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Tongues, demons and psychosomatic when tested.

"Among the great delusions that are spreading today, there is none more subtle or more dangerous than modern-day tongues. It has been my experience over many years to observe that out of the masses of people coming under the influence of the tongues phenomena, very few escape without serious emotional and spiritual damage to themselves and their families... I and others have been testing tongues in Australia for some years. In fact, there are men personally known to me who have been testing them for over 20 years and none of us has ever yet found a genuine gift of Biblical Tongues. When the spirit using the tongue is commanded to identify itself, in 95% of cases, a demon answers...The other 5% have prove[d] to be psychosomatic. " [Bryce Hartin,

Today's Tongues
, 1987, Third Edition 1993]
Recently someone was wired up or brain scanned while he talked in tongues. The normal verbal section
of the brain was greatly lessened, so he wasn't doing it something else was. This was announced as proof
that the Holy Spirit was doing this, but all it proved was that someone other than the tongues talker was
doing it, not the identity of the actual speaker which could have been a demon.
In my own experience a determined tongues talker wanted me to pray with her over the phone about a
matter and I decided to follow the Orthodox discipline that you don't pray with the "heterodox." praying
over them or at the same time but separate is not the same thing. So while she was mumbling something, I
prayed a prayer to God said "in Jesus' Name, Amen" and she was upset. We weren't praying together.
So she complained that we weren't in agreement, I said of course we were in agreement, we agreed these
Jehovah's Witnesses needed to be converted to Christ. So she said we weren't "of one mind," and that's
when I realized that she wasn't using these terms biblically, she was wanting to have a hive mind effect.
And though my phone had no visual capability, I could see her face peering at me through an offwhite with
brownish edging fluid, like the way the zombie looked floating up to the glass wall through the cloudy
dirty water in Resident Evil. That's when I knew she had a demon.
Thank God her family isn't interested in this crap. 30 years had passed since I'd first met her, and she hadn't
changed, the same flibbertigibbet type and she shamelessly complained her sister didn't share veggies she
grew and had asked her to help her in the garden but she hadn't wanted to get her fingers dirty. 30 years
supposedly with God and no fruit of the Holy Spirit? Something is seriously wrong.  For a few days later
fluid flow thing  tried to get at me now and then but I drove it away in the Name of JEsus Christ.
The so called Christian expressed the opinion that if Christians have to go through the tribulation, then
what's the point I am pretty sure she meant what's the point of being a Christian if God is going to let
you go through things? the persecution of the Church was she thought just for those days in the past.
Pre tribulation rapture belief, of course.  And she'd been prayed over on the phone by a PAt Robertson
worker and had the slain in the spirit experience.
All this stuff is evil and the primary proponents of it preach heresy of one sort or another and/or have
serious personal and/or political and/or financial issues. A charismatic elected president in South
America ordered massacres, and victims of rape and massacre the survivors reported in another country
that the perpetrators were speaking in tongues while doing all this. The phenomenon itself is known
in shamanistic and occult contexts.
Tongues were an understandable language in the old days. It died out in the second century, and the only
people who revived it were heretics starting with Montanus and his female cohorts, who taught
blasphemous heresies and claimed that a village Peruza was the New Jerusalem or would be where it
descended eventually. A similar related group also centering on this town, perhaps an inner circle of
Montanists practiced infant sacrifice using the kill style of the Harran pagans killing and exsanguinating
by innumerable stabs with an awl or icepick like weapon.
In Harran the blood was used to make bread cakes for ritual eating. This is the same thing including kill
style that Jews were FALSELY accused of in the blood libel, most likely what was going on was Harranian
Perusan whatnot people masquerading as Jews for whatever reason, or mistaken for them because of
Middle Eastern looks in Europe. The reported kill style did not become a simple throat slash until Jacob
Frank, leader of the Frankist Sabbatian heretics who were rejected by orthodox Jews was around. Frank
aimed for the destruction of orthodox Judaism since it rejected him.

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