Monday, January 27, 2014

break free of New Age dogma and shortsightedness

The following was on the comments section of Constance Cumbey's blog.
While its purpose of course is the VERY important one of helping protect Christians
against the deceptive allures of the New Age, it also has an important point that
those already in it, or non aligned so to speak, should consider.

Quite simply, if you are going to worry about breaking free from dogmas and
stuff dictated to you, then you'd better take a look at New Age dogma as well,
because it is very dogmatic while pretending to offer freedom, and besides which,
the talk of impending major change etc., has been going on a long time, remember the Harmonic Convergence nonsense, and the furor surrounding AD 2000, itself a steal from some
Christian point misunderstood by Christians, and the AD 2012 nonsense and so forth?
The only major changes brought by the Age of Aquarius has been more bloodshed and disease.

But if you want to see dogma and demands that you submit your mind and lifestyle to the
dictates and disciplines of someone else, preferably someone with money and power and
fame to get or keep at your expense, just take a look at the whole New Age

The writer named Dave is not one of my fans, but his point is excellent.

"I see that we are on the verge of entering a new age, as prophesied in the scriptures, but I would warn those who "know" what is going on to consider that nothing they "know" is absolute truth. But rather, when ideas are presented which conflict with the ideas (programmed) in our heads by religion and dogma, that we consider the words presented and pray and compare to verifiable facts we have. Then with logic and the spirit of the Most High God, we can begin to know that we know exceedingly little, and much of the little we know, is not true or complete. My God is a Very Big god.
Think on that.
We are very small potatoes and infants in a large universe with an immense god. We are just infants. Thus, when the Christ came, he came to be with us, new and astounding ideas were presented which conflicted with the ideas in mens' heads and with their financial and egotistical goals. Any conflict you have with the truth will be a stone of stumbling, as the Truth was when The Word came to man. The Word of God was The Most High God -- an exact representation (Constance: you know the "legal" meaning of that).
So, let us go, then, you and I. To investigate overwhelming questions. To break free of stale ideas with no basis in the scriptures or in fact. Let us break our misconceptions with logic and the words of those who are sent to show us The Way. To bring us back to the way, the truth and the life. "

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