Thursday, April 23, 2015

evolution and quantum physics

Every peculiar thing in science gets hijacked by occultism.
Now days it is quantum this and that. In the old days (1700s
to mid 1900s) it was magnetism and electricity.
Evolution always plays a big role in occult philosophy.

I am not going to get into the technical problems of the
theory of evolution, and they exist. problems with the
presuppositions of radiometric dating and how different
systems give different results from the same thing, or
a live clam is dated as two million years old.

Occult philosophy wants to take you to some supposed
next level of evolution. The fact is, that even Darwinian
evolution (and all versions of evolution) state that some
evolutionary directions dead end, and some are in fact
degenerate and DE-volve rather than E-volve.

This is never stated by evolutionary mystics, unless
discussing racial issues. The next level racial development
is explicitly considered to be what will replace the previous
or current race, either by the latter's demise of their own
fault, or by genocide.

The phenomenon of parasitism is also ignored in all this.

So how do you know some entities that seem all glowing
and peaceful aren't parasites who want to evolve you into
a spiritual and physical (eventually) dead end that is of
use only to their interests as slaves and food for them,
which might indeed for a while involve you feeling better
and being healthier just as a farmer wants to keep his
livestock healthy for slaughter later?

you don't know.

so best not to listen to them.

All "change" is assumed in the minds of the buzzword
thinkers to be "positive" or good. All "evolution" is
supposedly in the upward or better direction.

But is it? Cancer is a good example of "change," isn't it?

The evolutionary charts of the more complex sorts are
full of examples of species that supposedly degenerated
and died out.

Evolution by its own account of itself is not always for
the better. The huge dinosaurs probably superficially look
better than the smaller more vulnerable versions and
certainly more impressive. But where are they now?

Evolution and mysticism were at the basis of Nazi philosophy.
And for those of you who think only Jews were a target of
elimination to make room for the superior race, guess again.
"Racial hygiene" or "eugenic fitness" or some less problematic
sounding phrase targets the weak and sick among the so called
superior race. Nazis started by killing the "inferior" among
Aryans, and went on to kill Jews and OTHERS and had plans
for the slavs and blacks. Oh, yeah, after they got done
co-opting Christianity as much as they could, they were going
to eliminate us Christians too, that would take longer but the
goal was to install Germanic paganism eventually as the
official state religion. Hitler once expressed the opinion that
it was too bad the Germans and Europeans became Christian,
because islam with its warrior qualities was far more
suitable a religion. Maybe that has something to do with why
satanist David Myatt of the Order of Nine Angles in Britain
converted to islam.

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