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more about nephilim nonsense

continuing the subject.

one of the major problems of this notion, aside from locating sin not in the Fall and an inherited
warp, which affects everyone regardless of ancestry, is to locate it in genetics. Supposedly all
nephilim died out in the Flood but there is the idea that a second incursion of such fallen angel
hybridizing with humans happened, ergo giants mentioned later. Therefore modern people are
suspectable. (this can easily morph into racism.)

But an even bigger problem is this. Almost invariably these people say that the statement in
Genesis 3:15 "And I will put enmity between thee [the serpent] and the woman, AND BETWEEN THY SEED AND HER SEED" is about the war between the physical, not spiritual but physical
seed of the serpent, nephilim hybrids, and the seed of the woman, taken as humans in general.


What does the rest of this say? "It [her seed] shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise
His heel."

This is a promise of the Savior. A snake bite is normally about a venomous snake, so this is a
lethal picture. For this to be something important and "it" is singular and the Septuagint, which
draws on a Temple copy of the Torah, some 290 years older than the copy the Masoretes at
Jamnia used (which the rabbis said was flawed) the wording is "HE shall bruise your head, and you
shall be on guard for His heel." This picture includes the lethal strike, yet the snake remains on
guard as if the lethal strike accomplishes nothing for the snake. A RESURRECTION IS

When Abraham took Isaac to sacrifice him, he told his servants that he and the boy would
return. Previously, God had made an issue out of who would be Abraham's heir, it would be of
his loins, not an adopted servant. And it would be of Sarah, not of her slave girl on loan to
Abraham. (per Nuzi practices in Mesopotamia, their cultural origin.)

So since an issue had been made of a particular woman being the child's mother, Abraham
probably thought that Isaac was the promised "seed of the woman," and that he would be
resurrected when he was killed. God however had other plans, and after this test WHICH ALSO
EARLIER THAN THAT, stopped Abraham and provided an animal for sacrifice.

The seed of the woman is Jesus Christ, Who descends from Eve through the special woman
Mary the Theotokos, who conceived without seed and bore a male which no parthenogenesis
induced in a mammal will result in. She was almah which Strong's says means more than just
young woman but a proper isolated no fooling around young woman. more than merely an
intact hymen there was no way she could have gotten pregnant except by a miracle. (alien
hybrid is also out of the question for reasons discussed in my book A Possible History of
Life on Mars by Christine Erikson on amazon kindle.)

the seed of the serpent is his fellow fallen angels and the humans who follow him.

This has nothing to do with angel hybrids, alien hybrids or anything else.

The nephilim theorists argue that the purpose of this was not lust but to "corrupt the bloodline"
and prevent Christ's incarnation since He had to be fully human blood in order to be our "kinsman
redeemer." Actually he isn't "kinsman redeemer," He is redeemer period. And if all humans
Christ included had such or any non human blood He would thereby still be kinsman to us!

There are two ways one can be redeemed in the biblical usage of the term. you can be bought
back from someone you sold yourself to or are somehow enslaved to or captive by, or you can
be just taken forcibly out of their hands.

The payment was not to the devil, but to The Father and to Himself. as the Council of Blachernae-
Constantinople clarified. The purpose was as St. Athanasius said, to save us without God violating
His own integrity by going back on His word. Death was decreed for man, Jesus went through
this as our collective representative and rose from the dead. While dead He faced down satan and
severely crippled him. The binding however is partial, it is not like that described in Revelation.
In the Church we have a foretaste of the Eternal Kingdom of God, but it isn't here yet in its fullness.

Jesus also freed from all parts of hades all those righteous waiting for Him, and unrighteous
willing to listen to Him and accept Him, as the two statements in I Peter about Christ preaching
to the dead would indicate. This harrowing of hell is indicated in Paul writing about Christ
descending and ascending and leading captivity captive and giving gifts to men.

The nephilim theorists would rob us of the first promise of the Redeemer Jesus Christ the King.

* For those ORthodox seduced by the errors of Kalomiros, Khrapovitsky and Romanides,
read these two books the author is schismatic, but these have no trace of his schismatic issues and
stand on their own. I checked his research regarding the Fathers, and he is correct and I found even more than he lists.


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