Sunday, May 15, 2016

science and acupuncture

while there is some scientific evidence for all this, this is no reason to adopt New Age healing measures. in fact, more reason to avoid it. Because once any energy system of someone is imposed on your own or vice versa, some unconscious contamination of your own or a spirit's can go with it.
Reiki is especially dangerous, because it involved initiation into a "current" and involves spirits, who take over and direct more and more the practice of the upper level initiates, an...d reiki involves putting spirits into the client without their knowledge, on purpose (or trying to do so) according to internal literature a person on an anti New Age blog reported. That makes sense.
acupuncture doesn't involve mixing the auras or energy systems of the acupuncturist and the client. a physical object is used to modify the flow. granted this could be a means of such information transfer, but since it is not usually seen as such and intent is lacking it is not likely.
the biggest problem with energy work and new age is the MISidentification of an energy field as "God." it is no such thing. if it exists it is just another creation of God's. and its existence does not validate any of the theology or politics of the new age.

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