriliny is built in think the soul is transmitted by the father, but that
assumes the antiquity of later developments in naming that aren't even uniform world
wide today.

Traducianism is the presupposed universally accepted by the audience argument for
the superiority of the Melchizedec priesthood to that of Aaron, Hebrews 7:10. Levi
paid tithes in Abraham to Melchizedec because still in Abraham's loins.

The soul however is more fluid and more malleable for good or ill than the body.

The nephesh is a concept that can be the incorporeal immortal part, or the entire body
soul spirit spectrum. Notice that Genesis says that Adam BECAME A LIVING SOUL
after receiving the breath of life, and in describing the deaths during the Flood animals
are referred to as having the breath of life in them. So they also are souls, just a different
kind of soul.

The image and likeness of God is not a matter of being able to have a relationship with
God. Rev. 5:13 shows every manner of creature in the sea and land praising God. If you
can worship God, and are not doing so under duress like a conquered demon, then you
have a relationship with God. Jesus said not even a sparrow falls to the ground without
The Father, so it looks like their salvation is more assured than ours!

It is the mix of character traits, abilities, brain that is the big deal and our role as
managers over nature under God, that is the issue, and we are the only true bipedal
animals, pivot capable, land run or brachiate through trees, swim, front paws free to
handle tools and opposed thumbs much better dexterity than the apes. This fits us for
this superintendant role, like a mix of gardener and forest ranger, and implies it.

Some few early church writers saw the image of God as having something to do with
the physical body as well as the soul, but the pagan conceit of the infinite superiority of
the immaterial and the infinite inferiority of the material infected many Christian thinkers.

The Roman Catholic Church apparently dumped traducianism officially, for separate
creation of each soul at conception. The Eastern Orthodox no longer treat traducianism
as normative, after centuries of RC influence when impoverished priesthood students
had to go to RC schools and Russia brought Jesuits in to educate people. BUT WE HAVE

the gnostic heretics of course were a grab bag of every conceivable mix of pagan philosophy,
mystery religions, and Egyptian holdover theological concepts. Their genealogies of levels
of emanation are a steal from the genealogies of "gods" in Mesopotamia, Hesiod, and Egypt.
THAT is where you find reincarnation among those claiming Christ as some element in
their religion in those days. Not in the early Church itself or at any stage.

So let's look at exceptions.

Could occasionally as an exception, a reincarnation occur? maybe. But it would essentially
be possession of the embryo. In India and elsewhere occasionally children would have a
stark exact memory of a recent previous life. The mention I read said they didn't live long.

The most likely explanation for recovered memories deja vu etc., aside from reading stuff
and suggestibility, is that the embryo or infant or child or even adult at some point is exposed
to a passing spirit who accidentally or on purpose for deception reasons implants some of its
memories (if a dead person) or knowledge of a location or person in the past, into the
person's subconscious. Also if there was a strong psychic impression of events on a place a
sensitive might pick it up and feel like they used to live there. Or WANT to have lived
there and fantasize.

Myself I had some peculiar things that might point that way. But the hospital I was born in
and went back to once for a checkup I think, was in San Francisco where there was a Russian
Orthodox expatriate community and likely some visitors including monastics visiting a sick
parishioner. I was also rather loosely attached to my body and used to bilocate as a child till
something happened later that scared me into staying in my body. So likely I was out floating
around and noticed these different looking and sounding people and picked up something of
them. So the oddities were, that I called my father "abba" and my biological so called mother
"emmay," which is Hebrew for father and mother. speculation on racial memory ensued
because of Jewish ancestry on my father's father's side. But more likely I got it from the
Russian Orthodox who were probably there, because to this day, monastics even if not priests
are called "father," and the Hebrew term used is abba, the origin of abbot in Europe for a
boss of monastics. and "mother" "imma" may be used for a nun. (Orthodoxy has the strongest
Hebrew roots of all the categories of Christianity.)  And backing up this scenario, is the
fact that I always felt a strange affinity for Russia and its wild lands. never been there. and yet....
I felt more at home in the Russian derived church than the Greek. odd. not reincarnation,
just a kind of early influence.

I once saw a list of bible verses that supposedly support reincarnation. I checked them all.
Almost all were IRRELEVANT, or talked about a spiritual influence or comparability, and
one on the list was the very Hebrews 9:27 that repudiates it! talk about idiotic selection!

There are verses that talk about a future life etc., they are about the resurrection of the dead.
This is going to happen to all of us. We will all come back to life in the same bodies, but
rendered somehow immortal and indestructible. Where and in what condition we spend
eternity after that in those bodies is what the Judgement and salvation are about. People who
can't comprehend that things could ever be different than they are, probably either assume
it is about reincarnation, or make it into that because it would otherwise seem too ridiculous
to them.

Monday, January 4, 2016

more about nephilim nonsense

continuing the subject.

one of the major problems of this notion, aside from locating sin not in the Fall and an inherited
warp, which affects everyone regardless of ancestry, is to locate it in genetics. Supposedly all
nephilim died out in the Flood but there is the idea that a second incursion of such fallen angel
hybridizing with humans happened, ergo giants mentioned later. Therefore modern people are
suspectable. (this can easily morph into racism.)

But an even bigger problem is this. Almost invariably these people say that the statement in
Genesis 3:15 "And I will put enmity between thee [the serpent] and the woman, AND BETWEEN THY SEED AND HER SEED" is about the war between the physical, not spiritual but physical
seed of the serpent, nephilim hybrids, and the seed of the woman, taken as humans in general.


What does the rest of this say? "It [her seed] shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise
His heel."

This is a promise of the Savior. A snake bite is normally about a venomous snake, so this is a
lethal picture. For this to be something important and "it" is singular and the Septuagint, which
draws on a Temple copy of the Torah, some 290 years older than the copy the Masoretes at
Jamnia used (which the rabbis said was flawed) the wording is "HE shall bruise your head, and you
shall be on guard for His heel." This picture includes the lethal strike, yet the snake remains on
guard as if the lethal strike accomplishes nothing for the snake. A RESURRECTION IS

When Abraham took Isaac to sacrifice him, he told his servants that he and the boy would
return. Previously, God had made an issue out of who would be Abraham's heir, it would be of
his loins, not an adopted servant. And it would be of Sarah, not of her slave girl on loan to
Abraham. (per Nuzi practices in Mesopotamia, their cultural origin.)

So since an issue had been made of a particular woman being the child's mother, Abraham
probably thought that Isaac was the promised "seed of the woman," and that he would be
resurrected when he was killed. God however had other plans, and after this test WHICH ALSO
EARLIER THAN THAT, stopped Abraham and provided an animal for sacrifice.

The seed of the woman is Jesus Christ, Who descends from Eve through the special woman
Mary the Theotokos, who conceived without seed and bore a male which no parthenogenesis
induced in a mammal will result in. She was almah which Strong's says means more than just
young woman but a proper isolated no fooling around young woman. more than merely an
intact hymen there was no way she could have gotten pregnant except by a miracle. (alien
hybrid is also out of the question for reasons discussed in my book A Possible History of
Life on Mars by Christine Erikson on amazon kindle.)

the seed of the serpent is his fellow fallen angels and the humans who follow him.

This has nothing to do with angel hybrids, alien hybrids or anything else.

The nephilim theorists argue that the purpose of this was not lust but to "corrupt the bloodline"
and prevent Christ's incarnation since He had to be fully human blood in order to be our "kinsman
redeemer." Actually he isn't "kinsman redeemer," He is redeemer period. And if all humans
Christ included had such or any non human blood He would thereby still be kinsman to us!

There are two ways one can be redeemed in the biblical usage of the term. you can be bought
back from someone you sold yourself to or are somehow enslaved to or captive by, or you can
be just taken forcibly out of their hands.

The payment was not to the devil, but to The Father and to Himself. as the Council of Blachernae-
Constantinople clarified. The purpose was as St. Athanasius said, to save us without God violating
His own integrity by going back on His word. Death was decreed for man, Jesus went through
this as our collective representative and rose from the dead. While dead He faced down satan and
severely crippled him. The binding however is partial, it is not like that described in Revelation.
In the Church we have a foretaste of the Eternal Kingdom of God, but it isn't here yet in its fullness.

Jesus also freed from all parts of hades all those righteous waiting for Him, and unrighteous
willing to listen to Him and accept Him, as the two statements in I Peter about Christ preaching
to the dead would indicate. This harrowing of hell is indicated in Paul writing about Christ
descending and ascending and leading captivity captive and giving gifts to men.

The nephilim theorists would rob us of the first promise of the Redeemer Jesus Christ the King.

* For those ORthodox seduced by the errors of Kalomiros, Khrapovitsky and Romanides,
read these two books the author is schismatic, but these have no trace of his schismatic issues and
stand on their own. I checked his research regarding the Fathers, and he is correct and I found even more than he lists.