Saturday, December 26, 2015

attack styles of new age etc. defenders

For the past few years I've been under real defamatory attacks on another blog that started
seriously when I started sharing how to derail New Age arguments.

people like this will accuse of 


not giving enough info when only a link is posted

giving too much info instead of letting a conversation go on

talking too much if a conversation goes on

butting into a conversation when a matter is being discussed on a public forum

they will

twist words,



flat out lie

misapply Scripture and stand on one proof text ignoring its context and different
approach to a matter also present in Scripture when the situation is different from
that of the quote they prefer to bash you with

bait and describe you in the worst terms then complain of "vulgarity" or
something when what they've said adds up to the same thing and is false.

pretend you are playing the victim

claim that you are a new age agent

push ignorant garbage like Hislop sometimes despite refutations and put good researchers
under fire if they are Roman Catholic

demand you be banned

in one case start out real nice in one case then try to get you into the Frank Viola game of
rejecting institutional churches which is predator isolate prey into house church where your
mind can get played with easier.

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