Wednesday, September 7, 2016

grave sucking charismatics

"Grave sucking" is the name given by practitioners, people like Benny Hinn who may have started this, maybe not, by lying on Katherine Kuhlman's grave to get "anointing" from her remains (pick up vibes left over with the corpse supposedly uber holy), and denied after derision by some but recently a photo of the wife of a denier doing exactly this put the lie to this.
While Benny Hinn's Middle Eastern Orthodox or RC background as a child may have contributed to this, there is... nothing like this in the practice of either. Venerating, maybe touching, relics (bodies or body parts) of dead martyrs and other saints never including crashing out on their graves. This was some really extreme innovation on his part.
(that the dead may leave some kind of personality vibes behind, incl. influence from evil spirits they had or godly influence if very godly is another matter, frankly I always thought that funeral customs of kissing the corpse goodbye, and less extreme stuff like having picnics in graveyards, was asking for trouble, since the vast majority of people even baptized, chrismated and confessed and last rites-ed Christians even Orthodox are not reliable as perfect and God bearing.)
But there is another cultural source for grave sucking of exactly this kind, and even more extreme.
Nazi SS men, more trained in the mystical side of nazism than the average Nazi "laity" so to speak, would do this sort of thing, I think I recall they would lie on graves of heroic dead to get some of their courage, but DEFINITELY THEY WOULD HAVE SEX ON SUCH GRAVES WITH THEIR WIVES OR GIRLFRIENDS, WITH A VIEW TO THE RESULTING CHILD HAVING SOME OF THE QUALITIES OF THE ADMIRED DEAD.
So where is Hinn coming from? Especially with his bullshit about each Person of The Holy Trinity being Himself a trinity adding up to NINE gods? this is like ancient Egyptian pantheon. Obviously he is getting led and taught by demons who are the sort more able to contain their hate and obvious venom towards mankind enough to pretend to be loving and light and so forth, as St. Paul warns, satan can disguise himself as an angel of light. And the same spirit crew who could give pleasing even beautiful false experiences (just look at Miguel Serrano's ravings in Hitler the Ultimate Avatar) were with a more pagan flavor misleading Nazi and proto Nazi mystics, such as the Thule Society and the Germanen Order and less obviously harmful wanderwogel types before that that laid the groundwork for this.
Interesting how Paul Crouch (probably in hell, someone pray for his soul) and Hinn could both get in a wanna kill their detractors state of mind.

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