Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Yet Another New Age Psycho Medical Device

the following is a classic example of New Age nonsense, which has a modicum of truth,
but not nearly enough to be worth buying the device. The "institute" says "For over 22 years, Gregg Braden has searched high mountain villages, remote monasteries and forgotten texts
to uncover their timeless secrets." yeah, typical New Age nonsense, remote places, old texts and
timeless secrets. bullshit.

Here's the facts. Heart transplant recipient often, and kidney recipients sometimes, report changes
severe changes in their likes and dislikes, concepts of what is beautiful, strange new activities 
out of previous character (one took up motorcycling out of the blue) and so forth. When the donors
can be identified and their personalities and activities detailed, the changes in the recipient are a
match to the donor.

that the heart might indeed keep some kind of neurological record and become part of a feedback
loop to the brain and back, is possible. The ancient Egyptians had the notion of several souls, the ka 
being what we recognize as the soul, the entire conscious after death person and etheric body, and 
the ba was the other main one. This was located in the heart. My guess is, that these people noticed
some things perhaps some had paranormal sight, perhaps some did horrible experiments.

So a kind of consciousness might reside, the personality of the original person stamped on it, in 
the heart, but is not the person him or herself, who is now elsewhere.

But that doesn't prove that this gps for the heart (a) has the right idea about how it should
be operating (b) is supplying any information that is not noise generated by the device itself,
aside from the usual heartbeat and maybe some of the electrical signal doctors look at to
tell what is going on physically.

The goal of course is the kind of unhealthy altered states of consciousness typical of the New

So whatever stats or legends this guy has got, that doesn't establish the worth of the heart gps.

"Heartmath Institute
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The Institute of HeartMath is managed by a nonprofit research and education organization which promotes a form of energy medicine predicated on the pseudoscientific claim that the human heart has its own memory and emotions, and emits "energy". This energy is supposed to be measured and displayed by electronic devices which the institute sells.[1]
The devices show waveform representing heart activity and various kinds of electromagnetic noise; the claimed concepts around, and explanation for, what they display is no more than fiction. In December 2014 the UK National Health Servicein Lanarkshire halted referrals for treatment using Heartmath which had been provided by a regional homeopathichospital, saying that no systematic review or meta-analyses could be found.[2]
Steve Novella has written that the "evidence" for Heartmath is no more than fabrication constructed around electromagnetic noise registered by the http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/energy-medicine-noise-based-pseudoscience/devices used: "a tale woven from intertwining threads of pre-scientific superstition and some modern jargon and concepts".[1]


  1. Novella S (12 December 2012) .  "Energy Medicine - Noise Based Pseudoscience"    http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/energy-medicine-noise-based-pseudoscience/      Science-Based Medicine. Retrieved December 2014.
  2.  "NHS Lanarkshire to end referrals to Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital" http://www.nightingale-collaboration.org/news/169-nhs-lanarkshire-to-end-referrals-to-glasgow-homeopathic-hospital.html   9 December 2014. Retrieved December 2014."  http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heartmath_Institute

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