Saturday, October 17, 2015

new age categories and indicators not comprehensive

The New Age Movement is the spiritual side of the New World Order, and the New
World Order is the political side of the New Age Movement.

some new agers who like peace and kindness and non greediness and don't like
tyranny and violence and maybe are sexually loose but don't want any sexual
violation going on may be up in arms against the more obviously evil side of the
occult and New World Order and suchlike. that doesn't mean they abandon
everything bad.

so you will find some people who are against the same things you are against, but
then  use some New Age meditation thing to heal from it or "inner healing" visualizing
Jesus being present at a past traumatic event and healing you which is a setup to get
a familiar spirit pretending to be Jesus. or unconditional love and unconditional
forgiveness and forgiveness meaning you have to associate with and accept someone
and all that mushy stuff WHICH IS NOT BIBLICAL. you will find in technically
Christian and overtly non Christian contexts denunciation of "judging" when
that is about hypocrisy of those who do what they judge others for, and in judging
them show they knew better so will get worse judgement on them eventually than if
they didn't know better. "hypocrisy" is another favorite term, usually used to 
denounce those who try to live right and advocate living right, and  instead support
open evil and rejection of all standards. "acceptance." "tolerance." of the unacceptable
and intolerable.

 altered states or not, you will get people who want "unity" and one world government
in order to have "peace" ignoring that every tyrant conquering emperor was a world
ruler wannabe and that evil would be unescapable in a world government that was
evil, and its incompetences uncorrectable and unescapable if it is only venality and
stupidity that is the problem.

there is like a dreamy state, an addiction, an intoxication in all these people and
certain buzzwords turn it on.

quite simply you have to sort it out, ACCEPT NO ONE AS LEADER AS RELIABLE
WHATEVER, and use what information is well sourced. sometimes someone will
be great on one subject,  and lousy on the rest.

New Age is primarily in the spiritual development format about gaining some
spiritual growth that (in the spiritual political theosophic format) will help you to
serve the interests of "ascended masters" (blasphemy and heresy teaching demons),
and in some formats these are not in the picture it is get rid of bad karma and get
a better reincarnation.

in the New Age practices category are tons of stuff whose purpose may be to lure
you into the foregoing, but whose appeal is to health feeling good relieving stress,
etc. and there is pop occultism, whose goal is to help you get what you want, no
spirituality involved. in the neo pagan and witch (wicca fluff bunny makeover of
dark stuff) scenes these are kinda combined.

ultimate new age is luciferic, which is to say, Satanist in the false light make nice
format. people who say they don't believe in the devil  or don't worship him just
themselves or various pagan false gods, are simply deceived. the issue is not what
they THINK they are doing or serving, the issue is what is in fact running them.

some pagans are so deceived that they think their gods are all nicey nice, one gal
even said that if the (what someone said was the true and evil form of the) morrigan
turned up, she would figure it was a deceiving spirit and drive it away.

such people  are of less use to the devil than the Satanists are, but if nothing else they
give their false gods some energy for these vampires to work with to accomplish
elsewhere what the worshippers would recognize as evil.

 In all cases, the crucial damage done is to draw someone away from the historic
and very real Jesus Christ of Nazareth Who is YHWH the Trinity's Second Person
Incarnate, truly died as sin offering thereby making theosis possible. Which is not
becoming divine by nature but influenced by the divine nature and back to being the
image and likeness of God that God created Adam and Eve as. All the things that
modern atonement deniers in liberal Protestantism and semi Christian philosophy
(from which it came) to Orthodox who were seduced, all that these people claim as
alternate and opposite and instead of atonement, are in fact dependent on the
atonement. And on the Resurrection.

And that's the second thing. That Christ truly, PHYSICALLY and PERMANENTLY
came back to life. not a spiritual resurrection not "lives in my heart" in some emotional
thing which is nice if you got that, but HE'S REAL WHETHER YOU BELIEVE IT
ascended into heaven physically and will come back physically and very visibly and
terrifyingly to His enemies visible in the sky and will rule earth forever. "of His
Kingdom there shall be no end."

And we must accept Him as our King and our God. this is the formula used in the
baptismal ceremony of the Orthodox Churches, and I think it is a good phrase to use
in general. Because nowdays people tend to think of "lord" as a nice synonymn for
someone you honor but do not necessarily obey. but a King has a bit more serious
connotations. king of kings and lord of lords. And when He is our King He is thereby
also our Savior.

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