Saturday, January 9, 2016

chakras can be demonic doorways

the writer is spot on in this matter, but buys the usual lies about paganism and Catholicism
being the origin of "institutional churches" which she fled because of psychically
manipulated pastors and congregations. THIS IS AN ISSUE. but the solution to the problem
is not Hislop, or Viola and Barna, who misquote and twist their sources. the house church
thing is mostly an NAR front and/or recruiting ground for them. This is not New Testament
times, though sometimes to escape churches that have been overrun by NAR you may have
to go it alone. Or join the Orthodox Church. The Roman Catholic is second best, but you have
more to beware of there.

often these heretical groups will attack NEw AGe obvious stuff like this, or Ouija or tarot
or wicca or whatever, or one world government, but they have their own demon problems of
the sort that add up to satan transforming himself into an angel of light, and deceiving.

The fact is that the emergent church and charismatic scene are totally into altered states
of consciousness and all kinds of new age mental practices. their doctrine is often
VERY unbiblical.

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